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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out's all in the family----

We'll be in San Antonio on Friday all day, and I didn't find any time to write up a Show n Tell or Flash Fiction for the week....I thought I'd post a re-run instead to show off some antique photos I have of my ancestors. I posted this two years ago on a Friday in October of 2008---

I only know who ONE is...the others are all 'alien' to me, I still treasure having them in my possession. You see when both parents died, my youngest older brother 'inherited' the family albums. Which is okay by me, since he'd be the one to carry the family name on through more generations [he had one boy...and that boy, my nephew has had three sons and still going *You wonder if they know what's causing all the births? LOL*] Anyway, at one time months after dad died, Bud and I were with my brother, just talking. And one thing lead to another - you know how it is; the family albums came out. During our gab session and reminiscing of the 'good ol' days' we came upon these. I remember mom showing them to me and telling me they're all kin. I was young and I looked at these tintypes and thought to myself....they look like bandits from the old west; the kind you see in movies and Gunsmoke!! Well, when my brother opened the page and I saw them, I pleaded with him to give me just the one that meant more to me than I thought for him. There were less than a dozen of them, but like I said, "They're kinfolk." He ended up giving them all to me.....

Oh, and if you're interested, the right column, 2nd one down is [now I hope I get the generation correct] my Great Great Grandmother, Ann. My great grandmother named her child after her grandmother, Ann [the tintype]. When I was born, my mother named me Ann after MY grandmother - but added the "i". And then, you guessed it, I named my daughter after HER grandmother [my mom] Irene. Nifty, huh? Confusing when doing genealogy work? Yes!! Most definitely.

The others, I have no idea who they are [the one to the left of Ann looks like my uncle tho, Arlo - so I'm sure they're ALL related to me somehow]...but the bottom right reminds me of the REAL Butch Cassidy [the famous train robber in don't suppose?.....] *kidding


  1. have fun relaxing out there.

  2. Anonymous6/18/2010

    rofl Annie I love yours and Buds photo lol.

  3. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love old photos.

  5. Those are real treasures! And the fact that you were named after one is neat!

  6. I loved seeing some of your history. They do become more precious as we get older.

  7. Happy weekend! I love your new template, keep forgetting to say that :)

  8. Such treasured photos you have there, Anni! I do hope you can eventually find out who the others are but as you say, at least you know for sure that they're all related to you:-) I agree with you, a lot of old photos like that always remind me of bandits from old western movies! lol xoxo