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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

E lavi a miw toy [troll talk]


The title of my Friday blog means I have a new English translation...just in case you didn't know that. [insert wink]

Oh boy! To my complete surprise the other day, Bud had gone outside to collect the mail from the mailbox and came back in with a package addressed to me. I wasn't expecting anything, and checked out the return address....all the way from Canada.

Dear Sweet Pea, at Pea's Corner, had sent me something. I had no idea what she could be sending me. I waited to hear from her through and email, and then opened it up. I was absolutely speechless!!! Pea had enclosed a little note for me telling me that she knew I would take good care of him. Oh yes, indeedy!!! And, so my other little girl will keep him company!! hehehehehe These are just the most ugliest of cute trolls I have ever seen. Has anyone else ever heard of them? They're called Nyform Trolls. Handmade, from Norway. I hear they're quite a collector's item. For me, I just love the whimsical part of them. And Pea, I will cherish your gift....I want to thank you ever so much of thinking of me and taking the time to spread your generosity to this gal in Texas. You most certainly made my day so fun. And for week, months, years to come...I will always love 'im.

...and here he is with his newfound companion!! [he's on the left, the girl is on the right]

If you have some time, check out the link I provided to their homepage...then, click on "ALL"'ll be giggling. I almost guarantee it. Oh, and there actually is a TROLL Language...if you want something translated from English, to Troll..."Qheqk Liri" [click here]

The last link, in Troll, is pronounced: "Q-haeayq-kuk LUee-raee"

PLEASE NOTE: Later this morning, I read on Pea's blog that Pea's mother just lost a dear friend, Ross, who has been battling deteriorating health issues for a long time. Ross is now no longer suffering in this life. My condolences to Pea, her mother, and Ross' immediate family. Seems now, my 'happy' post of the gift received from Pea isn't well-timed. I hope you understand.


  1. LOl...ugly little devils I tell ya. I have hard enough time with English let alone try and learn Troll. Besides i can do trolling well enough just b y walking. That was very sweet of her to send him to ya. :) How cool. Have a wonderful Friday :)

  2. what a lovely surprise and such a unique wee gift.

  3. gooj normemg, (Good Morning)
    That little troll is so ugly it's cute! What a sweet thing to do!

  4. Hi Anni, I have said it once and I will say it again...I love reading your blog. You are a very captivating writer. Even writing about these little creatures. You have the gift of words. Great Post! *hugs*

  5. Hi Anni,
    What a wonderful surprise. Yes, the little critters wouldn't win a beauty contest, but they're charming and different - just what I like.
    My mom makes dolls and I'm always telling her to make the faces stranger....much more character that way.
    Thanks for visiting me.

  6. "I LOVE these guys"... Don't ask me why, I KNOW they are UGLY BUT I just had to have some of them too... I first encountered them in Disney's EPCOT Norway(I think)... I took the family pictures with their "REALLY GIANT, GIANT guy"!!! and bought a group of them to take home..BUT I wanted SO BAD the "STONE" one they had on display... I spent many hours during my vacation in that shop TRYING to convince them to sell it to me...They would NOT budge... I didn't care HOW I would carry it around(of course you can imagine the dirty looks I was getting from my sons(who KNEW how I(wink) was going to carry this STONE CRITTER around)...Hey maybe they had something to do with Norway not selling me my garden troll, Hmmmm... Well, to this day I have that VOID spot in my life without my stone troll, and THIS story leads to OTHER incredible stories that OK I won't go into...
    Thank you for the memory...LOVE your TROLLS,
    Donna@Conghaile Cottage

  7. I'm so sorry for Pea's Loss... Prayers to her... I am also sorry I got SO excited to see the trolls I wrote my comment before totally reading what YOU wrote and didn't see this first... I apologize and again I'm so Sorry for Pea's Loss...

  8. How sweet of Pea to think of you with this gift during the hard time she's been having. She's so thoughtful.

    Speaking of thoughtful - your comment today left me smiling so much - started my day off with a bang. Thank you.

  9. I have to agree that is one ugly troll but such a sweet gift. Bloggers are very generous. My condolences to Pea and her family too.

  10. Those trolls are interesting - they are so ugly they are cute! sandie

  11. I am sure Pea understands and wants you to be happy.
    What a wonderful and delightful gift.
    If only the postal cariers knew what they were carrying to you.

    Thanks you for the interesting additional information. One never knows when it will be necessary to translate a phrase into Troll.

  12. Dear Anni, I'm just so glad that he reached you safely and I know he's going to have fun living with you and that other, not Bud but the female troll! lol

    Thank you so much for your kind words about Ross. He will be dearly missed but our lives are richer for having had him in it. xoxo