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he loves me, he loves me not...he loves me!

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More magenta color instead of ruby,
but this is as close as I can find in my
photo album today. A daisy! This particular flower is found
just under our Bird of Paradise plant
in the flower bed near the back yard fence...

- - -

In many languages the 'game' He loves me, he loves me not is spoken...

* Bulgarian: "Обича ме... не ме обича" [Obicha me... ne me obicha] (translates to "loves me... doesn't love me")

* Catalan: "M'estima... no m'estima" (translates to "he/she loves me... doesn't love me")

* Danish: "Han/hun elsker mig... han/hun elsker mig ikke" (translates to "he/she loves me... he/she doesn't love me")

* Dutch: "Hij/zij houdt van me, hij/zij houdt niet van me" (translates to "He/she loves me, he/she loves me not")

* Esperanto: "Li/Ŝi amas min... Li/Ŝi ne amas min" (translates to "He/She loves me...He/she loves me not)

* Estonia: "Armastab... ei armasta" (translates to "loves... doesn't love)

* Finnish: "Rakastaa...ei rakasta" (translates to "loves... doesn't love")

* French: "Il/Elle m'aime un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie, pas du tout" (translates to "He/She loves me a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all"). This makes the potential outcomes more numerous.

* German: "Er/sie liebt mich... Er/sie liebt mich nicht" (translates to "he/she loves me... he/she loves me not")

* Greek: "Μ’ αγαπά... δε μ’ αγαπά" (translates to "he/she loves me... he/she loves me not")

* Hungarian: "Szeret... nem szeret" (translates "to he/she loves me... doesn't love me")

* Italian: "M'ama... non m'ama" (translates "to he/she loves me... doesn't love me")

* Japanese: "好き。。。 " (すき。。。 きらい) (Suki... kirai) (translates to "like... hate")

* Latvian: "Mīl... nemīl" (translates to "Loves... doesn't love")

* Lithuanian: "Myli... nemyli" (translates to "Loves... doesn't love")

* Norwegian: "Elsker... elsker ikke" (translates to "Loves... doesn't love")

* Polish: "Kocha... nie kocha" (translates to "he/she loves me... he/she loves me not"). Alternatively: "Kocha... lubi... szanuje... nie chce... nie dba... żartuje... w myśli... w mowie... w sercu... na ślubnym kobiercu" (translates to "he/she loves me... he/she likes me... he/she respects me... he/she doesn't want me... he/she doesn't care... he/she makes fun of me... in her/his mind... in his/her speech... in his/her heart... at the wedding carpet")

* Portuguese: "Bem me quer... mal me quer" (translates to "he/she loves me... detests me"; "querer" means to want, but "querer bem" means to love)

* Korean: "나를 사랑... 날 사랑하지" (naleul sarang, nal saranghaji) (translates to "Loves me... Loves me not")

* Romanian: "Mă iubeşte....nu mă iubeşte" (translates "to he/she loves me... he/she loves me not")

* Russian: "Любит, не любит, плюнет, поцелует, к сердцу прижмет, к черту пошлет" (translates to "he/she loves me, loves me not, spits [at me], kisses [me], presses [me] to his/her heart, curses [me] (lit. "sends [me] to the devil")")

* Serbian: "Воли ме... не воли ме" (translates to "(he/she) loves me... loves me not")

* Spanish: "Me quiere... no me quiere", "Me ama... no me ama" (both translate to he/she loves me... doesn't love me)

* Swedish: "Älskar... älskar inte" (translates to "Loves... doesn't love")

* Turkish: "Seviyor... Sevmiyor" (translates to "he/she loves me... doesn't love me")

* Slovak: "Ľúbi ma..... neľúbi ma" (translates to "Loves me... loves me not")

* Chinese: "他/她爱(愛)我...他/她不爱(愛)我" (translates to "He/She loves me... He/She loves me not")

* Hebrew: "אוהב/ת...לא אוהב/ת" (translates to "Loves... doesn't love")

[languages and origin of French game "He Loves Me" found and borrowed from wikipedia a public domain site]

POSTED: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
around midnight


  1. He loves you Ms. Anni, we have a Santan flower in our school in Phils you can see them everyday as hedges we like to pick the flowers and flick the petals by playing that games. Lovely photo of daisy, nice to put on a vase.

  2. so many languages..... and you know, i have never played that game. ever. i wonder why.....

  3. I remember, as a child pulling away petals in the Daisy love game, I'd always half the last petal PRN to insure the right answer regarding my Prince Charming!

    Loved magenta-y Daisyland!

  4. In my language, the one I was born with:
    "I love this and always will" What a great post. I came for the Rubiness and found that beautiful flower, then found an interesting language lesson. Great stuff!


  5. Nice flower. I do not play the game, because I feel bad when I am not loved. :)

  6. I loved this post my friend.

  7. Perfect capture for a Ruby Tuesday.

  8. awesome Daisie, I love these a lot

  9. Don't you just love those undertows....what a surprise to see a flower under a flower.
    My Ruby Link for you

  10. wonderful crystal and with the lightning behind something extra

  11. Annie , you have such a unique and wonderful blog!!

  12. Susan These kind words from you make me feel good.

  13. I love languages and I can speak a couple. none well if you ask people I know!!! The flower is just beautiful. I read threw all these. Lots of fun and very interesting

  14. This is such a sweet and romantic game. I love the picture you chose and the words in so many languages.

    Amazing how we all feel the same at heart.

  15. About the size of a grapefruit? It sounds very heavy! You use it as a paperweight? lol I love seeing the blue light through it, very nice treasure. :0)

  16. Gosh who new all that? Impressive. sandie

  17. wow i don't think i could gather all these languages to put in a blog. good job.

  18. This is an awesome post. I love languages and games! Do you want the transliteration of the Russian one?

  19. Hello Anni- what a lovely blogging today,and enlightening--- Beautiful flower!!!
    You know I have never played that petal-game
    I knew"ggg"-

    Thanks for sharing...
    (Du er den bedste)
    "Je t'adore" :-)

  20. Fantstic post, Anni! So much work but worth it for us readers... :)


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