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Duranta Blossom
After the
Sprinkler System
turned off...
water droplet
from the bud
and on
the flower petals!!

- - -<><><>- - -


I haven't talked much baseball this season so far. There really isn't much to say about the Houston Astros. Pffft....pathetic team this year. I just have a feeling it's about egos...isn't it always? Thing is, they have a new manager this time around. I don't know what to think of him...I can't get a handle on his ways. He seems a bit aloof in the dug's difficult to really know what the players think of him. I don't think I like him...but as I say, I can't get a true feeling on what he's doing with the team. Of course, I'm always the couch umpire and or coach....just ranting on and on about plays and calls and players. I figure some will disagree with me when I say they shoulda traded Michael Bourn [the center fielder] instead of the shortstop...Matsui. But again, whadda I know? It seems to me that Michael Bourn is only in the game to steal bases...he hasn't been worth a crap for weeks.

This week and into the next is interleague games. That means American League and National League teams are pitted against each other in games. This weekend was a special treat for watch my favorite American League team...the Yankees. Altho, I'm a huge fan of National League...always have been...I do love the Yankees. For what they stand in baseball history. And of course...Derek Jeter!! LOLOLOL The manager for the Yankees isn't bad either. Much better lookin' that Torre by a home run!! [snort] Oh ya, where was I?

Astros vs. Yankees.

Well, let me introduce you to the two most hilarious color commentators I've listened to in ages...for the Astros....they follow the team to their games. J.D. and 'cohort' -Bill Brown are really like the cherry on top of a wouldn't be complete without them; especially J. D. J.D. short for Jim Deshaies. He has not only surpassed Dierker [the past commentator of long time gone], he has perhaps surpassed every other analyst in baseball!!! A former starting pitcher...for the Yankees and then went on to be the rookie pitcher for Astros....His first full season was with the 1986 Houston Astros. Still considered a rookie, he posted 12 wins, good for the Astros' rookie record, later broken by Roy Oswalt in 2001. He still holds the major league record for most at-bats without an extra base hit, with 373.

So yesterday, after the previous day game and the Yankees' catcher Posada hitting a grand slam batting right handed...Posada hit another grand slam against the Astros on Sunday!! Batting left handed this time. But one inning took forever to lasted over 30 minutes. And the comedian comes out in J.D. keep us from getting bored. He's so good at it. For instance one game the duo was following, it was a very very long game--I can't recall just how many extra innings it went into...but it was high the camera panned out to the stadium to show us how emptied out it was...there was one lone soul in the middle of the seats. As the camera zoomed in on him, J.D. noticed the man had a shaggy beard. The first words out of his mouth was "When the game began this guy was clean shaven." Well of course it was really funny at the time. Then, during yesterday's rained heavily. As with all interleague games they can't call the game and reschedule...either they play IN the rain, or call the game over...the team ahead at that time is declared the winner. They can't reschedule interleague games because of the difficulty with the teams' schedules and makes it impossible., picture this: 30+ minute 1/2 inning.....2 out...pitches galore...either high foul balls keeping the play going on and on. The two begin joking around....the cameramen show the stands and the fans all huddled under their rain gear. Then, one instance the camera closes in on Derek Jeter...J.D. would say something like: "He'll be #11 before the inning is over." Jeter is #2 on his jersey. It's the little things like this that makes him so pleasant to listen to; unlike so many other game analysts who speak in a monotone and do nothing but baseball stats.

It makes a long game worth while listening to this man.

By the way, the Astros were swept in the three game series. No harm, no foul. I like the Yankees too much to be really disappointed.

[J.D. image courtesy of gstatic images & team logo courtesy of MLB]

POSTED: Monday, June 14th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. Beautiful picture! Happy Flag day too!

  2. excellent macro shot of water droplet and flowers.

  3. Happy Flag Day.

    You flower picture is gorgeous.

  4. nice clean shot and the flower has beautiful color. Water brings out something extra in nature

  5. Beautiful shot... Happy Flag Day to U 2 Anni

  6. Anonymous6/14/2010

    nice shot! I love the water droplets :)

  7. I am sad because flag holder is broken and we haven't had a chance to remedy that situation - hopefully by the 4th for sure!

    I am in the category of those who find baseball extremely agonizing - I took a book to the only Rockies game I've gone to and ended up in the concourse because my legs were so cramped. DC's going this Saturday night - they're playing Milwaukee.

    Loved Sunday's answers, as usual. You are a sassy one, dear Anni!

  8. Water droplets always make a good shot great,don't they?

  9. Amazing macro Anni!! Love the beads of water!

  10. love the little water droplets on the blooms. Thankyou so much for visiting my new blog and leaving a comment.

  11. Lovely composition and colors in this image.

  12. I enjoyed reading your baseball story about the DJ,he does like one you don't mind listening to.
    I to am a big fan of the Yankees and I have been since I was a wee child.
    I like the new header, which I could do this.

  13. Lovely photo and reminder of our freedom as the flag flies free.
    p.s.The Twins are doing pretty well, however.
    p.p.s. did you make the drawing in your header? Its great!

  14. My hubby's a Red Sox fan, so I shall comment no further. No desire to be caught in the middle ;-P

  15. Oh my, that shot is magnificent, truly. The water droplets and the effect displayed on the flowers are just amazing. So well done, I love it.

  16. this is a nice droplet ! :-)

  17. What a great shot of a water droplet hanging from the bud!! You're really getting to be quite the photographer:-)

    I love the sound of that commentator, adding humour in between calling the games. I remember when I used to watch the Toronto Blue Jays faithfully, there was this one game that went 18 innings (if I remember correctly they were playing the LA Angels at the time) and I thought it would never end. The game had started at 7 p.m. and didn't end until 1 a.m.!! At least the Jays won that game! lol xoxo

  18. I've never heard of this flower.
    Nothing better than blooms and droplets!

    Love baseball and the Daniel Nava story. :)

  19. baseball is an old sport. lots of viewers. the story is interesting, but i have limited knowledge,i do know that some of the commentators add an extra zing to the sport. have a good day. rose