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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

the good, the bad and the ugly...

I'm following this case of Van der Sloot and want to begin as a diary, as I add my thoughts and 'witnessed' news as it comes down to me via television, newspapers, and online reading----

Of course, in this world there is always GOOD to go with the BAD...

first, THE GOOD

As Shakespeare published centuries ago:
"...that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet"


What matters is what something
is, not what it is called.
The line is from a popular play written in 1600...

From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

A story, much favored by tour guides, and as such highly suspect, is that in this line Shakespeare was also making a joke at the expense of the Rose Theater. The Rose was a local rival to his Globe Theater and is reputed to have had less than effective sanitary arrangements. The story goes that this was a coy joke about the smell. This certainly has the whiff of folk etymology about it, but it might just be true. Who really knows for's all hype I'm sure, but could possibly a bit of truth in it? Perhaps?

So, for macro Monday a few roses for the delight of fragrance. Stop, and smell the roses from my back garden---

- - -<><><>- - -

...and now, the BAD AND UGLY

I usually set aside Monday to post about anything that is on my mind in general...Monday Morsels if you will...To be honest, my 'trial' with the most recent and profound media case of murder and mayhem regarding Van der Sloot seemed to possess my every thought during the past week. At first, I, the mother in me, wanted closure for the Holloway family long ago...I feel if it were my child, I'd want to know what happened and bring the body home to bury it in peace...for peace of mind, body and soul...the disappearance last May 2009 in Aruba has been an issue for so many who feel the same. Then, the new case of the Flores/Ramirez girl a year later in Peru. The more I watched and listened to the developing story, the more my psychiatric training in my job from which I retired long ago took over like Déjà vu ...the more I found myself trying to figure out the man himself. Interest in his psyche was prominent in my daily thoughts! Yet, I couldn't help but think, again as a mother of a grown daughter, what this would do to ME if it were MY daughter! My obsession became deep. Then, one morning, I woke up and my first thought was "What's new on the Van der Sloot case?" I immediately said..."This is getting you in a tizzie, Anni! This isn't at all like you..." I got logged into my Blog and took the diary and revamped it to make it less visible to all; adding the link to my thoughts on my sidebar only. I took it off the top of my daily blogs and put it back on the June 7th issue of my blog. Where it belongs. Tho, I'll continue to follow the most recent happenings and keep posting on it my thoughts in a whole perspective of the individual case...It's high time I move forward; blog about the better things in life. This case, tho it's eating at me...making me chomp at the bit....I realize that this is just ONE case! There are, thousands of murders of the innocents and disappearances throughout the world daily and not even recognized by the media or, for that matter, the society!!! It's just that the predator in this man and the evil within his being which has all been televised and written about, makes me want to continue to follow and see what else is staged in front of my eyes! I will continue to make notes of my thoughts on this case and this man. Yet, since you're here reading this, I think you're interested as much as I am....that is; my rambling on and on with the man and his future.........

June 7th a.m.: As I am writing this the week preceding Monday, June 14th, I want to allow my thoughts to be written as I read and hear the goings-on of what is being televised and reported daily---for a week of covering the news issue. So, there may be some repeated things that we all know already. It's a diary of thoughts in a way...from day to day until my Monday Morsels are published!! I ask: What is wrong with this picture!?!!! I answer: Not one dam*ed thing....considering---

[from excerpts on wikipedia]

