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...THE BIRD for me...and a 55 for Bud



My followers may remember this great blue heron photo I took off Bob Hall Pier a few weeks back [it's on my photo blog]. I really liked the long, silky feathers flowing in the brisk wind. And the colors and clarity of the bird photo. So, I sketched it. Then, took down my watercolor paints and set up my easel. And, started painting away. From photo to pencil sketch to outlining to painting to adding the final touches such as shadow and color and the flowing pin feathers....

...done!! I was once told by a professional artist who worked in Colorado that titling a painting is very important...to have it catch the eye and mind both. I titled this one "Wayward Wind". I just got the matting and frame completed the other day... a soft navy matte to bring out the colors and grey barn wood for the frame.

...and framed--on the dining room wall now:

- - -<><><>- - -

[dedicated to my husband -just because]


...I forget a part in a story
he fills me in
...I wonder what is going on
he tells me
...I'm lost in thoughts
he finds me
...I cry uncontrollably
he soothes me
...I ask for an honest opinion
he's always truthful
...I'm only one half a soul
he makes me whole


POSTED: Friday. May 14th, 2010
12:15 A.M.


  1. what a romantic and loving 55. awesome!!! mines up too.

  2. he complete you,
    how cool!
    excellent 55.
    I admire your job!

    mine is up!

  3. Anonymous5/14/2010

    That is just beautiful. You are so talented and I love the title. How is this. We both wrote about someone today and it's not fiction. Our stories are very very similar. Your's is excellent and what a tribute to Bud. :) Well done my dear sweet friend :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Anonymous5/14/2010

    So sweet Anni! Sounds like a mutually adoring relationship. I also love your Wayward Wind painting ~ just beautiful. Thank you for stopping by earlier.

    I'm up at:
    Friday Flash 55 ~ Silvia's Smile

  5. You sound like the perfect couple!

  6. That was a great sketch. You have a great job there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful painting of the great blue heron! Beautifully framed too!

    Sweet 'Just Because' to your husband :)

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  9. Thanks for your comments on my hammock! I love your painting! You are surely blessed to be so talented. You did an excellent job! It's absolutely beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love the poem.

    Lovely painting.
    Mama Bear

  11. Wow, Anni, what a gorgeous painting! Excellent work...it's beautiful! What a sweet tribute to your husband. Happy Weekend!
    xoxo Beth
    PS I'm going to follow you so I don't miss any posts!

  12. Oh my. That is talent. I have seen a few of those birds on some of our vacations. They are big. Great job.

  13. Awwww...Anni..this is such a beautiful love poem to Mr.A... how adorable....
    you are so blessed to have each other...

    now...you are an artist? Painter? WOW...
    I am so humbled by your talents....


  14. I love the painting, and the poem just blew me away! You are so talented!

  15. Hi Anni, thanks for dropping by my blog! I have to say that your watercolour is just perfect. the colours are really beautiful. Love the poem too!

  16. Hi Anni...Wayward Wind is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You are an awesome artist! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, too!Sincerely, Susan

  17. That's beautiful, Anni! I love the heron. Love the poem too. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  18. He sort of sounds like "Mini-Me"!
    Besides that...hehehehe
    I absolutely Loved your sketch..WOW!!
    And your 55 was very touching. I hope you showed this to him, everyone needs to know how much they are loved.
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  19. Love your heron!
    That poem is beautiful too.
    Just like the new template
    Oh, you talented, you.


  20. Very beautiful. You are very blessed. I'm sure you already know that.


  21. What a peaceful painting...how nice to be so talented. Can't wait to see more of your work.

  22. Wow! Your heron painting is just gorgeous! And what a sweet poem, too! How lucky that you live so near the ocean. We visited my sis-in-law a few years ago who lives in Corpus, and I collected lots of great shells at the beach! thanks so much for visiting.

  23. That's a lovely tribute, Anni.

  24. Hi Anni, You are blessed with so much talent! I love your gorgeous watercolor painting and I love the title you gave it! Your tribute to your sweet husband is very touching. Thanks for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my "Show and Tell Friday... It'a All In The Numbers"; Address flower pots. I love the cute tins with the enameled number tags. I have a few other ideas on where I would these tin pots, in a craft room for organization, etc.

  25. So, you're married, right?

    Anni, I love your header, but it won't let me scroll so I only have have about an inch and a half in which to read your post.

  26. Have a wonderful weekend, love you.

  27. Hootin' Anni5/14/2010

    Alice Is your scroll lock enabled? If the light is on your keyboard, that may be the problem. Then, if you have a laptop, the mouse needs to be adjusted through your control panel.

  28. Great watercolor art! Well done!

  29. Hey, the problem I had before is gone, and I didn't do anything. Cool.

    Doy! I knew you were married. What was I thinking? *clunking self in the head*

  30. Mrs. MM and I have a love affair with heron. There are many in our area of the world. Love your painting and your 55. The latter a very touching piece. Thanks for always stopping by to visit my 55. Your comments are appreciated.

  31. Anni, love your show & tell. I'm really jealous that your watercolor painting looks so good. I have such a difficult time with a paintbrush getting to do what I want it to. I don't have any trouble drawing, but painting is another story! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  32. I looove your watercolor of the Blue Heron and adore your wonderful poem to your hubby, you are sooo talented, how wonderful for all of us to have you share your creativity with us!Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Hugs,
    Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  33. My dear Anni..I love your 55! Your husband is a jewel!
    And your painting is just amazing. Your're so talented.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your handsome hubby!

  34. Awww you are so sweet and the one who completes him too.

    Love the Heron. really makes me want to get out my watercolors and have a go
    my family outing is here

  35. You've got a great husband, then, Anni - and it's nice that you honor him with this lovely 55...I hope my lovely daughter-in-law will say this about my son in 20 years!

  36. You did a fantastic job with this. Seriously!
    When we moved back down South to Alabama we rented in a brand new community (yuk) BUT>....it was next to a nature preserve so right behind our back yard the "swamp" began and it is an amazing habitat for all kinds of things and occasionally we get some herons. I've actually written poems about them because I love them so much!!!!
    I also like that you're writing your flash fiction and dedicating it to your husband!!! Keep it up!!!

    The hardest part of writing is starting!

    Hugs, Lana

  37. You are one amazing artist - just wonderful!

    And I love the Bud 55 - he sounds like a keeper indeed.

  38. I love your creation of your Great Blue Heron! You are very talented and your dedication so your husband was so touching. Precious.

  39. Oh, Anni! That was *lovely*.

    I am sure I don't have to tell you, but I think you are truly blessed to have found your soulmate. We are not all so lucky...

  40. Wow, the bird is magnificent! What an artist you are. It's true people start to look like each other after a long time - that shot of Bud shows him as looking a lot like your shot : ) You're both cute : ) The poem is beautiful - reminds me of one of my favorite Kid Rock lines - Where am I supposed to go? My only home was in your soul.

  41. Love your picture Anni! It turned out beautiful!


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