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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

...Til once more they ride out to sea"

Today is my son's 38th birthday!! Happy Birthday Erik. You're my favorite son.

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"Wait! Let's not leave yet!! There's a shrimp boat coming in....maybe HE had a good catch." Each time we get a chance, and we're out early in the morning before 9 a.m.---we love walking the marina. We always go down "Peoples Street"...that's where the fresh catch of the day comes in. And once they get the boat backed in and docked, it's cleaning out the nets...throwing overboard the tiny fish that doesn't sell ---to the great anticipation of massive amounts of seagulls and pelicans awaiting the toss!! And just as I suspected. This boat had the best haul for the morning. HUGE shrimp. Only 4 to 5 made a pound. And oh so sweet. Fresh shrimp daily if you'd like. It's paradise.

For your entertainment today, I thought I'd show you the shrimp boat coming in to dock from the time they made their last turn while trolling at a slow speed to when they back it in at their rented pier. Keep your eye on the pelicans too...they're such a hoot!! "By the sea, by the the beautiful sea------"

They come in...

They make a 'pass-by'...

"All engines, reverse rudder"...

"Prepare to anchor...tie up"....

"Engines off? CHECK! Tied down? CHECK!...'Best catch around!! Get your fresh shrimp here. Good price!! Shrimp for sale'!!!"

- - -

PS...NCIS last night wasn't quite as good as I had hoped. Too many things going at once. And not enough covered about the 20 year COLD CASE. Gotta wait 'til next week's season finale I guess. It's still intense tho. So much mystery. Gotta love it.


  1. Wonderful pictures.

  2. Anonymous5/19/2010

    Hau`oli La Hanau to your favorite son. I hope he has a wonderful day. Great photos and fishing tale to go along with it. LOL I so was looking for Captain Dan and Forrest LOL. Thanks for sharing. :) Have a great day my friend. :)

  3. How many sons do you have? You might have ruffled a few feathers by telling the whole wide world that he is your favorites son. LOL

    Did he take you out to dinner?

    I posted about a great Chinese custom. At the child's birthday, when he is little, the dad gives mum a present. You see, that day is the day of mum's great suffering. When the child earns his money, he will give mum a present. I bribe my kids, esp the oldest one when my labor was 26 hours.

    My friend tells me, on her grand children's birthday, she gives her daughter and daughter in law some flowers.

  4. Happy Birthday to your "favorite" son! I loved that. I say the same thing to mine!

  5. I love waterfront photos. Great rusty old shrimp boat. I used to live north of Houston and buy shrimp from my neighbor who would help his brother on his shrimp boat.

  6. Beautiful watery scenes!
    Great captures Anni.

  7. Hi Anni, the pictures are after my own heart, I would have no objection to a portion of shrimp .... haha ... and of course the very best congratulations to your "favorite" son!

    I see, that you write poems and haikus ... perhaps you like to visit my poetry blog Veredit-iertes

  8. Happy Birthday to Erik! 38 year old (oh.. to be in your 30's still, how wonderful)
    These are great photos husband & I often visit the Marina and eat fresh prawns & calamari...we love seafood too!!

  9. Beautiful post and pics Annie. Have a wonderful day :)

  10. I had to stop and sing the theme song to Cheers.
    My son is 42 and my daughter is 39+ a few months. Although, she claims to be 37. To me, they're still growing up. Although, with son about to leave for his second deployment, I'm going to have to admit he is a grown up.
    Loved seeing the boat and hearing about how you enjoy living near the docks.
    Mama Bear

  11. Missing Port A! Nice series.


    I was hoping to see a pic of him, but the boats were nice.

  13. Happy Birthday to your son Anni. Great series of photos here. Enjoyed them very much. Must be so much fun to actually see.

  14. Oh I am on pins & needles with NCIS... I don't believe that Gibbs will be going anywhere but you never know anymore... It is getting crazy and I am worried about Mike Franks... Poor Abs just doesn't know what to do does she? Have a great day and I sure wish I had some of those shrimp!

  15. Happy Birthday to Erik! May he be blessed with great health, happiness and love.

  16. Hope your son enjoyed his birthday.

  17. I love shrimp. the pics were fantastic.I love the sight of a boat traveling in the water. Have a good day.

  18. We felt the same about last night - wondered when the cold case would come into play. I guess they all connect somehow - I thought last night was the finale. What a surprise!

    The fresh shrimp sounds so wonderful! Did you buy some?

  19. I love ships and boats of all shapes and sizes, wonderful photos!

  20. Happy Birthday to your son Erik. Great series of shots of the shrimp boats.