...the child in me loves this!!

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"Skipping Rocks"
is a
centerpiece sculpture found
near downtown
Corpus Christi
It's a pond, surrounded by delicate pink and red flowers from Oleander bushes... and a grassy knoll with trees and a paved walkway. All nestled between the street called Shoreline...on one side of the median, the view is the Gulf of Mexico and on the other side...the beginnings of the 'business' district on a small incline, a bluff.

Photo from my cellphone

- - -<><><>- - -

So many commentors and visitors to my blog have asked me if the Gulf Oil Spill has affected us in this area. No, I say, not really. The birds are not in an oil-saturated area, as is the marine life not affected...we saw stingrays in the clear waters near the shore, they were catching or rampaging through schools of fish...seemed healthy enough. I also understand that some of the facilities in Texas that can handle such tragedies are receiving some of the oil saturated birds and wildlife IN Texas, but as far as I know none here in our vicinity have been inundated with oil coverage. The state of Texas is helping our neighboring state, Louisiana, with their water birds and marine life tho. The shrimping industry is not disturbed much as the media tends to tell you...we are NOT experiencing an influx with shrimpers from Louisiana. Not in this part of the Texas Gulf anyway. The shrimp boats go out and come back with a goodly sized catch. Sad thing is, Bud and I were down by the docks on Sunday morning and hardly a soul there buying the day's catch. Probably in fear, who knows.....

A local restaurant in the downtown area near the North Shore Bay area was quoted as having plenty of fresh shrimp on the menu, but they did stop serving oysters because of the large BP oil spill!! That's okay by me as a patron's point of view...I wouldn't TOUCH an oyster to my lips anyhoo!!!!!

Also, the photo I posted yesterday of a wildflower, I had no idea what it was. I was asked what it was, but really couldn't say. It's plant is grass-like with thin grassy blades. The blossom is nearly star shaped with deep petal cuts. The closest I could come up with for identifying it was Texas Wildflower Rain Lily. From Texas Wildflowers

ALSO NOTE: Tomorrow, I will have my post finished on the releasing of the baby turtle hatchlings on the seashore reserve. It was an awesome experience. I'll have plenty of pictures to share!!

POSTED: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
12:15 A.M.


  1. what a beautiful and unique sculpture! and i'm glad you're not affected by the oil spill. although it is a terrible tragedy. we live in such advanced and modern times, yet cannot prevent something like this from happening...

  2. I don't visit often enough but your blog is very inspiring...

  3. What a wonderful sculpture and fascinating surroundings!
    The world cup in South Africa demands too much time in front of the tv watching the soccer games...blogging will be soon resumed :)
    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. I love that sculpture too! Glad to hear the oil spill isn't affecting you much. It's an awful thing.

  5. A very clever sculpture feature! Almost a sculpture in action! Lovely shot!

  6. skipping rocks—
    summer-day pleasure
    at the creek

    Ruby (sort of) Graffiti

  7. such a good post love the pici

  8. this looks so sweet ... i love a city that invests in art.
    My Ruby Redness

  9. Great capture from your cellphone. Impressive sculpture. Love the place.

    Thanks for stopping by

  10. Very nicely captured. Have a great RT and thanks for stopping by Driller's Place.

  11. it looks like a cool place to relax! lovely shot!

    Thank you for dropping by. If you happen to be around Macedonia, do let me know. I'll show you the best of it! Including wild-strwberries-picking trip! In the mid June of course. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Nice post, love the sculpture.

  13. Love your composition! and those are unique sculptures.

  14. Wow, they're cute. At first I thought it was snow or cristal but it not. I like the photographs. Thanks for stopping by my site.

    Mapeh Homepage

  15. Anonymous6/22/2010

    You are right, that is a great scuplture. I like that it is near an industrial area. Remind those working folks that life also needs some play time.
    Unfortunately, that oil spill will have repercussions that won't be visible right away.

  16. Dogsmom This area where the pond and sculpture is, isn't really industrial in terms of factories or refineries [which we have a LOT of oil refineries]. That kind of revolution so to speak is way up north and west of the city ---on the Ship's Channel. The sculpture is found in the area of the city where there are 4-5 star restaurants and lawyers offices and banking....mainly. It's a 'white collar area' of the business district.

  17. I was wondering if the Oil Spill was as bad in your area as we hear it from here. Thanx for clearing that up a bit. Still this all sucks so bad. I am great-full in a way that this did happen as now our Canadian North just may not get the same in the future. The huge Oil companies, and the USA Government had been threatening our Nation for years to let them do this here

  18. those are such nice sculptures with a beautiful surrounding.

  19. Looks like a great place. Beautiful sculpture and shot with your cellphone.
    Happy RT Anni.
    Enjoy summertime.
    " Regina "

  20. Hi Anni, Thanks for the visit.
    The skipping stones sculpture is wonderful; it does appeal to the child in us!
    I'm glad to hear that the oil--"spill" is not an adequate word--gusher is not affecting you at the moment. I have been watching the photos of it from space which can be seen on NASA's Earth Observatory website, and the spread of the slick is awful. A news report this morning said 1/3 of the Gulf is affected.

