my world WAS a whole different sense

Blue, blue, my world is blue
**Blue is my world now I'm without you
Gray, gray, my life is gray
Cold is my heart since you went away

Red, red, my eyes are red
Crying for you alone in my bed
Green, green, my jealous heart
I doubted you and now we're apart

When we met how the bright sun shone
Then love died, now the rainbow is gone

Black, black, the nights I've known
Longing for you so lost and alone

**"L'amour est bleu" (English title: "Love Is Blue") is a song whose music was composed by André Popp -1967

- - -

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At least in my back yard...the rubies show up from Spring 'til mid Autumn. I could think of another song Bobby know, Roses are RED my love----

---but then, after I took these two photos of my Scarlet Knight and then the other, the Don Juan Climbing Rose, I go back indoors and as I opened the camera's battery compartment so I could get 'em ready to recharge, through the window I saw a flicker of blue pass by me....I looked out and saw the Indigo Bunting!!! He had landed in the Texas Sage, near the Climbing Rose!!! I also knew that if I opened the back door it'd fly away...I stuck the lens through the Venetian blinds....and trying to adjust the window's screening so I could see him in the viewfinder, he showed his prettiness----

The photo looks a little pixelated even now, but that is the window screen. I just didn't want to even attempt going out the door. It's the best I could do...

- - -

Finally, it's June! Seems to me that May lasted forever this year. At least 35 days. hehehehe I don't know why it seemed so long. But it did. Hey? Did you know this little fact? No? I'm gonna share it with you then. Of course my name being Anni, I'm pretty much that AND Raggedy too. In 1917 Raggedy Ann was invented. In June, 1917!!
    Johnny Gruelle, an illustrator and cartoonist, created the character of Raggedy Ann during his only daughter Marcella’s lengthy illness. He painted a new face on an old rag doll that Marcella discovered in her grandmother’s attic, and named the doll "Raggedy Ann" after two poems by his friend James Whitcomb Riley, "The Raggedy Man" and "Orphan Annie." Gruelle told stories of Raggedy Ann’s adventures to entertain his daughter. After Marcella’s death in 1916, Gruelle wrote, illustrated, and published the stories as 25-book series. In 1918, he began making dolls to sell as storybook companions. Many different manufacturers have made the dolls based on Gruelle’s 1915 patented design with subtle variations in face and dress, but the license is still owned by the Gruelle family.
...and this is my Raggedy 'Anni'. I bought her when we moved here after I decided to paint walls of different colors for each room instead of all white. Her clothes and ribbons and accessories match the colors used in the master bedroom [plum and dark green]....

POSTED: Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
12:15 A.M.


  1. Anonymous6/01/2010

    Am I BLUE ueue Send Me. Darling you are Blue ue ue send me. Well however the song goes. That is just beautiful. I've always wondered why they call her Raggedy when she doesn't look haggard or anything of the sort but oh well. And now before you say anything I'm watching the skies from the east to see if I see you blow a smoke stack when you get an email I sent just a minute ago. ROFLMAO!!!!!

  2. Love the stars in her eyes!!!!
    xoxo~kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. That poem is painfully beautiful :-)

  4. What lovely pictures - you got really nice roses in your garden! Thanks for your comment! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Really pretty flowers :)

  6. What a treat that you got to see the Indigo Bunting, even if you didn't capture the best pic ever -- those roses are glorious, no wonder he wanted to be close to them!

    I love your Raggety Anni, doll. she is adorable.

  7. Wow.. roses are red, violets are blue and so are you! ;-) Great choice too Anni! I love roses and I couldn't have enough of looking at it.. so cute and smells the best! Thanks for sharing that beautiful red roses there Anni.. ~hugs~

    Thanks by the way for visiting My Ruby Tuesday: Red Cases.. muahhh!

  8. Wonderful roses! I would love to have a garden like yours and wake up to the smell of roses in bloom.

  9. I so love your red roses. Is that blue bird in the third picture real? How lovely! Oh, everything is so lovely including your Raggedy Ann doll. I love her innocent look.
    Thanks for stopping by, dear Anni:) Happy RT!