2010 charges in the United States

"On June 3, 2010, Joran van der Sloot was charged in the U.S. District Court of Northern Alabama with wire fraud and extortion for the amount of US $250,000 in exchange for information on the location of Natalee Holloway's body and the circumstances surrounding her death. The criminal complaint filed with the court reveals that an advance amount of $15,000 had been wired from Alabama to the Netherlands on May 10, 2010. This followed a cash payment on the same day to Van der Sloot of $10,000 that was videotaped by undercover investigators in Aruba. Authorities determined the information that Van der Sloot provided in return turned out to be false. Beth Twitty notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the extortion plot for the money, which was used by Van der Sloot to finance his trip to Lima, Peru. U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance issued an arrest warrant to go through Interpol in an effort to prosecute Van der Sloot in the United States. On June 4, at the request of the U.S. Justice Department, authorities raided and confiscated items from two homes in the Netherlands, one of them belonging to reporter Jaap Amesz who had previously interviewed Van der Sloot and claimed knowledge of his criminal activities. Police in Aruba are preparing to launch new searches on the island for Holloway's remains near a hotel where she was last seen and a dam at Monserat.

June 8th: Now a confession recently to the murder of said Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez, a 21-year-old business student, was reported missing in Lima, Peru on May 30, 2010 and was found dead three days later in a hotel room registered in Van der Sloot's name. My first thought on this was....why such a lapse in time from the 30th to June 3rd...finding the body in such a public place?

June 8th afternoon: I've followed this story from day one. From Aruba to now; Peru. It's just mind boggling!! Money? A Sting Operation? Were the Holloway's involved with the FBI in this sting? Extortion? Misleading the entire Netherlands province of Aruba....Two women killed by the hand of one? Are there more from other reportings of disappearances? FBI flub-ups? American Justice? Where and when does it all end?!! In Peru? I hope Peru gives absolutely NO civility to the confessed killer. Life in prison doesn't seem to be correctness in any way --Peru's government doesn't work that way; but seeing the hopeful lifestyle he'll have to adhere to, gives a bit of promise to what crime he committed. He gave up his rights ...even if it's unlike an execution style verdict. Life in this hellhole is fitting perhaps... the minute he took it upon himself to kill.
    Peru is one of nine countries in the world that does have the death penalty, but only for crimes 'committed in exceptional circumstances'. This means crimes that are committed in times of war or genocide or crimes under military law. Murder is considered an 'ordinary crime' and so if Joran Van Der Sloot is found guilty of killing Stephany Flores it is not likely that he will face the death penalty as part of his punishment.

If this be the case, I hope he'll be imprisoned with all the real corrupt cellmates and become a sex toy. And NOT some unreal circumstance that he'll become a drug dealing kingpin in just a few years!!!! There just has to be some justice to this/these crime[s], being that he is still suspect in the disappearance of the Aruba incident also. But there is some bit of consolation to this.... World's Deadliest Prisons [in Peru!! The photo is courtesy of Natgeo] I'm hopeful that justice and god's will will prevail on this all.

June 9th, early in the morning: I read now that there is a coercion of the moneys wired to Van der Sloot. Hmmmmm, all along in the back of my mind I keep thinking that the FBI could've instigated this as a sting! Perhaps I'm right. Will this deter his sentencing in Peru? I pray not. Time will tell. Altho, I still would prefer to hear that the death penalty would come to pass. But Peru only has this penalty for war crimes and genocide. :o(

June 10th, morning: My thoughts on this case from listening to the newscast last night was that maybe the sting backfired. An innocent one was brutally killed because of it? It seems odd to me that the FBI and the Holloway mother performed this sting operation and the Flores girl was involved so readily. Was she part of the sting operation...did it go awry then when she was perhaps directed to check out his personal laptop? Was she doing what she was instructed to do...get him out of the room and then break in to his laptop?!! Dunno for sure...and being that some flub-ups of the FBI in recent decades has been recorded in its history...maybe we'll never know the whole truth. But, the back of my mind now I have a small part of me say that the innocent was involved; only to backfire, 'failed' in a fatal way that wasn't supposed to happen. And I'm also thinking that the the impending sentence will not justify the errors of the sting operation....but it will quiet the world with making us all think that justice prevailed. I see the video of Van der Sloot leaving the hotel room with his backpack on his back....closing the door...previously my thought was why such a long delay in finding her body?....he put no "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door? Three days to open the room to clean it? At a casino? Or at least knock to ask for it to be cleaned....I'm assuming he left the premises without 'checking out'. Still, a casino hotel and not check for changing sheets or replacing towels? Three days seems strange for hotel staff to find a body. The video of them checking into a hotel ---I also note that her face was always turned AWAY from the surveillance camera or her back to the camera....was it really her then? It all seems so staged at this point, for me as a 'juror'.

photo used to show my point...courtesy of online news coverage

I will check the news later today....

