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Wind!! Rain!!! Power loss!!!


Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning we had a hellacious storm move in to our area from Old Mexico. Right off their mountain range into the Rio Grande River Valley across the coastal plains into the Corpus Christi area. Along with the torrential rains came hurricane force winds. A category one comparison mind you, but still damaging winds. In turn the power went off around 9 pm on Wednesday evening. Three hours earlier the cable [for TV and computer in our home] was non-existent. Bud and I started our day on Thursday with candle light. Luckily, with the storm came cooler weather ---otherwise we'd have boiled our buns off if the temps stayed what it's been the last week or two...lows in the mid to upper 70s and highs near 100. We were thankful for the cool wet breeze on Thursday morning.

Well, my Thursday rant on the oil spill was put on scheduled publishing at midnight Thursday, around 5 pm on Wednesday before I shut things down and unplugged everything...just before the storm streamed into our area.

The lack of computer was something that actually was good for me too. LOL I got a lot done around the house, and did a lot of book reading, I did another sketch of Irene, and a long morning walk to the beach because of no electric power. Oh and after mid-morning, we spent a couple hours cleaning up the yards from blown in tree limbs from the neighbor's trees in our yard, debris and soot on the sidewalks. By the way, when the power goes off in our home....EVERYTHING is down and inoperable. Everything here is electric. We have no natural gas.

Anyway, the storm quickly moved out by around two in the morning, leaving a huge mess. There were quite a bit of trees down which cut the power lines in many areas.

Power was restored somewhere between 8 am and 1 pm. It was back in full when we returned from the beach walk. But the cable wasn't restored to our area until 6 PM last night. Now, I'll need to be catching up on those who took the time to read my Thursday scheduled post. I didn't have anything set up for Friday blogging. And I'm not sure I'll even attempt anything today.

Right now I'm gonna play catch up with all the sleep I missed out on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. It's been a long 30+ hours!!! The bed is calling my name. "Anni, Anni? Where have you been? need some much needed rest!"


  1. The turtles are awesome. Glad you survived the storm, now get some rest sweetie.

  2. Anonymous6/04/2010

    Oh wow look at the turtle, cool

  3. sleep well friend. glad you suffered no more damage in that storm!

  4. You found a turtle, well done. I hope the BP disaster is not killing them.

  5. Anonymous6/04/2010

    Love those Honu :) Very nice. Nothing like being without power. It's amazing what we can do though without it. The kids now days have a hard time without it LOL :)

  6. We don't know how much we appreciate electricity until we don't have it.
    Mama Bear

  7. I just came back from my round trip through Morocco, I had such a wonderful and interesting time ! When power is down we only realize how dependant we are ! In my household there is everything electric too, we don't have any gas. My neighbor has a camping gas cooker in case ...