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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

there's crabby jeans GENES...and then there's just crabs.

My six words....

FINALLY...Friday we had some sunshine!!

After nearly a week of stormy, damp and humid days with buckets of rainfall, the clouds finally broke and the sun came out to brighten our days. The forecast calls for a beautiful, drier weekend! I'm all for that.

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With all the promenade he could muster, along the paved walk, just as pretty as you please, sideways he strolled. I think I disturbed him somewhat. Like he owns the very spot he uses! Come to think of it....he probably does. Afterall, possession is 99% of the law of the land!!! This cute little booger was sauntering slowly across the upper level of the hotel area along White Cap Beach yesterday. As soon as I approached him with my cellphone aimed at his handsome face, he literally scurried off the wall and into the sea!!
Oh, and normally this area has a wide beach. Not yesterday. This is the locally known area you can usually walk along either on the sand itself or above on the paved seawall near the backs of all the hotels on the island. But...yesterday around 10 a.m. there was NO beach...the water, and the waves made the beach disappear ... a rampaging torrent against the wall....[with this photo, below, just imagine normally the sandy beach is about back to the 2nd wave from the cemented wall in the foreground!! About 2/3's of the way to the top of the photo -low tide was going was going in effect by this time] All this is from the tropical depression that hit Brownsville, Texas area Thursday afternoon:

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Agreement of Terms of Use

For years, I had this stuck on my daughter's, Irene's, mirror on her vanity in her bedroom. She was born crabby...and this was so darned fittin'!!! I did not throw it out either when she left the nest ---she still has it now in her room still. On her mirror where she lives with her boys!!

- - -

Two lobsters were sunbathing on the beach.
The girl lobster suggested that the boy lobster go get them an ice cream cone.
Having purchased two cones, Mr Lobster made his way back to the beach, deciding on the way to eat his ice cream. By the time he had finished the ice cream, he realized that his girlfriend's had started to melt all down his claw, so he licked it up and ended up eating it too.
When he arrived back at the beach Ms Lobster exclaimed "Where's my ice cream cone?
"Well", he said. "I decided to eat mine, then yours melted so I ate that too."
She was incensed and cried "You shellfish b@st@rd!!"

POSTED: Saturday, July 10th, 2010
1:10 A.M.


  1. Enjoy your weekend, love you.

  2. Anonymous7/10/2010

    I miss this blog. It make's me alive. Happy Weekend.

  3. and we have too much here, never satisfied are we? love the shellfish joke. needed a laugh.

  4. shellfish bas**** lol! cute too!

  5. Love, love the lobster joke!! And I am inconditional Peanuts' fan :)
    Enjoy the sunshine!!

  6. Hello dear Anni:-)

    Yup, it's finally me!! Since I've been home from my trip, I've been busy with mom...Ross is back in the hospital:-(

    Glad to hear that the sun has found you again! We've had nothing but sunshine here for the last couple of weeks and we're in desperate need of rain. No wonder we aren't getting any, you had it all! hehe

    So crabs really do walk sideways? I've never seen a live one...wonder why they walk sideways, must Google that. lol

    Wow, amazing how a storm can affect the sea like that. Hopefully you get your beach back soon!!

    That cartoon is too funny! Mom says I was born smiling and continue to do so...glad I didn't have the crabby genes. lol

    Thank you for making me almost spit out my coffee when I read the punchline of that joke. Cute!! lol xoxo

  7. I'm with ya on the sunshine!!! :)

  8. Hah! Good funnies today!

  9. Fun *beach* post! Love the crab and the funnies. Hope you are drying out. Sun shining here this weekend ... sauna like!!!!

  10. Funny stories and crabby cartoon! Cool capture of the crab even if it was a short visit.

  11. Lol ! the peanuts thing is too cute !
    My DIL is getting a little round belly ! Looks as if she had swallowed a soccer ball, lol !

  12. Glad that you have sunshine!
    Happy Six Words Saturday!

  13. I totally feel ya on the sunshine part. Although it's been sunny for me (thank goodness cause our Summer didn't start out very Summery), it still isn't as hot as our Summers normally are.

    Love that Peanuts strip! Love Peanuts. We actually have the museum close by cause Charles Shultz was from our area. Still need to go there cause I've never been. Strange how we never make it to the places closest to us.


    6 awards,
    please feel free to take any of them

  15. Great shot, and a hilarious episode of the shellfish. :)

  16. Great post, Anni... love it :)

  17. Hahahaha, Shellfish B$%*&@d. so funny!

    Hope you can drop by to see my Camera Critters, have a happy weekend.

  18. You've had more than your share, I wouldn't mind if you shared some of that moisture with California.

  19. What a delightful small crab. Have a sunny weekend.

  20. Anonymous7/10/2010

    ROFLMAO with you lobster joke. LOL Too funny. I like the Lucy cartoon as well. Too funny. :) I love Lucy :) Glad you had some sunshine. I love the little crab. I can so picture what you said. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  21. That's a pretty crab.

  22. Loved the crab picture! ~karen

  23. Crabs and Lobsters.... It is a seafood moment!I need to put that comic on my youngest mirror cuz she has crabby genes as well! Have a funny weekend!

  24. That's a funny, funny lobster joke! And I like the cartoon and the photos...well, I like it all! That little guy chugging along the pavement is pretty darned cute. Glad he got back into the water okay.

  25. glad you finally had a good weather day. the crab is..what can I say? love the joke about the lobster. have a good evening

  26. Oh LOL! Crablets are very hard to capture, they are so aloof! Once they see someone approaching them, away they go and hide in the bunker.

  27. "You shellfish b@st@rd" I like that. I also like the photo of your pretty blue faced seem to have a thing for crustacea in this post.

    That water looks awfully wild...we get it like that, too, with the summer tropical depressions. As long as you're not getting any of that oil! What an absolute shambles that is. Let's hope a solution is found very soon.

    Take care of you.

  28. Cute looking crab, stay away it will bite you with his claws. Love eating crab that's my favorite.

    Ms. Anni, I'm promoting my newblog if you can stop by and visit or if you dont mind to add my link, it would be nice, you can follow as well hehe...too much favor isn't it? I'm adding your link already.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  29. Anonymous7/11/2010

    Hi I havent been by in a while, thanks for your visits to me.
    I had forgotten you are down south in Texas, are you near Galveston?
    Hows the Gulf looking? Bit of a worry isn't it.

    Love your peanuts cartoon, suspect I have one like yours but I wouldnt dare tell her.
    and the lobster joke is cute.


  30. Cute, real cute and I love the ocean -