1:30 PM June 10th: Just listened a bit while eating my lunch, the news cast from Headline News...this just in-- The newspaper La Republica said Van der Sloot tearfully confessed, in the presence of a prosecutor and a state-appointed attorney, to grabbing Flores by the neck and hitting her because she had viewed images about the Aruba case on his computer while he was out buying coffee. Now a bit of confusion sets in once again, so many conflicting stories here in the media coverage....His hired lawyer states that during the confession of killing said Flores....he was not with legal representation?!!! Which makes me wonder, the fabricated stories of the past from Van der Sloot....I'm thinking did he REALLY have a laptop at all during the hotel stay? Lordy!!! If it isn't media, it's his lies. The confession, according to the now hired legal help from the Van der Sloot mother---wants the confession dropped because of lack of legal advisement?!!! If he gets off.......#@!!#?!!

Also, another thought as I type the afternoon segment for today...the Holloway family and FBI supposedly wired money to Van der Sloot to work on showing/telling where the girl from Aruba was buried?!!! Hmmmmm, tell me now, was he accused of killing her? I thought he was off 'scott free'.

More and more, the case is being botched. Botched up royally.

June 11th early morning: Nothing much new today on this case, the title lines online are regarding his talking about the Holloway girl and knows where her body is. I can't get myself to believe any of this this morning for some reason....

June 11th; afternoon update:
I looked online just now about more updates in the process of the Peruvian government and its deadly prison. Of course, I'm hoping if he IS found guilty that this is where he'll be sent to live his sentence. [above] While reading this one article, the composer writes in his words:
    "There are 35 guys in a room there," he says. "They don't have beds, they go to the bathroom on the floor and the showers run once a week for 15 minutes. Fifty percent of the inmates have AIDS or tuberculosis, and you can die from eating the food." If convicted and sent to Lurigancho, van der Sloot would be in considerable danger, Griffith says. "Let me put it to you like this," he says. "You have 10,000 guys in a prison with 3,000 beds. Eighty percent of these guys have nothing. A hundred bucks will carry them for four months, so they'll stand in line [to be paid] to cut his throat."
In another article, I came across the description of Van der Sloot's life as he knows today. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so to speak...a judge for a father [who was also implicated, by the way, in the Holloway disappearance and died this past February]. And in this description of his life there is a quote that bears to be repeated. It's about the parents of today, too busy giving to their children and not setting a precedence of values and worth....
    "Among the upper crust there is this perpetual problem of failing to pass [on] to their children what really matters in life with respect to values and ethics. ... By and large, we see families in this busy age doing the easy thing, which is to give their children everything except those moral lessons, and it produces a disabled generation."

addendum: Lima Superior Court Judge Juan Buendia issued the order before dawn Friday, instructing penal authorities to place the 22-year-old Dutchman in a penitentiary pending trial. And I read at 2 PM this: Van der Sloot was taken to the maximum-security Castro Castro prison where, for his own protection, he will have his own cell in a small block near the prison director's office, said prisons spokesman Bruno Guzman. The only other two prisoners on the block are a reputed Colombian hit man charged with murdering a Peruvian businesswoman and a provincial mayor charged with laundering drug money. It was not yet known when the trial might begin. A judge must first be assigned to hear the case.

I'm wondering, "why protect him"? Now I will have to do research on Castro Castro Prison.

