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My six words....

Camera Critters just below [THO SHE'S NOT PERFECT, I'M HAPPY WITH HER]:

Everything seems to be back to 'normal' here in Corpus. Well at least our home. Yard stuff is back outdoors, and the garage can again house the vehicle. But boy, is it ever so very humid. The temps are a bit cooler than last week, because of the amount of rains and the prevailing winds. But the humidity is insufferable right now. Around 7 this fine Saturday, Bud and I plan to go see the last of the four tall ships arrive at the Naval Base Port. This last one is from Uruguay. Yesterday beginning early morning they started to arrive. I just had too much to do and decided to wait 'til today to go see them. Hope the weather holds out. A few days ago I mentioned that I kept from becoming too antsy from stress of not knowing whether the hurricane would hit closer to us or turn more westerly [the latter I had hoped and prayed for]...I kept a bit of sanity by concentrating on a drawing which I started. It went from pencil outline to a new watercolor painting. I figured I needed a project like this to keep my hands occupied if the power went off...something to do to occupy the lot of my time. So, I set up my easel and got out the paints and brushes and began... This, I did after the house was secured and we sat and waited for landfall of the storm. Actually, the heavy rains sang to me as I painted. That too calmed me in a way...

From the outline which took about 20 minutes ---

---to the first of the sea colored background...

...adding color on the turtle's body and water reflection---

---mixing and blending colors, adding water bubbles and movement from the above, lighting and shadowing, putting on finishing effects...

...a couple of macro shots & titling the finished picture--"TORTUGA":
[which means 'turtle' in Spanish]

and framed now---

POSTED: Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
12:01 A.M.


  1. Anonymous7/03/2010

    It's Honu here in Hawai'i. :) Tis beautiful my friend. You are so artistic and creative. :) I hope you and Bud have a very safe, happy and fun 4th of July. :)

  2. It is beautiful Anni, you are talented! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

  3. Ee lass ye's had a change about since I were here last. So you're expecting a bit of a wind then! Hope it blows out soon. Here's mine

  4. John No, that was last week. the weather has settled down now, at least somewhat. Hope your wife finishes her cancer treatment....that was a shock to read about her deciding against it. :o(

  5. It's cooled off here, but it predicted to get hot and humid again tomorrow. Enjoy the tall ships!
    I love the turtle!

  6. Hey Anni - I am about 20 minutes from Lake Michigan. I'm heading in to work and I bet it will be a hot day!

  7. Mari That explains the humidity then being that close to water. And your yard/landscape, I remember, has a lot of big tall trees!! Thank goodness for A C, right? :o)

  8. Great pic and great 6 word Saturday.

  9. I can't open ninja turtle but I love your six words. Happy Saturday!

  10. Great picture and I love your six words. Have a great weekend.


  11. ~beautiful painting little lady...liked seeing each step of your creative process...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  12. Wow! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that turtle!!! GORGEOUS!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I appreciate it!! I remember visiting Corpus about 4 years ago with hubby during his bowling tournament...and man.....I have never been in such a windy city! LOL LOL LOL!!! I kept asking myself why I bothered to do my hair everyday! LOL LOL LOL!! Beautiful little town! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. Good morning Hootin Annie's - this is so funny. I started my blog over 5 years ago and you were one of the first I visited. I tried to get your attention many times. Now your on a lot of blogs I follow too - so I am so glad you finally stopped by and hope we can finally become friends!


  14. Beautiful painting Anni.
    Happy 4th of July weekend.

  15. Hi Anni! I live in Galveston! It's the same kind of hot and humidity going on here too! We've had all kinds of rains from Alex! Glad you're safe.
    Now aren't you the most talented one! What a lovely painting and you're very good!
    I'm so glad you dropped in to say hi! I hope you'll come back sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  16. I didn't realize you were so talented Anni. This is a fantastic watercolor and one I would be proud to hang on my wall. Hope the weather calms down your way. I have not had the TV on or read a newspaper during the last 24 hours. I am down in Virginia Beach about 200 miles south of where we actually live, visiting family for the fourth, and have just found a quiet moment to check in with my blogging friends. Happy 4th of July!

  17. Anonymous7/03/2010

    Very nicely done. I do not have a turtle fascination, but in recent thrifts several turtle likenesses have found their way home with me. Friends have live tortoises but they are not the cuddly pets I prefer to spend time with.

  18. Wow you are very artistic :)

  19. beautiful! you're very talented!
    and thanks for vour visit and the kind words :)

  20. Nice picture!! Happy 6WS

  21. Just read the answer on my email question concerning the storm.
    The picture came out very nice ! In Italian it's called a "tartaruga"

  22. What a marvelous watercolor, Anni! I'm glad you came through the hurricane okay!

  23. Love your turtle. Well done!

  24. Thank you first off for your visit and nice comment. Sherry is a very special lady with me. I love pretty art work and you appear to be very good at what you paint. Enjoyed your blog.

  25. These are beautiful paintings, Anni. You are so talented. I love your work.

  26. I just stopped by to thank you for your visit to my blog. Please come again anytime.

    Your artwork is simply wonderful and I very much liked seeing the photos as the painting progressed.

    I would love to see the tall ships in person someday. I'm sure it's a breathtaking sight. I hope you got to see them as you planned to.

    I'm also happy to hear that the hurricane didn't cause any damage for you.

    Have a blessed 4th of July!

  27. The colors of this painting are really soothing.

  28. Annie, you are talented. I want to learn to paint. I even did art class with my students. I flunked. So now I'm thinking of paint by numbers. I can do that. It must be a wonderful blessing to be able to pain and relax in stress. I'm glad there was no hurricane.


  29. Hi Annie,
    I am in awe of people who can bring something to life with their art. We had a friend who lives in Wyoming visit today, and he showed us his chalk art kit. He was thinking about going to Pioneers Park in Lincoln, and drawing the big statue of the Native American. (I see you are from Nebraska. What town?)

    Oh, the friend who was over has a brother who lives in your area. I forgot to ask if he made it to town for their family reunion.

    I'm glad your art provided comfort during the storm. It's awesome!

    Thanks for your comment on my CC post. That caterpillar is a monarch. I am a monarch waystation. I get excited when I see the caterpillars.

  30. That is a wonderful creation.
    It is beautiful./

  31. you did this? you are a gifted artist ... wonderful... Thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town

  32. Great job! It takes a lot of patience to draw and paint, but the results are always worth it :o)

  33. Hi, thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog.

    Your painting is beautiful, it is nice to see photo's of it from start to finish.

  34. Wow, you are talented!


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