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I've kinda lost the oomph for coming up with ideas for thirteen subjects lately. Maybe you've noticed. This week, I struggled again, and decided since I don't get many visitors viewing my photo blog,....well, no one but one leaves a comment now and then anyway. I thought I'd share some of the photos I've posted there. Thirteen to be exact, a dozen thumbnails and one full view:

From top left to right: A rose from our flowerbed, an American Oystercather
Next row left to right: A red bird [summer tanager], a silver Texas Longhorn spur
Next row left to right: A humming bird, a King's Ranch Longhorn
Next row all by himself: A white primate - I dubbed him "The Thinker"
Next row left to right: A magenta colored daisy, a flamingo
Next row left to right: A flowering tree blossom, napping tigers
Next row left to right: A flock of seagulls, a mockingbird

By the way, visitors are always welcome to my photo blog...the link is on my sidebar....by the camera graphic. There, you can see these and many more with a much larger viewing.

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1. Have you ever wondered why snakes can't slither backwards? Thank gawd tho...if that were true, I'd be TWICE as scared of 'em!!

2. Is divorce contagious? Some scientific data produced stats on this...a gazillion dollars were spent on the research in fact...they all came to the conclusion that it's in the family's jeans...err, um....GENES. Strike that...the real main reason is because it's taken OUT of the jeans!!

3. Do you enjoy hiking? Hiking what? My skirt hem? I don't wear 'em any more. Which reminds me...I used to hike the hem of my mini skirts to the legal limits.

4. Is there a color of a shirt a man should just never wear? All my men where English Leather or nothing at all. Sounds like a commercial or something doesn't it?

5. Have you read a news story this week that just made your blood boil? Ha....as if any news story DOESN'T!!!

6. Do you keep old business cards or name tags from companies you have worked for? That's like asking me if I keep paycheck stubs?!!

7. If you could save an endangered species, which one would it be? A kinder, gentler nation.

8. When is it warm enough outside for you to start wearing shorts? I wear shorts just about all year long here...the question should be when is it cold enough to wear LONG pants?!!

9. Have you ever broken a window? ...not deliberately either...don't ask! I will say just this much...it was a car window, and I got the huge piece of driftwood home after transporting it back in the station wagon; long long ago. It just happened that it was larger than the backside of the car and got stuck in the glass when I closed the hatch.

10. Do dogs in your neighborhood howl when they hear sirens from police cars or fire trucks? They even howl at an AMBULANCE siren too.

11. Have you tried doing something as an adult that you used to be able to do as a kid? Let's see...Run, jump... put my hands down in sequence, flip the body above my head...lift!!...twist my wrist, knock my head on the ground while wrenching my neck...yep, trying to do a somersault right now...didn't work. Next question?!!!

POSTED: Thursday, June 17th, 2010
12:30 A.M.

PS...The turtle release was a huge success....114 hatchlings were let go to imprint their new found territory. Photos to follow next week, for my outdoor wednesday and watery wednesday post. I need time to resize from the digital and get my watermark on them.


  1. The photos are lovely.

  2. The pictures are beautiful - great wildlife and nature shots! Glad the turtle release went well!

  3. The Longhorn is very impressive. Great photos.

  4. They're gorgeous photos, I didn't realise you had a photo blog. I love the red bird and humming bird, we don't have anything like them.

  5. Anonymous6/17/2010

    Thanks for stopping by my journal - your pictures are beautiful!

  6. These are great thoughts, I loved the snake thought. I never actually thought about it before!!!!! A shirt colour a man should never wear. I would have to say yellow. It came to mind first at any rate. Saving an endangered species. I would save the ugliest one out there, only because no one thinks of these. Just the cute critters get attention.
    this was fun

  7. You take some great photos!

  8. Cool about the turtle :)
    I think many of struggle sometimes with the 13.
    You're right about divorce.

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Love the red bird photo! But they are all great shots.

