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Of course anyone following the news the past month knows of the huge oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. And, I'm wondering, as I most always do after watching cable news and reading articles about such disasters..."Are they over-hyped"? With this one, I can't help but wonder the very same thing. Sure the oil is leaking by humongous amounts. But I just think that the oil scum itself is not making it to the shores in huge quantities they're trying to tell us. Why? Mainly, ocean currents. The drifts you see from the top are not the ONLY current---the water twists and turns far underneath the ocean surface. And news coverage. It's once again typical media...over exposure, over zealous reporters. And we can't blame this one on any governmental office. Or can we? In the back of my mind I keep recalling one of the presidential candidates campaigning for more coal mining. Ironic, yes...but there is always in the back of my mind governmental sabotage. And what about the previous administration closing down most of the oil reserves on LAND? Drilling for oil in the Gulf from his administration stemmed a huge amount of more drilling in the sea. Again, tho, this is not the issue....

I remember several oil disasters throughout the world. Also, did you know that oil leaks...'naturally' and continually from the ocean depths? Without the aid of humans? And, don't misunderstand me here...I do realize this is a tragedy to nature and also to us. It has happened tho, and there is no turning back the clock. I think educating us all would help a lot in trying to prevent this from happening again, but being people, and human error, it's impossible. We live with it, we learn from our mistakes....but there still is a lot that is paid from our errors.

So goes my Thursday 13. With facts:

1] Along our coast on any given day, there are small to large sizes of oil clumps that wash ashore. It's crude oil that has minimally hardened by the water's temps. It's a natural phenomenon. Not too many people realize this.

2] The photo of our leader on the news and online shows him picking up a little 'clump' oil...again, this is natural. Take a walk on the shores of the Gulf...each day you see this, oil disasters or not. Now let me clear this up...oil clumps as described on the telecast are completely DIFFERENT...they look like softened charcoal. Not the brown oil you see floating on top of the sea in other newscasts...there is oil sheen, oil clumps, and oil drifts which in the case is mixed heavily with undersea mud from the ocean floor.

3] Coastal towns/villages/cities are suffering. Yes, they are. But NOT because of the oil spill...because of the media hype once again. The over saturation of covering the news to make money from the networks' sponsors.

4] The 1979 blowout of the Ixtoc I well off Mexico was much worse!

5] Alarmism and panic about such spills harm the economy more than the loss of oil and marine life.

6] Off the Australian Coast...another historic oil spill....once again exaggerated.

7] Dispersants are often more toxic than the oil itself.

8] Oftentimes, around the platforms, an oasis of wildlife can be witnessed. There were fish and all sorts of organisms that develop from the nutrients, that is to say the oil and various other materials that had been put over the side are actually plentiful and NOT harmful. AND!---the skanky water that is in tide pools around the shore here left by human waste on shore...birds avoid it---they just KNOW what's not good by instinct.

9] Natural seepage of crude oil into the marine environment is continual, around the world.

10] Global estimates of crude-oil seepage rates suggest that about 47% of crude oil currently entering the marine environment is from natural seeps.

11] I may sound heartless or cynical of disasters such as this, but it's bound to happen as long as we rely on nature's resources. Just think, most everyone living on the coastal area affected by this has more than likely taken their CARS to drive and see the oil slicks...or boats off shore...or planes and helicopters to digitally record and/or view the spill itself.

12] The amount of natural crude-oil seepage is currently estimated to be 600,000 metric tons per year, with a range of uncertainty of 200,000 to 2,000,000 metric tons per year. Think about that now as you curse the oil companies and try putting the blame..the blame is our 'need' to use oil!

13] The natural seepage exceeds each of the various sources of crude oil that enters the ocean through its exploitation by humankind.... In any given historical disaster thus far. That's including this most recent one in U S A.

PS...Have you ever looked at a puddle on the street or in the parking lots? Where it's been raining or snow see the oil rainbows on the water surface? Yes?!! Well guess what, this washes down the sewer system from the curb and gutters and washes to rivers...out to sea. Multiply just one puddle seen, times the billions of towns and cities. Whoa. Not to even think about sunken ships, planes, other human trash being dumped in the oceans. THEN....on another tangent....the ones that are complaining that the government isn't doing enough probably throw plastic bottles away in the TRASH instead of taking time to recycle them in proper receptacles!! Or maybe they're the great white hunters who kill animals for sport. Not to mention paint, or changing the oil in our autos, rubber tires discarded, asbestos, aluminum, batteries. They are the first to say that government is getting 'too big'...yet, they are the very same who will stand up and say with the turn of their heads and march to the beat of another drum and shout out "Why isn't the government doing anything about this?" I say, it ISN'T THE's all of US!

POSTED: Thursday, June 3rd 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. Anonymous6/03/2010

    Very well put my friend. I can't agree with you more that it is all of us. Now on one point let's remember, and this was a natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Who got blamed for that Bush. So why not blame Obama for this? I mean he is the current President. In fact, why not blame every sitting President for every mishap that happens. Seems to be the way of the world now days and whose causing it...all of US!!! :) Have a great Thursday :)

  2. Everyone has to take some responsibility. I would make it a shit load easier.

  3. Very interesting! You make a lot of good points that I've never known or thought about. Thanks for the eye opening post!

  4. Anonymous6/03/2010

    Glad the sparkling city will get its sparkle back again!

    Thanks for visiting 3 sisters, 365.

    Have a great day!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

  5. I almost did my 13 about the spill.I'm just waiting for gas prices to skyrocket. I had someone leave me a comment last week blaming the entire oil thing on Obama. Wonder if it was the Queen of Alaska or one of her buds..
    BTW- everything Thursday is now finally posted.

  6. it's a shame re the oil issue. it seems that we are always in the path of something that cause much stree, money or lack of money rose

  7. You have a point (well 13 of 'em actually). But what is killing me -- and I blogged a little about it -- is how now the Republicans seem to want government help. they sure are inconsistent. They want help when it helps industry.

  8. What a wonderful rant! I learned a lot from you today, and enjoyed doing so.

  9. I think the whole world is too oily by far. Those oil slick parking lot puddles gross me out, and I do wish they could get this leak fixed before some irreversible major damage IS done to the ocean there.

  10. Bravo my friend, very well said. I've always believed that the media blows everything out of proportion, just for the sake of the dollar. You know that they try to film the worst and then say it's ALL like that. That's why, when I listen to any kind of media, I actually take it all with a grain of salt. As for blaming Obama for the oil spill....I really don't understand that one at all. I guess people like to pass the blame and why not the current president?! I just shake my head at all of this. As you say, it happened, there's no going back...just learn from it. Period. xoxo