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From this....

...to this

A prize hybrid hibiscus near my computer room window!! I love the multi-petaling and the deep, rose color.

NOTE: And to answer the few questions about my Bud 'n' Anni 4th of July BBQ header the last couple of days...no, I didn't draw it....I only made the header graphic with a PSP tube and Patriot font and added the red white and blue colors. Thanks for the compliments!!! I really appreciate 'em all!!!!

POSTED: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
12:55 A.M.


  1. Oh, it is a real beauty!
    Great header, too.
    My Ruby Tuesday is at this link:

  2. Gorgeous hibiscus! they need plenty of sunlight and bloom all year long in tropic country. There's lots of them here in Singapore. The hibiscus are the national flower of Malaysia.

  3. nice photos and a great color!!thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Aha, you have Paint Shop Pro! I had that years ago when I took a class, and then never updated it. I miss it. Maybe I'll get it again. The hibiscus is beeyootiful. Our iguanas would really love it : )

  5. Hibiscus is one of the my favorite flowers. Beautiful!

  6. Very nice looking.. /what's with the 403 forbidden in the comments?
    My ruby link for you

  7. I love the progression! What a beautiful flower!

  8. Hey Anni, you must have a green thumb!
    That is a very pretty hibiscus you grew.

    From the first picture I would say:
    "To have one of these from this, just
    add water."

    Happy RT!

  9. Auntie E You must have come in to comment when I was editing the comment block; changing the image. I hope it's working now for you and everyone.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Gorgeous hibiscus-my favorite!


  12. you out done yourself again there Anni, that Hibiscus is just perfect.

  13. G'morning, Anni...first off...I LOVE your cute header.
    Your flower is beautiful !!
    xo bj

  14. Beautiful red hibiscus. And speaking of colors -- I am green with envy over your talent!! That header pix is great.

  15. Fabulous hibiscus!! I can hardly wait till ours come out of hiding.

  16. Hibiscus are among my favourite flowers!

  17. Gorgeous Hibiscus! How great that you get to enjoy it right outside your window! Love the two photos showing it before blooming and after!

    From the Heart of Texas

  18. How beautiful your hibiscus is, I have Hibiscus planted behind my shed that my neighbors enjoy. I planted them when I first moved to SC and the shed wasn't there at that time.

  19. Lovely endeed this flower. I love red flowers. Lovely shot! Thanks for visiting me.

  20. Spectacular! Hibiscus are always a work of art. Your Barbq header is nifty and looks like the perfect summer do!

  21. Thanks for your comment Annie. I too love the header design.
    My computer room doesn't have a window so I am in envy of your seeing something so pretty outside yours.

  22. I love the way it changes colors such a clever idea or talent.
    I love the color on your flower, mine have not start yet, we are so far behind this year.

  23. It's such a lovely red!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  24. Gorgeous red flower! I'm glad you liked my red lily! :-)

  25. Anni, the header is fantastic and the double hibiscus is exquisite! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  26. Anni, I love your new header too, perfect for summer time. Your double hibiscus is beautiful!

  27. What a stunning hibiscus. great shot!

  28. Absolutely gorgeous flower! I wish I could grow hibiscus outside here but our summers are too short. Flowers always leave me in awe with their beauty, what would we ever do without them!!

    I just love your header:) xoxo

  29. Hi Anni,

    That's a really cute header! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. I love the hibiscus flower; makes me want to run back to Hawaii each time I see it. Thanks for sharing.


  30. How beautiful!! It must be so relaxing to have such beauty right outside your window.

  31. Beautiful photography anni!

  32. oh oh oh what a beautiful flower annie!
    and how great it is for a ruby tueseday.
    i know i saw it last week and i never even commented!
    i am now looking for your newest ruby red post.
    annie..i always love your nice comments over at pea's.
    take care and god bless you...love terry

    ps..that was so nice that you said, i shouldn't apologize for making such a long post last week..so kind of you to say so!


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