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Macro close-up of Lantana blossom
FYI-Lantana leaves have a wonderful, light Spearmint scent

End of Macro Monday
Below is a commentary about a certain REDHEAD
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"But she is NOT a redhead".

A comment was left in my blog last Wednesday by Dawn regarding redheads. Of course, if you follow my blog and perhaps are a fan of the television crime drama, NCIS, you'll know just what the comment meant. If not, let me explain a bit with my edition of "Monday Morsels"...


Other than baseball and football and movies, I watch little other programing on TV. But I do watch TV on Monday night 830PM [The Big Bang Theory] !AND! Tuesday evening 7PM. Last Tuesday evening the finale of this season's NCIS hour long program, the last of a three parter, was aired. Of course it ended as a cliffhanger!! I expected that. But, unlike the season finale of the year before, this one was a doozie; left me more confused than ever. It left more unanswered questions that are difficult to decipher. A flashing of a thought for a fleeting moment, when Gibbs was looking through photos...I was worried he'd try and commit suicide; temporary insanity can come to anyone with just one thought. Several times throughout the program's history he has been known to break down. [His character's history is that of a USMC sniper, deployed, while back at home in America, his wife and daughter were killed...he took the law into his own hands and did away with the one who killed his loved ones]....hence this last season's finale---a Mexican Cold Case re-opened by Abby, the Forensic's expert and co-worker of Gibbs. She knows Leroy Gibbs killed in cold blood. And the mystery of it all was not fully revealed. Dawn also mentioned the 'redhead'. Again, if you've even a remote inkling of the series you'll know that Gibbs is fond of redheads. Married several times...all redheads; divorced 'em all. For a few years, Special Agent Gibbs [part played by Mark Harmon] had an unknown female friend...who drove a silver Mercedes, surprise!!!---a red headed woman...and perhaps a lover of his. But her identity was never revealed. EXCEPT if you ever read the ending credits. She was "The mysterious redhead"...her stage name is Vivienne Bellisario!! Ummmm, people? The Bellisario brothers are producers of the show.

So, delving into the gossip columns [actually Google for me] I researched more. I too wanted to know, just like the program's cast guessed who she was in the written plots and summaries for a couple of shows....Who WAS this mysterious lady?

One of the Bellisario brothers, Donald, was her husband. She was written into the script with a promise that one day her identity would be revealed which would be to the delight of Dinozo and other agents. But it ended up being a 'no-go'. She has since been written out. Still, doing more research on my own, I found that there was an interview with the brother, and he stated it was his brother's wife...but then, with more conversation we also find out that Sean Murrary [Special Agent McGee] is actually a Stepson!!! The plot thickens! There is another episode where special agent McGee's sister is accused of murdering a military personnel of which she can't remember doing it...she seeks help with McGee....McGee, sister, mystery woman, real life, they are ALL related. Wife, Husband, exes, stepson, son, sister and stepdaughter. Yes indeedy. Hollywood can't get much richer in gossip.

Timothy McGee's sister, Sarah
In real life step-siblings

[Agent McGee's real mother is the redhead pictured above, Vivienne...while McGee's sister, Sarah --Troian's father is Donald Bellisario [see sidebar for list of his spouses]...Vivienne's husband. Phew!! Like a soap opera, isn't it?]

The mysterious redhead driving the silver Mercedes will always remain a mystery to DiNozo and NCIS staff for now. But the mysteries of life have been revealed. And it's all relative!!!

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Some added notes:

Palmer...played by Dietzen, was born in Colorado and went to school in Niwot, Colorado
Ziva David [dah VEED] is not really Israeli! She was born in Chile and raised Catholic!
Abby in real life graduated in criminology with honors!
Mark Harmon was NEVER in the military
DiNozo actually recorded a song...Bitter and Blue...for the NCIS soundtrack.]
Listen to it here by clicking on the arrow to the left
Ducky [Dr. Mallard] really IS from Scotland!
Leon [Rocky Carroll] and Gibbs [Mark Harmon] both co-starred in Chicago Hope.
NCIS photos courtesy of Google site listings All Trademarks are owned by their respected owners. Copyright of all Images by their respected creators. Note: Tony's singing courtesy of You Tube

POSTED: May 31, 2010
12:50 A.M.


  1. Have a great week sweetie.

  2. That is a GORGEOUS lantana favorite color.

  3. Anonymous5/31/2010

    Beautiful photo of the Lantana. Love it. HA I can't comment on your NCIS. I never have watched it. Love your new theme. I must say I liked last months better though :) Have a happy Memorial Day :)

  4. Beautiful photo of the Lantana, I grow them in Iowa but as an annual.

  5. Lovely colours on that one!

  6. No wonder you don't watch more TV - you would be exhausted doing all the research : ) Aren't Lantanas amazing, the way they have several colors on one bloom??

  7. I love you new layout! Ande the picture as well of course! Beautiful!

  8. I love the candy colors, beautiful Anni!

  9. Love that flower! I've not seen a flower with two colors on the same head before. Very neat. Thanks for sharing it!


  10. Beautiful lantana!

  11. Hi Anni !
    Thank´s for your comment on my watch :)
    I don´t believe we have Lantana blossoms in Sweden ? But I´m sure that I never have seen one before :)
    Such a beutiful flower !
    Great close up picture you have taken !
    Have a nice monday :)

  12. Okay, I love this. Thanks for doing so much research. Amazing! I had read up on Zeva, Gibbs, and Abby. But Palmer growing up in Niwot - too fun. And you can definitely tell that it's Tony singing. And the Bellisario windings - amazing! What fun. Can't wait to read all this to DC, who found NCIS before I did and never told me about it! Can't wait till the new season - lots of loose ends to tighten up. Sorry to hear that the mystery woman was written out - I noticed that she hadn't been on for awhile.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day! It's a gorgeous day here.

    LOVE the flower!

  13. very nice flower and the smell of the leaves sounds great

  14. We love that show! Thanks for all the info. You could be an investigator!

  15. The flower looks very familiar to me. I think I have it in my pot got to check it out. Happy Monday!

    MM~My Iris

  16. love lantana...
    except the smell :)

  17. Awesome macro! Lovely colors!

  18. Anonymous5/31/2010

    Gorgeous colors! Lovely macro :)

  19. just beautiful thanks have a good day rose

  20. i just love that tv show. the last show left you ..... it seems like this is happening with alot of other shows. why do we have to wait? have a good day. love your blog design. rose

  21. I have never watched NCIS! My life is so shallow.

  22. Beautiful picture of the lantana. They thrive here, blooming all year long.

  23. Love those sherbert colors!

  24. I just love the colours of your Lantana, I must try to find some when I go to the greenhouse later this afternoon!

    I only watched NCIS the first year it was on and really don't know why I didn't continue watching it! lol So, I'm really not up to date on what's been happening but it certainly does sound like it's been quite interesting!!! Isn't it fun to search for more information, I can spend hours doing that when it's about something that really interests me:-) xoxo

  25. I always forget the name of those flowers, sometimes called confetti plant I think but I love them!


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