Saturday morning; the 12th of June: I couldn't find too much about the Miguel Castro Prison. At least not like the deadliest that was mentioned above, earlier this week. And in fact, the important thing here is that he IS in jail awaiting trial. At some point in time, I've become obsessed with this event and really, really want the girls' early deaths to be justified with Van der Sloot hanged. Or something...I fear his release or escape. It's happened before, it could happen again. He confessed...why now, wait for a trial? Oh and I read this morning that he is in a cell by himself?!!! He requested, and received...."At Castro Castro prison, Van der Sloot was fed the Peruvian chicken dish "seco de pollo," prisons director Ruben Rodriguez said. The Dutchman will have his own cell in a small block near the director's office. Rodriguez said Van der Sloot asked to be put in a cell by himself because he fears other inmates will kill him." Hmmmmm, he's ?afraid? of someone killing him...ironic!!

Sunday, June 13th...afternoon: This just came across the wire---

...According to a Chilean police report obtained by The Associated Press through Peruvian authorities late Saturday, Van der Sloot gave a different account of events while in custody in neighboring Chile, where he was captured after the killing and quickly extradited.

In the version offered to Chilean investigators, Van der Sloot said he and Flores were surprised in the early morning by two robbers in an apparent assault.

"A man came out of the bathroom blocking the access door with a knife in his hand. On the bed was another man with a gun," the Spanish-language report quotes him as saying. "The man with the knife said to be quiet, but Stephany[sic] began talking in a loud voice and he hit her in the face, making her nose bleed."

Monday, June 14th: In Van der Sloot's own words.

Sunday, June 20th, 2010:
I just got back from a hot humid walk on the seawall and came in to read this of an interview with his mother: "The Van der Sloot family lives in Aruba, where the interview was conducted. Anita told the paper her son had abruptly disappeared in mid-May two days before he was due to travel to the Netherlands to stay at a mental institution. He left a note saying he was going to Peru".
    Makes me wonder if the note will appear miraculously now? After all these weeks?!!!

Monday, June 21st:
Just as I suspected after reading the report yesterday with the interview with Van der Sloot's mother about his mental state....I wasn't a bit surprised now that the suspected murderer retracts his confession in Peru!!! HERE is the story.

- - -<><><>- - -

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POSTED: Monday, June 7th, 2010 --all additions are put up daily
12:01 A.M.


  1. I enjoyed your diary for the week. I agree with you completely. I have also been wondering why it took so long.
    I will be waiting for the next post on your thoughts.

  2. Love the roses. Rose was my mother's name!

    As to the murders...I am so confused by it all!

  3. May I copy a bit of your Idea for my Blog, I do not mean the pictures, but the idea from Romeo and Juliet, and use the phrase.

  4. opps I forgot to say that this was a beautiful post I love it

  5. Your roses are beautiful.

  6. What a horrid mess!!

  7. Very interesting…you always come up with some unusual topics to talk about and make the mundane sound exciting !!!Have a nice weekend!

  8. Natalie is from Birmingham, which is 90 miles from our home so it has always been very close to home for us. The Puruvian prison is supposed to be one of the worst prison's in the world. We like to watch that show Locked up Abroad so have seen how many are just horrible. That is some relief to hope he will be sentenced to that place- if he doesn't get set free somehow or sent back to another place.

  9. Anonymous6/11/2010

    thanks for the information on this blog! I find it very interesting and entertaining! hopefully soon have updates that I love your post! I thank you too!

  10. Beautiful roses! I like the yellow best.

    I bought and finally watched "Alice in Wonderland" today. I loved it.
    Mama Bear

  11. &#39;article&#39; by proxy of Hootin&#39; Anni&#39;s editing6/13/2010

    article? Y'know that I can delete comments such as yours when you leave links to porn!! I'm taking off your comment link and leaving your thoughts on the subject at hand!!!

    Here's what you wrote WITHOUT THE LINK you left:

    "Thank God that good triumphed. Van der Sloot needs a reality check. It's about time he confronts the repercussions of his actions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts."