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Friday's edition of CC Museum

PART V OF Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

[my tie-in Antique just below this marquee]

Meat Grinder

Sewing Machine

Waffle Iron

RCA - Victrola

Box Cameras


Iron Collection

Lady's Shoes

...and then, antiques! I get a kick out of walking through antique sections in museums. Just to see exactly how 'antique' I am!! I remember these from my childhood!! I have my mother's meat grinder. A Brownie Box Camera! Yes indeedy, it's still in my possession...I think of all the cameras I've left behind on vacations, at rest stops, on top of cars, in motel rooms, on park benches, etc...I think it's darn good of me to hang onto the antique camera from my youth!!! I still have the old typewriter I learned to type on. I remember shoes like this, that my mother used to wear!! The Victrola? Yep, I remember these too....my grandmother had one in her parlor. A parlor!! Whoa. She had one of those too!! The old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine?----yep, you guessed it, I learned to sew on one. Of course, with me, IRON is still a four letter word....don't like 'em still today---I felt sorry for that lady in the window display...even if she IS a mannequin!! And, I remember mom making hot fresh waffles on a waffle iron just like this one at the museum. Nothing'll beat homemade waffles, crisp and lightly browned on the outside, steamy inside, with tons of real maple syrup and butter. Wow, seems the more I think and remember days of yore, the more I realize I AM ancient. I bet if I sit here long enough I could probably remember trade beads with the Souix Nation too. Wouldn't surprise me.

- - -

Anyway, since the rules of the Show n Tell meme state that we're not supposed to show 'trips/tours/vacations' I'm complying to the rudiments and I'll show you the antiques around here that I have [some mentioned above]...

Antique Ironing Board

A functional replica of
the old Victrola megaphones.
Metal: Brass Speaker

My typewriter that I learned to type...I probably could NOT push the keys down these days. Even back then it took effort.

...and LAST:
The Brownie Camera from centuries long ago!

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POSTED: Friday, May 28th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. You've got some great old things!

  2. Love all old kitchen stuff...and oh look at the typewriter...I think children in this generation do not know anymore what it is....they grow only with computer.

  3. Anonymous5/28/2010

    Love the tour my friend. It's been wonderful. And what a bunch of antiques you have. I remember my grandparents Brownie. What's an ironing board? LOL :) Have a great weekend :)

  4. If you're antique, what does that make me, who is older than you???!!! Well, I love the picture of all the things you have from your mom.

    I wish I still had my first typewriter and my first camera - they would be antiques soon. But alas, they have disappeared along the way somehow. I didn't value such things in my youth, I guess.

    I hate ironing, too - it piles up for weeks, though there's not too much that has to be done. If it does, it doesn't get worn very often. I'm mistakenly bought the girlies all cotton dresses recently - yikes. I can't even imagine ironing in the "old" days before electricity.

    Our little Loveland Museum has such fun displays of days of old - I love going and taking the kiddoes there.

    Have a super week-end!

  5. We don't live that far from Corpus Christi. We'll have to make a visit to the museum the next time we're there.
    Love the ironing board! I used one just like that at my aunt's home last week. I better clue her in. lol
    Thank you for visiting me!
    Ladybug Creek

  6. I'm not so very ancient but I learned to sew on an old hand-cranked Singer too :D
    It would drive my home ec teacher crazy as when we used the electric machines at school, I'd still just use one hand to guide the fabric.
    I was really happy when I found one of my own in a thrift store, beautifully cared for - to this day I curse leaving it in England and bringing the electric one with me, as the 90-year-old hand-cranked model still worked like a dream while the 5-year-old Toyota tends to throw tantrums sometimes. And the Singer was a work of art rather than a white plastic box...

    I love your typewriter - I'd have absolutely killed for that when I was 10!

  7. wonderful post!! i love these old cameras. your blog looks fabulous, my father loved watching that show, i was singing along to the lyrics!!

  8. Hello Sweetie...
    I have so missed you. Came online for a few minutes this morning. Wanted to drop a few comments so I popped over.

    I see the pulmonary specialist this morning. I pray he can give me some answers and hope to get better soon. I have been so tired and exhausted. Labor to breathe.

    I will pop over again soon. I have missed you sweetie. Much love, Sherry

  9. You did good to save all that through your various moves! Wow. I have to go visit my kids to see our old family stuff.

  10. Oh Anni, I also remember using some of those things that were in your mom's stuff photo. I also don't do that four letter work. I had enough of that when I was growing up.
    Thanks for the memories.
    have a blessed and safe weekend.

  11. Anni...you beat me to the punch! If I hadn't been aiming for 'glass antiques' and the beach theme, all my Kitchen antiques would be posted this weekend! I adore them!!! I have them most beautiful display in the kitchen on a renovated 3 squares (8 foot wide) shelf covered in pretty plates with antique kitchen utensils. I also have two antique radios, a record player and records, typewriters, sewing machine and other homemaking articles. I adore them. It broke my heart to leave the metal ice cube tray at the thrift store. My conscious, I mean 19 yr. old daughter, talked me out of it. Sigh..

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us!

  12. OH my you have beautiful antiques! I adore the typewriter and ironing board! Too cute.

  13. how are you?
    love your show and tell Friday!

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    help me achieve 55 comments goal by leaving a comment under the post...
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    thank you in advance.

  15. I like your antiques, Anni! I have and use an ironing board that is ancient too. It is black metal and very heavy. A year or so ago, I was fighting with it to fold it up and dropped it on my toe. I uttered a bad word, very loudly and wore a blacken toe for ages!

  16. Well, thank YOU for making me feel ancient as well!!!! ROFL! Yup, I remember a lot of those items as well but of course back then I was just a little itty bitty girl. Ahem. I have two of those meat grinders that were my mom & dad's...how often I watched dad grinding the moose meat he had gone hunting for! The typewriter I had was a bit more modern than the one you have but I have seen those around. I'll never forget the first time in class when we learned to use an electric typewriter...I was terrified of it cuz you barely touched it and it would type out a whole bunch of letters! lol Was so used to having to press hard on the keys of my manual. Memories:-) xoxo


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