Ben Franklin once said something similar...

My 6 words:

While pursuing happiness...You CATCH it!!


in a duranta blossom
taken: Back yard

- - -<><><>- - -


It's just a question that has surfaced this week in our conversations betwixt him and me:

"If a man is in a forest talking to himself with no women around, is he still wrong?"

Of course... I was accused of being snide...better snide than wrong I always say. [insert wink here]


  1. I love you dear one.

  2. Of course he is still wrong. ;)
    Nice shot of the woodland skipper.

  3. Great 6 words! and the weekend funnies made me smile :)


    I came here from SWS

  4. Hi Anni!

    Great 6 words today!


  5. Lovely camera critter. He's pursuing his happiness.

    The only time a man could never be wrong is if all women were gone from this world forever but then would it really matter? :)

  6. I love your cute sense of humor, Anni...
    Have a wonderful weekend..

  7. Great capture! Funny question. :)

  8. we always say in this household...the woman (Tammy, in this case) is always RIGHT! You are too funny!

    What a gorgeous bloom...those colors are spectacular!

  9. Hahaha ! that's good !

  10. wow this is pretty. you are really quick and good in clicking those camera. great shot!

  11. LOL!
    Great backyard picture.

  12. Anni, your skipper is great, but your conversation with "him" had me laughing... :-D

  13. Of course he is.... If their lips are moving they are wrong......hahahhahha It has been so long since I was here.......
    Thanks for stopping by now an then even if I have not been here...... It has been a terrible summer......

    BUT the Lord God Reigns.........

  14. Great moth photo. I have a moth too, with little idea what it may be.

  15. What a lovely softness it is in your photo. Pretty flower and I guess the critter is pretty too when his wings are showing :)

  16. Anonymous8/21/2010

    Love that photo! And that funny - it's funny!

  17. Another amazing photograph! Happy SWS, Annie.

  18. Anni,

    Beautiful shot. Our duranta is just coming back after the winter. Love the funny ... and the answer is *yes*!!!! ;D ;D

  19. Ha! It's like asking the man "do you still beat your wife?"... the word 'still' is the culprit here!

    Beautiful picture of the skipper...they don't stay long in one place do they? Taking a photo of anything with wings is a real challenge!

    Pursue and CATCH Happiness, is a good
    motto ;-)

  20. Wrong and snide? My computer wouldn't insert the wink. :)

    Those are good six words, Anni. It's been a while, we were gone and are going again this week.

  21. That's a great capture, Anni! Never heard of a Woodland Skipper so I've learned something new. Thanks!

  22. wonderful photo. funny joke.

  23. Great shot of the skipper on your duranta blossom. And I loved that weekend funny :)
    Thanks for the chuckle.
    An English Girl Rambles

  24. Love the funny.... really, women don't need to be present for men to be wrong... it is often simply in their nature... too often.

    We had two days with two inches of rain and the last two days have been sunny and dry. It seems that the butterflies are all out making up for lost time. Almost every type I have seen this summer were here... even the zebra swallowtail.

  25. Anonymous8/21/2010

    Love the quote. I wonder how big the net has to be on that one? hmmm I'm taking it a woodland skipper is a grasshopper or relative of it :) I bust out laughing at your Weekend Funnies. I'm snide all the time if you can believe that LOL. Not me!!!!! Have a great weekend :)

  26. Love your SWS!! =)

  27. Wow, that's a nice catch of the moment. Wondeful photo.

  28. Great entry you got here. Nice humor.. :)

    Amazing Ants Building Bridge

  29. we have a lot of duranta around but haven't caught a woodland skipper. great capture!
    btw, thanks for the visit! :)

  30. Bless his heart!
    Have a great weekend.
    Mama Bear

  31. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I love the photo of the Woodland Skipper butterfly. Isn't it so happy snug as a bug inside of the flower? So enchantingly beautiful. The color combination is exquisite. Oh thank you for sharing this beauty today. It has so made my heart "Happy". I thank you, thank you.

    Now I also see you got quite a deal on Charlie down there. What a deal. Mint condition, and doesn't he look dapper with his cane in hand and ready to wobble on off? Oh I love it.

    I pray you and Bud are well. I am not able to blog as much these days. I do try in spells. I will email you soon, and let you know all the details. For now, please keep me in your prayers. I need SO many I am not sure which direction to go some days of late. I have thought of you and Bud walking the beautiful shores in search of beautiful items that wash up ashore.

    Sending many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  32. 64U :so much beauty in one picture

    Love the shot. Thanks for stopping by!

  33. I liked your post, your picture, and the weekend funnies Anni.

    It's Sunday and I am late ready SWS's so I will say...Happy Sunday...Enjoy!


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