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THURSDAY THUNKS BELOW all this....With all due respect for Thursday 13, I am choosing to not participate any longer. For a couple of reasons... Recently, the hub is too inconsistent. Then, the top reason I'm going to quit is for the simple fact, it has become increasingly difficult to come up with an idea that I haven't covered before. So begins a new concept for Thursday for me which I'll try to hang on to a more personal view of blogging something-----

My own personal THURSDAY THEORY.

Since it's summer on my side of the globe, to me the season is baseball. It's BBQs. It's memories of past summers. Picnics. When younger, being out of school for three months. The long hot days of playing outdoors. The bluer skies. The time to learn to ride a bike. The time to play from sun up to sun down and even into the warm evenings after nightfall. Trying to collect fireflies and capture them in a jar with the lid having poked holes for them to breathe and be thrilled watching their bodies light up the darkness. A magical part of nature that makes the golden glow a thrill of the night. Laying on the cool freshly mowed lawn, and looking up to the stars...oh how bright they did shine! Seeing with the naked eye a planet that glows brighter and bigger than what I could ever dream of in my youthful mind! Listening to crickets' singing their chorus. Regaling campfire stories of a dark and stormy night...only to hear a wolf or coyote cry in the distance that put gooseflesh on my arms and the back of my neck! Toasting marshmallows...either at the campground or even in my own backyard. Discovering S'mores!! The times of summer, when a youngster, were days of fun and fond memories.

As I have now grown older I realize that summers are still highly anticipated. But for more reasons and different reasons. Where I live now it's strolling on the beach, enjoying the warm tropical sea breeze promising to be a day with the blazing sun targeting the land. Watching the storm clouds build and hoping for some rain. Making sure the air conditioner is in top running order. Hoping that those storm clouds don't down a power line and have us suffer without electricity for too long. The heat without power to keep us cool can only mean one thing...misery. Then, on the brighter side ---the storms are beautiful in their own right. The dark heavy clouds swirling above, the fresh fragrance of a passing storm on the parched earth. Thunder in the far reaches of the horizon. There is always an abundance of fresh produce...either in the stores or from yard gardens or farmer's markets. And with the summer storms the morning skies are red...glowing a warning to us all of the impending weather patterns...still so very very beautiful. My yard is filled with blossoms and the sweet fragrances all summer long, and I love working with them to watch them develop into a beautiful surrounding for me. And fragrances of outdoor cooking. There is nothing can beat the smell of hickory chips or mesquite and a juicy sizzling steak on the grill!! Having more than my fill of home made potato salad. Making sun tea. Watching the brilliant icy white forms in the far off blue horizon...where seagulls soar and sing us a tune. The early Summer brings lots of new lives into our yard...from bird nests. A gentle breeze drifting through the open window allowing the sheer curtains to lull me to sleep at night. Daylight brings hummingbirds whizzing by the open windows in their zeal to reach the nectar of a summer bloom. Butterflies flit from blossom to blossom. People in their yards having family fun, or building some special new place...newly mowed grass smell....love it. Driving with my windows open in the countryside when the farmers are out on their farm machinery...cutting hay...or plowing the fields...cotton forming and blowing on the wayside along the road's shoulders. Sitting by the riverside on a bank, just lazily thinking of nothing in particular while my mind is at ease for that fleeting moment as I watch the slow curving ripples of the water sparkle in the sunlight. I still like going out into the darkened world in the silence of the summer morning or late at night....and watch the stars!! Completely filled with awe and the wonder of it all. During the late month of August I wake up to a whole new kind of air...it's drying up, the weather at night turns cooler and the smells of Autumn are in the air.....

My THEORY this week is that Summer's are good for the soul in so many ways; while the livin' IS easy, George Gershwin said it all...

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Yes, even during hurricane season...summers on the shore are okay. Better than scooping several feet of snow in the wintertime where the living is grueling!!

