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Orange Hibiscus
taken: our back yard
just outside my computer room window

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A DOUBLE DOSE OF Monday Morsels...

So, it's a good thing that they continue with this and make us viewers realize that the #2 hurting now or later is actually heartburn. There for a minute, after the first few words were spoken, "Hi. Number 2 please." "Would you like that to hurt now or later?" I thought it was going to be a commercial for EXLAX™!!!

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This past week, I read that a young guy was fired from his stint as a mascot for an MLB franchise because he wrote something derogatory [really, it wasn't] on his Facebook page. What gives? Are we not supposed to have Freedom of Speech these days now? It's against the laws of huge franchises to take word of mouth [in this case Facebook] that shows discontent with something within the establishment, and layoff that person, isn't it unlawful? I don't get it, I just don't get it!! To answer my own question, no it isn't unlawful. But these days, it seems that a right is taken away from us. Too many. I'm sure in the laws standard that something so very vile [of which I don't think this guy's statement was even close!] could be construed as slander in any courtroom, but this firing is going a bit too far if you ask me.

Besides, once again, are we not allowed to voice our opinions on any given circumstance without volition or any physical harm? It's not okay--no harm, no foul? Which brings me to state my thoughts then, with a certain baseball team I follow. It has to do with one of the professional teams. I ask: "Just why are you all hanging on to the 2010 manager?" He seems very aloof in the dugout....always standing alone and without emotion of any kind. I know one is not supposed to base an opinion on looks alone, but this guy reminds me of a snake....slithery, evil and without a doubt would put venom in your veins if you'd look at him funny, and not even bat an eye. Snake-like? Yessiree. He rarely comes out of his hidey-hole to do much of anything...the team is too often losing to some of the lowest ranking teams around. The standings are in the gutter! He keeps the pitchers out there until it's too late. He makes the wrong choices in my opinion. Where is the owner in all this? Why isn't there anything being done to remedy the team's seasonal failures. Even the star starting pitcher has requested that his no-trade contract be waived so he can move on....and the all time player on first base too, has a no-trade clause in his contract and the news tells us fans that he also wants out! This should tell the owner something. The fans are disappointed. At least the majority. There are still some die-hards out there in the stands; there always will be. Even the area of the stadium where you have season ticket holders is quite empty lately.

Something should be done...someone should be fired, and I think they should begin by getting rid of the team's manager ---then, the pitching coach and probably the batting coach while they're at it ---new players come to the team with a great standing, pitchers AND batters...a couple of months with the coaches/manager and voila....bad news, ERAs gone down, batting averages go down; you name it. Thinking back to when the rookie, from the farm team, was placed on the professional roster...he was great; hitting home runs like a crazy guy...filled with such exuberance and team spirit! Then, the following Spring, he had his first Spring Training camp attendance and he changed. Not really for the worse, but still not as good as his rookie season. Then, the closer from long ago, he sucked swamp water!! Always losing the game for the team. After having a winning score, he'd come in and allow the opposing team too many hits and runs. HE was traded and he then performed for the other team greatly. It says something about the coaches for the team of which I follow here, don't you think? The owners need to fire 'em all now before the franchise goes belly up. You're losing money. You're losing fans. You're even losing the loyalty of the league itself when your best players request a trade. Now, if my voicing my opinion on my blog is not Freedom of Speech.........

But, in all reality, going back to the young man being fired by the 'other major league team' for what he said on his FB wall, your boss has every right, or so I'm told...regarding blog posts/Facebook pages. That's a shame because with this one particular article, I don't see anything wrong with what he said other than stating an opinionated fact.