  10. I just have to say, I liked the napping tigers best. I know they are dangerous animals, but in pics like that, they're just so darn cuddly looking! :)

  11. Hike the legal limits of your skirt! Of course. You never fail to crack me up. :)

  12. Beautiful pics! And #1 - *ack!!* Snakes give me the willies!

  13. Wonderful pictures, dear friend. Thanks for bringing them over to the big house. I love them.

    I don't see how you come up with so much stuff every day, as I alluded to in my Bloggiversary post yesterday. You are amazing. I do well to get two out a week.

    Have a great day! It's going to be hot and windy here today - yesterday and the day before were perfect. We went on a 10 mile bike ride, eating by Boyd Lake at the halfway mark. Wonderful evening.

  14. Thank you for the very kind words. Our comments must have met up with each other in cyberspace!

    Facebook is fun in that I have connected with old friends, but I do miss the words of our friends who have dropped out of blogging and only do FB now. For sure.

    Someday - who knows - we may meet IRl!

  15. Hi, enjoyed looking at your pictures! I'd been running out of T-13 ideas too!

  16. Beautiful pics, Anni, espcially the Thinker.

    On the thunk list, #7 really resonated with me. And #11 reminded me of the time a few years ago I tried to hopscotch. The knees haven't been the same since.

    Thanks, this was a fun visit.

  17. I didn't even know you had a photo blog -- on my way there now. That'll teach me to read sidebars.

  18. Those are great photos. The tanager is my favorite, but I also liked the flock of seagulls. You have a good eye for composition!

  19. Wonderful photos! The spur shot is my favorite.

  20. Beautiful photos ! The worst is, I didn't even know that you have a special photo blog it's not mentioned in your profile !

  21. Your picture are lovely. Coffee is on

  22. Those are lovely photos! I love the flamingo. Thank you so much for sharing and pointing out your other blog.

  23. Beautiful pictures, Anni! I don't think I've ever seen a magenta daisy, and that oyster catcher is really cute. Thanks for walking the prairie with me today!

  24. Love your pictures - especially the cowboy spur. And when I was in my early 20's, working as a nanny, I already discovered I couldn't do a whole ton of things I used to be able to do when I was a kid. Like twirling a hula hoop. Imagine!

  25. Am I the one who always comments? I'll bet I'm not the only one.

  26. Awesome pictures! I love "The Thinker" - so cute!

  27. Your photos are wonderful.
    I love the Thunks for Thursday.
    I really do like the last one the best. Lol
    thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. You nailed it with #2! #5...isn't that the sad truth?

    Have a great rest of the week!

  29. i like your answers and yes, we have the same answer to #11. it's difficult to do cartwheel no :D

  30. the pics are really special . Makes me want to do it do it do it !!sk

  31. Great pics!

    I don't even want to attempt a summersault!

  32. Your photos are stunning. I can't wait to see the turtles.

  33. WOW. Those are some amazing pictures!

  34. Fantastic shots, Anni!! ooohh, too many blogs, too little time and now the soccer world championship...!!

  35. Love those pictures Anni! I, of course, love all the critters, but the one of the boot really speaks to me!

  36. Anni, I do swear you've become a professional photographer:-) All of them are superb and I had to laugh when I read you named that White Primate "the Thinker" because that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw his pose in the photo!!

    Oh geez, that's all we'd need, for snakes to slither backwards as well! lol I remember the mini skirts I used to wear when I was a teenager...now I wonder how I ever sat down or bent over without showing everything! lol That's too funny about the broken car window, I have to admit that's something I've never done. I use to do somersaults and back bends all the time but I think the last time I tried it I was about 30 and just about put myself in the hospital!! lol

    Looking forward to seeing the photos from the turtle release. So glad to hear that it went well. xoxo

  37. LOOOOVE your pictures!!!!

  38. what a treat in a T13 :)


    check mine at http://bit.ly/bNGC3a


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