'Nother Storm in the Gulf! This time, no 'named' storm, so it'll be less damaging. But lots of rain and wind again---and ironically it's on the very same path as Hurricane Alex from last week----

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The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of my eyes and the number 333333.

1. The temperature in Mooseheadville, Canada was 34 below. Most of the U.S. is in a serious heat wave. In Connecticut, it was 92 degrees in the shade. What do YOU do to beat the heat?
Stay indoors with air conditioning!!

2. What is your favorite summertime song?
See My Thursday Theory above. I love that song!

3. Besides nude beaches what's your favorite outdoor summer activity?
I must say there is NO beside nude beaches for me! Why even ironing doesn't get rid of the wrinkles. The guy above should have figured out how to make wrinkle free skin!! My favorite activity is gardening!

4. I'm inviting everyone to a cook-out with Kimber and Berleen. What should I cook for you?
Prime Rib...medium rare...Lots of potato salad...and hard rolls with real butter...tossed salad too!! A perfect meal for a 'barbie!

5. When selecting your swimwear do you go for sexy or practical?
Let me reiterate...I don't 'do' swimming!

6. Back in the day, did you ever have a summer fling? If yes, do tell. (Names not required.)
Well, I married in May...we were still on our honeymoon to begin our first summer together...does that count?

7. Do you know anyone who hates air conditioning? If yes, what is their reasoning?
If I did...I would have to call them insane...and the reasoning for that would be....they're insane!!

8. When and with who was your last skinny dip?
Never. [it'll be 'with WHOM' not with who]

9. How sick of LeBron James are you?
Who? [kidding!] Actually, I'm more sick of the continuing coverage of Tiger still!!!

10. When you were a kid, what was your best summer?
When I didn't have to go to school for 3 months. [back in my day, the first day of the new school year was the day after Labor Day!---always!]

11. Belly up to the bar. We serve ANYTHING. It's 100 degrees. What should we pour for you?
COORS!! ALWAYS COORS---I'm from Colorado and lived so close to the brewery.

12. Is there a favorite meal that you like to have in the summer?
See the cook out at Berleen's and Kimber above.

13. Do you think they will solve the oil spill in time for the Gulf states to enjoy summer?
No. And they're supposed to be engineers...HA...this is a catastrophic disaster that will ruin MANY summers before it's over. Economically, environmentally, and several states-wide. Or so we're led to believe.

POSTED: Thursday, July 8th, 2010
4:01 A.M.


  1. I truly enjoyed this post my friend, you are one of a kind, a true original my friend.

  2. love your description of summer. we would be up a creek without airconditioning. don't think that anytime soon will the oil spill be resolved. stay out of the heat.

  3. Hi Anni, great answers..Agree with you almost everywhere, sick of Tiger, Oil is a disaster, and the prime rib sounds great..oh and the coors is fine too! thanks for stopping by..


  4. G'morn, sweet Anni ~ I so enjoyed your thoughts & memories ...

    The other day Joshua asked WHY (emphatically) do we eat certain foods in certain season ... potato salad was the issue. I remember on those hot hazy days we ate picnic style sandwiches, potato salad & kool aid ... all the time. What are your thoughts on this issue ...

    It is still nasty HOT here ... this heat should give everyone pause to remember the 'other side' is not a place we would wish to end up in life. Oy!

    Have a beautiful day, sweet friend.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. I loved all your summer memories...it really took me back this morning. :)

    I can remember back in the 70s, a couple of pilot friends of my parents being excited any time they were flying west or someone they knew was flying east because it meant they could "smuggle" a few cases of Coors (it wasn't sold east of the Mississippi then).

    Happy Thursday, Anni!

  6. Your memories are lovely - your take on the song was opposite of mine, eh?? I am one who doesn't love air conditioning - unless it's just right. Most stores and businesses have it WAY too cold. But then I don't live in 90% humidity either.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  7. Me again - I have been told that about Care Bear and me before - that we look alike. I have also been told that Kristen and I do - but I don't see it. Strange how others see what we don't.

