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....firetruck firetruck. What color are those red firetrucks?

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While walking the tarmac on the Naval Base in a small town on the coast of Texas during the Sail South Texas 2010 exhibition over the holiday weekend, there was this little antique vehicle all dressed in red ready for a showing on my Ruby Tuesday....

PS...The quotation title I used is from TV's Family Guy.

...the four ships' photos will be posted tomorrow for Watery Wednesday...come back on Wednesday. if you'd like to view them

POSTED: Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
12:15 A.M.


  1. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Annie Love the new look :)

  2. that's a cute little one. is noddy around there too??? seems to me he should be driving it...

  3. I think that is the cutest fire truck I've ever seen!

  4. Beautiful old car. Perfect for Ruby Tuesday.

  5. Hi Anni, this is a cutie and I have to wonder how they managed to actually do the work of firemen with the simple equipment they had.
    Happy RT to yah. :))

  6. Wow! This vehicle certainly favours the colour red! A striking vintage vehicle!

  7. Just wanted to come by and see how you are and what you have been Hootin about lately.
    I love these pictures of the old fire truck.
    Hope your doing well and wish I was there to take a walk on the beach with you. Maybe thats what I need is to move back to the coast where I was born. It always seems to be calling me.

  8. Anonymous7/06/2010

    That is a treasure. So glad you shared.
    A status symbol for sure.

  9. Just lovely. What a perky little vehicle!

  10. i love old vechicles. thanks for the photo. the owl is terrific have a good day

  11. Ohhhh I love it! I'm a sucker for all things vintage like this. Wonderfully lovely photos of it too!

    Have a fabulous Ruby Tuesday!

    From the Heart of Texas

  12. What an awesome RUBY you have for us today. I love this!
    Thanks, Mizz Anni, for coming by my place to see my reds...AND I hope you left a comment or two or three on my $70 GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY from CSN ONLINE STORES.... seventy bucks!! Ya could get something neat with that much, hu?
    xo bj

  13. Awesome old pumper!!

  14. Ah ! that would be a nice little car for me to drive around, lol !

  15. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Very nice. My grandfather was the fire chief in Carson City. Have a great day. :)

  16. Great photo a a beautiful vehicle. Somebody spent hours and hours restoring it. Probably several somebodies.

  17. It's darling! It looks like one of the match box toy cars! Great vibrant red. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Oh my that is really antique. And I so like the red color very pristine. Happy Tuesday!
    Wild blackberries

  19. hi hootin anni.
    i just love this old fire engine!
    i would have been here sooner but for some reason, my comments weren't getting through to me..i had to copy and paste your comment from my email.
    felisol is having trouble too.
    i wonder what google is trying to prove!
    thanks for your visit.
    you know bernie and i are going out west and in two weeks we will be in my beloved mantitoba.
    although the air force base where mom and dad golden and their nine kids lived, was closed by the government and the place just utterly destroyed..the houses and the school all torn down, in one field there sits the old red rivers fire truck that my dad used to drive.
    it is still there!
    last year we took a lot of pictures of it for dad golden, THIS year i am going to take a few little parts as souvenirs..after all they have left it for junk!
    twenty years ago when we visited the base with our motorcycle, at that time the foundation of the house we used to live in was still there and so i took a few pieces of the stone foundation...not a lot.[the motorcycle only had two saddle bags]
    with the little red car, we will be able to fit a few more treasures..ha!
    happy ruby tuesday, my encouraging friend.
    bernie so appreciated your comment and i told him coming from an ARTIST, that's a pretty good comment!....love terry

  20. Wonderful! I like antique cars and go to Concours d'Elegance shows often. This fire chief vehicle is fabulous.

  21. that´s a lovely shot as well;-) thanks for your visit

  22. This is so amazing, I just love it. My favourite post of the day

  23. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog! I love this old truck! Great shot for Ruby Tuesday!

  24. this is absolutely stunning. fantastic subject and photos.
    My Ruby Redness

  25. Very cool looking fire truck. Your new lay out is beautiful.

  26. Anni, that is absolutely awesome. Great job for Ruby Tuesday. I love it.

    Drop over to my Writing Nook. I finally posted an update.

    Love your new owl decor.


  27. it is so ruby and nice caption.I wonder if we could still ride on it nowadays though, hehehe thanks for the visit

  28. Hi Anni,

    Thanks for the insightful comment you left on my blog. I really appreciated it. Your red post is remarkable! Good spotting on your part! They are beautiful antiques. Thanks for sharing.


  29. Now that's red! Nice choice—I love these old vehicles.


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