...air soft as that of Seville in April, so fragrant that it was delicious...

PART II OF Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History
title of blog entry quoted from Christopher Columbus' log....

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Throughout the coastal area of Texas, history abounds. From prehistoric Texas and animal species of today...The name Texas derives from táysha, a word in the Caddoan language of the Hasinai, which means "friends" or "allies....to European's 'discovery', Christopher Columbus, French navigators and Spanish exploration, to Native American trade and more....

Science Museum Wing

Flying for NASA....
a pterodactyl replica

Texas Coastal Birds

Red Lobster?
How much for the day's catch?
Bring me plenty of drawn butter too.

- - -

Museum's History Wing

Showing a 17th Century
Ship's armament

Encased sword from
the Christopher Columbus Fleet

"Discovery" of
Aransas Pass
Native American Tribe:

[European influence]
Fresh produce
Red, green, yellow
vegetables and
citrus fruits

a four century old
sailing ship

POSTED: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
12:15 A.M.

---Looks, again, like the hurricane season is beginning early this year. Normally the season doesn't begin until June. Like last year, there is one out in the Atlantic, with a 20% chance of turning into a tropical storm. I will activate my Hurricane Watch link I have on my sidebar. And so it begins again!! :::sigh:::

PART ONE --Introduction of museum was Yesterday. To view CLICK HERE [will open in a new window]

PART THREE - tomorrow...outdoor exhibition of Christopher Columbus' Ships


  1. Anonymous5/25/2010

    Great photos. I'll bring my butter as well :)

  2. We are frequent museum visitors - it's always fun! Love that spoonbill!

  3. What a fabulous museum! I love history and especially that of different countries and cultures. I wanna come and visit!

  4. Looks like a great place to visit Anni. Thanks for sharing all these delightful photographs.

  5. Love the pterodactyl! I do hope those coastal birds remain unharmed from the oil in the Gulf.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. Hi there,
    I'm from M.Mon. Being that up close and personal to that creature spooks me out, but I'm impressed with the photo result!

  7. Those are very nice photos and educational too. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog.

  8. Looks like fun to learn by visiting this museum. I've always chuckled at spoonbills. I don't think I've ever seen them other than photos and your series of photos here sure gives me a great virtual museum experience. Thanks

  9. Love the Red huge on some things. Now I am singing The Cheers song,lol.
    My Ruby Tuesday link for you Making life easier.

  10. Interesting museum ~ I didn't know the origin of the name Texas.

    I also like the spoonbill. ;-)

    Love your new header, Anni.

  11. Amazing photos and thank you for the information you added.

  12. Museum exhibits present ideal exhibits for photographers! I like the first photo - a good metaphor for NASA!

  13. what a fascinating museum and i like the splashes of rubies too.

  14. Early Hurricane season this year. Of course. Because this year, we are in Florida and we have kids in TX and grandkids in S Carolina. did this happen when we were all in the Northwest? Yikes!!!

    Your reds are beautiful. I can't seem to get a good picture of a Spoonbill, though I've tried for years.

  15. Cristoforo Colombo was Italian! I love reminding myself we wouldn't have chocolate without Italy. Heh.

    And about the museum, it was actually a great disappointment. I LUV Shakespeare but I didn't learn anything new there. I went there with my mom who doesn't speak English, and after a while I stopped translating what the guide was saying because I realised I knew more than him.

    Have a nice week!

  16. Cool stuff...and so much red, too. Lots of things I've learned here. Thanks - and thanks for the visit.

  17. Those spoonbills are so interesting looking...
    What a great museum. I hope you are safe from all hurricanes Anni!!

  18. Such an informative post - so interesting! TFS!

    Happy RT and have a great week too!


  19. We love visiting Museums, seeing old and ancient things and culture :)

  20. love these imagesx happy ruby tuesdayxlynda

  21. looks like a pretty interesting museum. The lyrics from your header are from the theme song to cheers. Which, was in the hotel I was married in (the first time) in Boston. It was really called the Parker House and the bar was called The Last Hurrah.

  22. OMGosh, Anni...I do hope that ole storm just blows itself out! I dread this time of year..hurricanes for ya'll, tornadoes for us here in West Texas...

    This museum must be AWESOME!
    Every time we come to CC, we take all the kids aboard that ship...Lexington, I think.

  23. I love museums. They are teaching while entertaining.
    The sword from the Christopher Columbus fleet was most impressing.
    What a difference that made on history!
    I also love the vegetables and fruits display.
    In Norway they had something called potato priests. They would be preaching about the benefit of growing potatoes from the pulpit.
    Up to the 1970ies an Norwegian dinner without potatoes was unthinkable.

  24. it's great to take a tour through your blog. thanks have a good day rose

  25. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Anni - just an answer to the question you left at my blog.
    I have seen these liners are dollar store and general merchandise places, but any kitchen specialty store is your best bet.

  27. Mari Thanks bunches! I know for a fact, I'm gonna be looking for one. And they're washable? How awesome is that?!!!!

  28. Hi Anni,

    Your post is very educational. Very up my alley! I lived in Houston many years ago and loved visiting Corpus Christi. This museum must be new. Its beautiful. I cant believe how many artifacts they have. Thanks for sharing.


  29. That was a fun history lesson!

  30. nice set of photos!

  31. You and I will have fine dining with the red lobster. I love all sea food.

  32. There is so much to see here. Ruby abounds in a soft and subtle way all around in the pink tint on the pterodactyl and spoonbills. I love visiting museums, especially if it is in a place I am visiting that is unfamiliar. A place of learning is such a relaxing way!

  33. Great shots of a history I don't know much about, thank you. I will return! Thanks also for your visit.

  34. Such an interesting post! Looks like a great place to spend some time. And I was born and raised in Texas, but never really knew the source of the name before (thanks for the info). Hope the hurricane season isn't a bad one this year.

  35. Beautiful collections.

  36. Great shots and so interesting I would love to go through the museum with ya.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  37. I love the discovery and trade market pictures here...

  38. This museum has a little bit of everything, doesn't it! I too heard that the hurricane season this year may be a big one...hope not! Thanks for your visit to my RT.


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