  8. Great post. I truly enjoyed reading it.
    I also remember #10 we always started the day after Labor Day.
    As a child growing up we never had air conditioning we had what they called a window water cooled fan. Things back then seemed so much more laid back. I love looking back.
    Have a great Thursday

  9. Good Morning Annie My Sweet Friend...
    Oh how I love it when you write. I am still laughing about the nude beaches and how the good Man above should have made a way to iron our wrinkles. If only it were that simple? I would have burned out a lot more irons in these past few years.

    I love this time of year too. The smell of freshly mowed grass, the humid breezes, the longer light of days to play longer, the BBQ smell from the neighbors yard that draws you right to the edge of the fence, the sound of children laughing, playing and running in the sprinklers.

    One of my favorite memories was going to a local neighborhood (yes neighborhood) store and you buy bologna by the pound and it was fresh and yes tasted wonderful with Wonder Bread. We also bought fresh red skinned hot dogs by the pound, which meant sometimes you got a 1/4 of one, or a 1/2 of one on the end. They were all on a long string. They were the best.

    You brought so many memories to my heart this morning sweetie. Thank you for sharing as always. I so love it when you do. You are a light in each of my days. Please keep on shining.

    I love you sweetie...Sherry

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you on the oil spill! There was a company from here in Canada (we deal with oil spills often) that could have stopped the flow of the oil into the currents when it first happened, that would have given them time to fix the problem. The help offered was refused. Also, my hubby works in oil field; he said there are valves that are supposed to be in place and used and obviously were not! In the small oil stuff he does, he says there are often 3 or 4 back up valves that stop the oil from getting out where it's not supposed to. Just some notes from our little world. I don't know if they are fact, but are definitely educated guesses. I could definitely be wrong. Just seems like they haven't tried very hard to prevent the disaster. And as a "soft" conspiracy theorist, my next thought is what is the gov't (yours and mine) trying to keep our eyes and ears OFF of, with this oil spill media that never tells the whole story?

  11. I love summer - even though I complain about the heat!
    So you MIL came from Grand Haven? That's only 20 minutes from me. Small World, right?

  12. I felt exactly the same as you concerning Thursday 13. I have less and less ideas and it becomes real hard. I tried to find another interesting meme for Thursdays but the Thursday Thunks I don't like either because the questions are kind of stupid and anyway I hate to fill out questionaries. Fun Monday died too. I'll see how it will work with my invented meme "The muffed target" at least I can used my messed up photos, lol !
    I sit on our terrace with my little notebook and enjoy the summer too. As long as the weather is nice of course, which is not so sure.

  13. LOVE Gershwin(s). Too funny that Tiger is tanking at golf these days.

    Have a great Thursday!

  14. Anonymous7/08/2010

    Well my friend I'm with you on Thursday Thunks!! A lot of those type of meme's are getting old for me as well. You run out of a way to be unique. I mean How many times does every one need to hear I should be King of the World hmmm? I might not be far behind you on many of those that I do. I love your Thursday Theory. That might be a great meme to present to everyone. Give a topic and just talk about it like this one. Summertime. Not my favorite by all means but enjoyable just the same. I loved reading about yours. You make summer sound just divine. :) I'm so sick of hearing about Tiger..enough already. Have a magnificent day my friend :)

  15. Love summer thunder storms, wish one would break right about now! They are on the forecast!

    Love #7!!!

  16. I've put in your order! Prime rib & a Coors! My first Coors was in the Rockies in 1976 when I was the best man at a wedding. I'm not a beer guy (Had they named me Vodka - maybe) Great job, today... :)

  17. LMAO OMG @ even the iron cant get the wrinkles out hahah.... Happy TT thanks for stopping by my blog.

  18. I agree - stay inside in the a/c! sandie

  19. Wow lady! These ships are beautiful! I especially love all the flags up with the sails!

  20. .love your description of summer. it tells it all. i don't drink, but husband likes coors. i'm not certain about a nude beach. have a good weekend


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