footprints of time....past, present, and future?

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A pelican feather----

Of all the pebbles on the shore
These were meant for me...
Looking back, I find
My footprints still remain --
All too soon to disappear,
Sand shifting with the tide, each and every grain...
Outgoing surf washes the memory back to sea;
Footprints gone...gone forever; nevermore.

poem by Anni
© July 2010
All Rights Reserved

- - -<><><>- - -

Once again I speak from my heart about politics; media coverage. Now that the oil spill has been capped what happened to the ever-present coverage? Last I heard there was a leak, but not to be alarmed. Well, I say, la di da!! Where are the follow-up segments of what lies in store for the livelihoods of so many people that have been altered? Is BP still paying out damages from lawsuits? I DO KNOW that the one who wanted his 'life back' going to be replaced by an American, so says BP! What about the animals? Where are the stories now? :::sigh::: And locally...about a month ago, I posted a little summary of the old, decrepit, asbestos filled Memorial Coliseum and the big political hullabaloo regarding either saving it, or demolishing it entirely. Those who fought to get it torn down won of course, after years of debating..and the local media covered the bickering nearly every 24 hours either on the TV news or write-ups on the front page of the newspaper. For a few days during its demolition it was filmed on the local stations. But the city's media forgot to keep us residents posted. Well, I for one, anxiously awaited the skyline to be rid of the monstrosity. So, today I thought I'd share that it is ALL GONE, along with some cellphone photos! I don't understand why all the continual coverage for so long that we get bored of hearing about it all...then, all of a sudden, nothing. The building no longer exists AND the debris has been cleared. For that, dear readers, I AM VERY HAPPY....

POSTED: Monday, July 25th, 2010
around midnight


  1. Wonderful! What a difference - so much better!


  2. Awesome photo!!!
    Loved reading your political statements and no matter where we are in the world we all have similar situations on our shores and oceans....Great photos of the demolition!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog also

  3. Your poem was lovely; made me feel like I was walking on the beach. Very nice. On the other hand - I never like when they tear things down. They do that in Florida all the time. There is hardly anything historic in this state. But, I'm glad you're happy with it. Did they blow it up or knock it over?

  4. the media is more fickle than.... a woman, dare i say, heee heee heee. but seriously, they DO dictate what we should and shouldn't know and it's frustrating.

    as for your poem, anni, i can only say i LUUUUUV it. beautiful. and true!

    and my writing's very sporadic lately, for that i must apologise. i'm deeply into practising my drums at the moment, got that appearance in a club on the 1st of september, and my perfectionist self is just never quite happy... but i miss you so much too. and i'm glad i stopped by here today too. sending you lots of love!

  5. B:) Oh trust me, if I could've huffed and puffed and blew it all to bits I would've. It was dangerous and falling apart before the demolition. There is a time for keeping something historical, and then there is a time to say 'goodbye'.

  6. The media has such a short memory. They are all into something and then boom - they switch. Maybe it's ADD?

  7. Shadow!! You're playing drums...and going to entertain at a club?!!! How awesome is that?!! I'm so proud of you. You go girl!!!

  8. Nice macro of the feather. Like the way you framed it. Here's hoping the fix holds until BP gets the new well dug. Fingers crossed...

  9. Certain world wide coverage is the worst at this, reducing all other 'lesser' news (more pertinent to local interests) to a running line of text until THEIR news time. The repetition of the same photos and text is boring, albeit tragic though the gulf catastrophe is. Great group of photos!

  10. Great photo n quote...I despise the media...they only focus on the bad stuff.

  11. Hi Anni, Thanks for stopping by.
    I doubt we have heard the last about oil in the Gulf...but alternative news sources may be the only source of information...
    I don't know why the media bores us with endless debate, then drops the story completely, but I'm sure there is an explanation.

  12. I love the poem sweetie.

  13. Love your poem and pelican feather. I have the pelican ,who lost it on my post. It is strange how the media works. Hope no asbestos was released into the air when they demolished it.

  14. Great macro! Great pictures of the demolition also!

  15. I believe you that you are happy now !
    Love your Macro shot !

  16. There's something wonderful about the bits of feather all stuck together and poking out at oddball angles. At the same time, the feather, though grounded, keeps reaching.

    Thanks for stopping to peek in my Studio Window.

  17. Isn't that just the way of things. Raise a big ruckus then move on the the next thing. Years of fallout from the mess? Not interesting anymore.

  18. Very cool macro!

  19. I loved your poem.
    I at times think the media goes over board on some stories and then tell us nothing about others that we should know.
    Enjoyed reading your post as always.

  20. You Macro Monday photographers are the best, Anni. Makes me ashamed of my efforts. :-) And your poem is so evocative of the feelings we have when strolling along a beach. Lovely.

    As to your political commentary. I'm having a hard time finding either a local or national/international news source that I can stand. Have resorted to reading a local paper and watching BBC news.

  21. nice shot and such a beautiful way with words you have Anni :) Rosie

  22. I often think back on huge stories and would like to hear "the rest of the story." How quickly we forget when it's not in our faces every minute of the day.

  23. PS - did your English teachers just love your poetry??

  24. What a fun find! I've never seen a single pelican feather before. :) Love your poem too! So appropriate!

  25. Love the detail of the pelican feather!

  26. Good morning, Anni
    Pretty verse.
    I wonder if all that dust from the building going into the air like that is healthy...I wouldn't think so...
    We watched a little of the hearings about the oil leak...seams it was preventable...but thank goodness things are looking better...Daughter and her family have decided to go to the beach for their annual holiday after all...I'm glad...I think those who usually go should go ahead...I've said that all along...there's so much they do besides swim in the ocean....last year when I went, I only got in the water once but enjoyed early mornings on the beach.
    Mama Bear

  27. excellent macro shot.

  28. Lovely poem Anni. And yes I remember you wrote about this site. Well for me if the structure has no worth better blow it away ^_^ And great to know you're happy!

    Macro Monday~Butterfly

  29. What a lovely photo of the feather. I like how you framed it. And I really like your poem. Makes me want to go to the beach. :)

  30. Nice poem Anni, I wonder what happened with the pelican.

  31. HI Anni
    what an interesting Macro monday shot - I love the frame. Very nice - is it something on your wall? Very nice poem.

    Have a nice week, Ev

  32. Anni, I'm glad the building is gone. The same thing is happening in our downtown. There were some beautiful old buildings down there...architecture delights from the 1800s, but the city didn't make the landlords take care of them and they fell into disrepair. They were full of asbestos and many other toxins not good for the people who were living above the stores. The stores had closed long ago. At this point, about 1.5 blocks have been demolished and there is still about the same to go. I'll be glad when it is completed.

    If you have time, drop over to my Writing Nook. I have some cute pictures I think you'll enjoy.


  33. wow, beautiful poem!
    Glad to be here today!


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  35. Interesting feather photo...

  36. always coverage when something goes bad such as the oil spill the when solved i guess it's boring to make news. not right we need to have closure of what happened to families that were affected.

  37. Anonymous7/29/2010

    That's a great how you preserved the feather in that shot!!

    Thanks for stopping by my MM!!


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