  10. nice A LOL, yes the blue bird is 'for real'.

  11. Thank you for droppin by...

    I missed my younger days just by looking at this doll.

  12. Great post - and I love the blue bird!! Thanks for your visit.

  13. Your roses are gorgeous! Ours are just starting to bloom.
    I like your Raggedy Ann. Our bedroom is also plum and green - nice choice!

  14. love your color love poem...

    you are cute and creative.
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Very nicely captured roses. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place and have a wonderful RT.

  16. Oh lovely lovely post Ani! Your roses are beautiful. but oh my gosh, the indigo bunting! One of the years we stayed at Port A (across from that pond I can never remember the name of)I woke up to a yard full of those beautiful birds (our big RV window looked out on the vacant lot there). The first time I'd ever seen them -- I yelled for Bill -- it was like a miracle to me! All the other birders at the pond later that morning were kind of ho hum -- it happens every year! But I was ecstatic. Thanks for the great TX memory!

  17. Raggedy Anni,
    your eyes do shine!
    Raggedy Anni,
    will you be mine?

    Red Cactus Blossoms

  18. Beautiful red roses.
    The Raggedy Anni Doll is so cute.

    Thanks for the visit

  19. aaaaw, raggety anne's as sweet as you!!! looove your red roses. makes me long back to the one's in our old house. mmmm, i wonder why we never planted any here?!?!?!?!?!?! hey anni, i've been missing you. hope you are well. stunning new page you have here too!

  20. Your flowers look so lovely, you evn too a good picture of blue jay in the flower bushes. Very pretty. And nice poem too. Thanks for sharing.

  21. The indigo bunting is spectacular -- I've never seen one except in books, so it would be thrilling to look out my window and see one. Wow! The roses are beautiful and the Raggedy "Anni" is quite charming.

  22. Love that good old 60s song. I discovered yesterday that my young nephew who will be a senior this next year, and who is heavily into performing in musicals, loves The Vogues! He loves retro music - I think that's very cool.

    I really like your Anni's outfit - she looks very classy.

    The bird is gorgeous and just looks beautiful sitting in your gorgeous red flowers.

    We had a wonderful day with our second lieutenant and so many others - have a wonderful rest of the week and yay for June!

  23. I think I may have that song in my head all day. I love the blue visitor.

  24. 'Love Is Blue'! Wow haven't thought of that song for such a long time. I loved that song used to play it all the time on my record player! Thanks for reminding me of it. AND an Indigo Bunting - those are great birds aren't they - so beautiful. We have one that used to frequent our back yard but I haven't seen him recently. Lovely, lovely roses.

    Great post!

  25. Your climbing rose is absolutely gorgeous! I just came in from being outside to check how my rose bushes were doing and I was thrilled to see buds on them so they should be blooming pretty soon:-) I'd never heard of that bird, an Indigo Bunting, but what a pretty birdie it is and I'm so glad you were able to get a shot of it. I'm always fascinated with all the species of birds/animals in the world that we don't have here.

    Awwww your Raggedy Ann is so darling. I used to have one as well but don't know what happened to it! I didn't realize that the story of Raggedy Ann was written so many years ago, wow!!

    Anni, if you get a chance, come over to my blog to wish Steve a Happy Birthday:-) xoxo

  26. So roses bloom until end of summer. Hmmm I am thinking of adding two rose plants in my front yard. Thanks for the info Anni. Like your deep red roses too, wish I have one like that soon. Happy Tuesday!

    BM-Memorial day

  27. The poem is so sad but the flowers and bird make up for it..
    My mother used to make Raggedy Ann and Andy's. I didn't know the history so enjoyed reading that.
    Thanks for commenting on my post of the radishes..
    You're hootin!

  28. Anni the rose pics are fantastic. Your roses are lovely

  29. gorgeous images. happy Ruby Tuesdayxlynda

  30. awesome rubies that roses fresh from your would surely give a smile every morning seeing at blooming...

  31. Hi Annie,

    I'm already a follower. I love that doll. She has such a cute face. How did you put all these beautiful flowers on the comment space. Really nice.


  32. your photos are beautiful. thanks rose


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