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Another Sunrise, Another day filled with hopes and dreams...

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I call this photo "Another Morning has Arrived". Just a trickle of the sun's rays shining through the trees against the Plumbago blossom. I love the soft, pastel bluish lavender and the glossy kelly green of the leaves. And the dappled sunlight makes a perfect peace of mind. The world isn't all that gloomy afterall.

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Well, it's Monday, and I don't have any subject to 'talk' about. What can I say? The news is all the same ol' same ol'. The Oil spill still exists and no sign of it letting up, but there may be hope with the "A Whale". It has embarked on the Mississippi/Louisiana area and is proclaimed to be the world's LARGEST OIL SKIMMER ever!! I won't argue with that...the ship is 3 1/2 football fields in length and reputedly 10 stories high! Estimates are running that the ship, with filtering devices aboard it's hull....can suck up to 500,000 gallons of crude oil....filtering the oil...placing the said oil in tankers and spewing back to the sea the salt water. It sounds too good to be true...but I hope something positive comes from this. The ship belongs to a Taiwanese company. READ MORE and view photo HERE

This past week I completed Signora Da Vinci by Robin Maxwell. I have never really read anything much on Leonardo Da Vinci in the past, but since I knew he was famed with his genius in front of the world...his mother being a slave woman with not much known of her and his father, Piero da Vinci, who wants nothing to do with his son, Leonardo, who was a bastard. Historical records show little of Caterina who literally went to the ends of the earth for her son.....in this work of fiction. I applaud with great enthusiasm this work by Ms. Maxwell. She had very little to go on, and yet she turned out a highly convincing story. Chapter 37, I believe, just blew me away! It was a heart felt, loving, motherly and endeared son that makes the story a page turner. Also, having a lot to do with Italian Renaissance and the country's upheaval at the time of Caterina's and Leonardo's lifestyle and family. I recommend this book with vivacity. Now, I began reading a book from my youth which I never got a chance to read. Okay, so call me slow. But, I've always wanted to read this book as a youngster and never did. I read on a blog the other day about a movie "The Secret Garden"...the blogger---sorry, I can't recall just who...wrote with great praise of the movie and how good it was. I always KNOW in my heart, I will like the book better. So, I went and bought me a copy. And it's a classic...so well written, and such a wild story so far.

Oh and one more thing before you go....

THE BIKINI 're-introduced' into fashion...64 years ago, July 5th, 1946!! [some sites say 1947 tho] In France. ---it is written that it's a Roman invention, but in 1400 BC, Greek women were depicted wearing bikini like sports clothes. So, you decide.

POSTED: Monday, July 5th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. I love your flowers and the light is perfect!! the promise of a happy day! just lovely.

  2. Anonymous7/05/2010

    Beautiful photo my friend. I saw about that skimmer on CNN this morning. It's huge and just fascinating. I wonder if it was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka a dot bikini? Ya think? Have a great Monday. :)

  3. That's one of my favorite flower, I love blue flowers and it never stops blooming!

  4. I've never heard of a plumbago but it's pretty!
    The oil skimmer boat sounds promising - I'll take anything!

  5. Lovely shot Anni, I love the colour of this flower. Nice new blog design too:)

  6. Hi Anni! I love book reviews whenever my blogging friends write them, and Signora Da Vinci sounds like a very good one to pick up, if I find it!.. Very interesting about "A Whale". I have to admit, I've not been keeping up with the news lately. It's a holiday, and the news tends to send my holiday spirit plummeting, so frankly, I just avoid it, if I can; but I'm glad to hear this, and I do hope this course of action works!... Happy 4th of July Weekend! ~tina

  7. As always, interesting tidbids from Anni. Love your photo...blue is my favorite color.

  8. Hey Anni.
    I didn't know that about Leonardo's parents. He was indeed a genius ahead of his time.

    So happy to hear about the bikini too....not sure I've ever or should ever own one.

    Enjoy your day :)

  9. Nice Macro shot !
    I better don't talk about this oil catastrophe ! These platforms shouldn't be allowed nowhere. There are so many other alternatives to replace the oh so precious "black" gold, but of course it's again a question of money and that's why nothing changes.
    When I see these pictures on TV, I just could ... I don't know what !
    Yes, I answered two of your comments per email I don't remember what it was though. It would be nice to send me your new one, sometimes I want to answer per email.

  10. PS, love your owl template, they have the same eyes as my little Rosie, lol !

  11. Hi Anni !
    Thank´s for commenting my photos from the workshop :)
    Such cute/beutiful flowers you photographed !
    Have watched the link about the A Whale , sure hope that it can do some good on all that oil that is poring out.
    I think it´s so horrible that the oilcompany not is able to stop it !
    Feel so sorry for all the people and the animals that live there :(

  12. The sunlight on that shot gives it a beautiful hue which you've captured so well.

  13. Gorgeous bloom Anni!! Love the color!


  14. Oh my goodness your picture has captured some real beauty there with the sun and the flower. Gorgeous.

    I am heading to ALabama today to the Space Museum to see the Star wars exhibit - so I will check back with you tomorrow.


  15. Beautiful shadow shot of your flower. I think everybody came out safe and sound after the Typhoon Alex. Happy 4th of JUly!

    Turtles and frogs

  16. Such a delicate colour of powder blue on the plumbago. Lovely photo :) Rosie

  17. Love the way the light is hitting the petals - well done!

  18. This is a beautiful flower, I love its rare color.

  19. A beautiful little flower, seeing it would be a great way to start the day. I have been following the stories of the oil skimmer, hopefully it will work.

    I have read a lot about Leonardo but nothing about his parents. I will have to check out Signora Da Vinci.

  20. our mercies are new every day....it is always wonderful to get up and think about what the day will bring.

  21. flowers are a beautiful thing to get you feel good i love the secret garde. have a good day


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