  21. I am glad you visited my blog if not i will not be able to see the beautiful "Skipping Rocks"and the post on the oil spill in your place.

    thanks for the comment.

  22. Hi Anni,

    Thanks for the visit. I love Corpus Christi's shoreline but I never saw that cute pond. Thanks for sharing. Praying that the BP disaster stays away from there. God bless!


  23. What a marvelous display Anni and your cell phone is a good Plan B camera. I very much like the way you have framed the children. I can imagine myself behind the bush, peeking quietly through and enjoying their uninhibited play.

  24. Well, the grown up in me still wants to take a bath, but preferably not this public.
    It's a good thing for a city to welcome the children.
    I remember back then,- an eternity ago, I would always go where my child could have a safe, good time too.
    Those oleanders are a pretty sight too.

  25. What a beautiful capture, seems like a solemn place to visit.

    Thanks for leaving a message in my blog

  26. I love that Anni! Interesting your take n the spill as well. We are ok here in Ft myers as well, but so sad about the whole thing.

  27. dear annie...that is a real nice pond and the statues are so real looking.
    i think that the water looks clean enough to take a dip in!
    if the child in you loves this then you are a girl after my own heart.
    the child in me, when we go to a park that has a big wading pool for little kids and a fountain in the middle of it spraying water all over the place, well that "child" is not one bit embarrassed about stepping in ..ha! dress and all and going for a fast wade!
    for sure and to get soaking wet is nice!..ha!
    happy ruby tuesday. dear annie..love terry

    ps..when you have your turtle pictures in, i will be here. i love the little guys!

  28. What a beautiful pond and sculpture and an immaculate setting by the gulf. The soft colors surrounding it are so beautiful. I am so glad that you are not being threatened by the oil spill. The ocean currents traveling eastward might be saving the Texas shoreline. It's such a tragic situation...beyond comprehension.

  29. Thats a very nice scene with that sculpture in the background. Oleander flowers are beautiful - they're not seen much in these parts but I've been told they grow everywhere and anywhere in the USA.

  30. Hey Anni, you found a neat little place there. I love that Shoreline Drive and all.
    I also like all the nice seafood places to eat. Oysters are fairly high on my list.

    July isn't a good oyster month as there is no "R" in July. I haven't heard that we have stopped serving oysters. I doubt it because of all the large seafood restaurants, etc. We have over a thousand Seafood restaurants [http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/cuisine/seafood.asp](and over 1400 Mexican restaurants -- http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/cuisine/mexican.asp ) so I couldn't possible ask them all.

    Happy RT! Again I like your find.
    Thank you for peeking in on me. We are heading out real soon for London and the Baltic. I'm not answering hardly any comments but I do like to see what you are up to. Great, I know!

  31. That is a sculpture that suits the ambience around the pool. And good to know your place is not affected by the oil spill that is good news! Happy Tuesday!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock

  32. That is a great sculpture! Very fun and beautiful, too.
    Thank you for the Gulf update from Texas. It's great to know directly from a resident and unfiltered by anyone.

  33. Anonymous6/22/2010

    That Oleander capture is gorgeous!

  34. Funny part was the "cash chalkboard" image, that restaurant (used to be Water Street), they had oysters but no happy hour price on oysters.

  35. I love oleanders, I have one too, but it is just meter high and have to stay indoors during winter.

  36. Glad the oil hasn't impacted you so far. Hope it stays that way. Lovely spot in your photo... Has an Alice in Wonderland quality to it.

  37. Beautiful pond and sculptures. Great post and photos, Anni!

  38. What fun - the fountain is a dream!

  39. What a cheerful sculpture. And I didn't know oleander came in anything but white. Beautiful flowers.
    Thanks for the visit.

  40. So glad to hear the oil hasn't effected u. As for skipping rocks once in while I still try as I' still young at heart.

    Coffee is on.

  41. I really like looking through the foliage and seeing these whimsical statues. Great shot Anni!!

  42. That skipping rock sculpture is just too cute! Makes me remember my brothers trying to teach me how to skip rocks and completely being disgusted with me when I just couldn't do it. lol

    Glad to hear that the oil spill hasn't reached your area or affected any of the birds or marine life. Listening to the media, you'd think that every part of the coast is affected!!

    Yuck, you and me both where oysters are concerned! lol xoxo

  43. This looks so cool.... and today.. at least here... that would be soooo welcome. Lovely shot. Thanks for visiting.

  44. Lovely sculpture. It's been a long, long time since I was in Corpus Christi, but it's still one of my favorite places on earth, and I'm glad to hear the oil spill hasn't done a lot of damage.

  45. So many memories of skipping rocks. :)
    My brother was always better.

  46. why would they stop selling oysters? the oil isn't that far west....unless they *gasp* ship in their oysters???

  47. It looks refreshing to sit over there :)

  48. I'm glad your waters have not been affected by the oil spill.

    I feel very sad for the people who live in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida, though.


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