Tropical Storm ALEX is now on the more northerly path today...predicted to perhaps touch land in Old Mexico, but with high winds and rains going into the southern tip of TEXAS also!!! click here for 4 a.m. update


  1. Have a great week dear.

  2. Anonymous6/28/2010

    Love the hibiscus. We had a brown one. It was beautiful. LOL at the commercial. I see why you thought it was for exlax LOL As for our right to say what we want i totally agree with you. We should be allowed to state what we want when we want where we want. But we can't because big brother is always watching especially with the advent of the internet now days. It's sad and until someone says I've had enough of big brother, yes you my boss, my company, and be able to take them to court if need be it's going to continue to happen. It disgusts me. Just because you work for someone doesn't mean you have to like how they manage or their policies. You should be able to be open and honest but we all no we can't. They pay us so they get the control. And again I say until someone that gets fired for trivial matters like this takes a stand I don't see it changing in the near future. Maybe you and I should start something huh? Watch out America LOL We would show them some Talent :)

  3. That's so exotic having a hibiscus in the garden :)
    Beautiful capture!

  4. Thom A brown hibiscus?!! Oh I bet that was just stunning.

  5. My sister-in-law has a pink Hibiscus, but I'm lovin' the orange in this one. Beautiful. I'm thinking of a Ruby Tuesday post tomorrow. That's a new one for me.

  6. The hibiscus is very beautiful! I wish this variety were hardy enough to grow in my garden but I'm sure it is not! :)

  7. I thought about you last night while watching The Weather Channel...We need rain so I'm hoping Alex sends us some.
    Mama Bear

  8. Gorgeous hibiscus!! I have a similar one but tiny and two big red ones, these two came with the house.
    Watch out for Alex...

    Macro Monday

  9. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    I am back.... Oh how welcome I feel to be reading this write up. You are so right. They say we are supposed to have freedom of speech, but do we really? How many get locked up for writing or saying what they think? Every day it happens.

    Do you want heartburn NOW or LATER? The first time I saw that commercial it sure caught my attentino. #2

    You are such a HOOT my friend. I have missed you. I am up and running for now. I am trying to make my rounds again. You always start my day happy, so here I am.

    I thank you for your prayers, love and concern while I have been ill. I go back to the doc on July 9th and he will make a decision as to when I can physically go back to work. I am still under lock down until then. I won't be outside on the 4th which makes me sad. I so love the 4th of July, but I am following docs orders. I want OUT. I am going to see an ear, nose and throat specialist this Friday. I am still very hoarse so they want to make sure nothing is wrong with my larynx. That will be a fun experience to write about.

    Well sweetie, here are many hugs to you. Much, much love...Sherry

  10. I love your orange Hibiscus. Also I am with you on freedom of speech...what is happening to our country...everyting is suppose to be politicaly correct (in my oppion stinks!)

  11. Hi Anni !
    Thank´s for your comment on my Daisys :)
    Lovely color on the Hibiscus and lovely macro too !

  12. Beautiful macro!

  13. What a beautiful hibiscus...

  14. Beautiful capture.

  15. Beautiful orange hibiscus. In the Philippines we call it "Gumamela" and in summer time when the blossom is plenty me and my playmates used to pick many of them and sip the nectar just when you pull the stamen lol. I think the bees at that time hate us ^_^ Happy Monday!

    Purple blossom

  16. Ooooh how I love the colour of your Hibiscus, it's gorgeous!!!!

    That commercial was too funny, like you I first thought it had something to do with exlax! lol

    It's not the first time I hear of someone losing their job due to something they said on their Facebook page:-( It seems that freedom of speech is NOT alive and well!! It's getting to the point where no one will be able to talk to anybody or write anything, in fear of being charged with something! Geez! xoxo

  17. So that's an hibiscus! They are beautiful! I love the orange color. Your photo is wonderful.

  18. Anni,

    I love the photo of your hibiscus. So pretty. Ours hasn't bloomed yet, but it is red. It was real pretty last year.

    As for rights, it seems that people have no rights anymore. Even mascots and baseball players have a right to their opinion. And yes, some firing needs to be done by the owner of that team.

    Enjoyed reading your email and replied. When you have a moment, drop over to my Writing Nook.


  19. Lovely color! there's a few bushes of hibiscus this color near my apartment. I've seen one bright pink hibiscus in Malaysia recently, so beautiful.

  20. Lovely closeup and I love the peachy color!

  21. I don't like that storm slowed down because that's when they get bigger. be safe.

  22. I only know the red Hibiscus and I love to drink the dried flowers as tea ! It's the national drink in Egypt, hot or icy !

  23. Beautiful Hibiscus. I love the color.

  24. What a beautiful sight that must be looking at those exotic blooms from the computer.


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