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I've contracted CRABS?

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once told
me I had
jeans genes...
Is this
Omen then?

I'm not
any sleep


If you'd prefer to skip over my tidbit below on how to enable the Blogger Embedded Comment Form, 'hassle free' to leave comments in blogs, with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome, and you'd like to leave a word or two for my Ruby Tuesday only....


- - -<><><>- - -

Recently I had a comment in my blog that told me they couldn't post a comment unless using I.E. --- the commentor was using the new Google Chrome browser. Thing is, there IS a 'cure' to this. It's all done with cookie preferences. While the Embedded Blogger Comment Form was new several months ago, there was a time, using my favorite Firefox, I couldn't post a comment to the sites/blogs because of a simple thing, and there is a simple remedy!!! Back then, I did some research, and went into forums with my query and got help. Much needed help.

Now, I'm sure that y'all know what a cookie is, working with your browsers. Using the comment form through Internet Explorer, it could 'read' my comment and I was allowed to publish it with no hassle. Then, when I would return using Firefox, the comment form would not work.

You see, it was the different preference I had in my settings with both browsers...I E settings were different. And the simple fix is cookies!! Yes, those delicious help rendering cookies!! The non-fat kind. And it's very easy to reconfigure the browser cookies in Firefox. And you CAN have options to only accept cookies with Blogger if you fear damages to your computer.

First off, cookies CANNOT, cannot I repeat, put viruses on your computer!!! Cookies are just harmless files. Cookies cannot look into information stored on your hard-drive. It is technically impossible for cookies to read personal information. Cookies can only store data that is provided by the server or generated by an explicit user action. Cookies only allow a small amount of memory to enact your information from the site to allow it to load much quicker...by use of the cookie/a bit of memory!! Somewhat like..."Oh I've met you before, welcome back". It's a tracker. Just like what is used on site meter, or favorites in your bookmarks...etc. etc. etc. And you can also set your Firefox to clean out your cookies daily...or weekly...or monthly...or keep them forever. And yet, if you set your Firefox to accept these, whether you clean them each session...the cookies will again reload if you visit and use a comment form from Blogger!!! Simple.

After the comment was left for me, I did some experimenting with Google Chrome by downloading and installing it to my own computer. With my preferences set to allow the cookies, the comment form works!! I was able to leave comments on other blogs with the embedded form; along with my own in a test run. Remember, to save your preferred settings when finished!!

With Firefox:
TOOLS/OPTIONS/PRIVACY/Accept 3rd Party Cookies

With Internet Explorer:

For the New Google Chrome:

Click on the Tools menu and select Options
Click the "Under the Hood" tab and locate the "Security" section
In the "Cookie settings" drop-down menu, choose your preferred settings. Google Chrome allows all cookies by default, but you can restrict the behavior of first-party and third-party cookies or even block them completely.

Click on the Close button when you've finished.

- - -

Now, the Blogger Comment Form should work for you without any hassles or delays or revamping by switching browsers. Try it. I've had it set up this way for a long time now, and it works perfectly each and every time.

POSTED: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
12:40 A.M.


  1. LOL.. I am glad you are ALRIGHT!
    love you, Anni!

  2. I hope I won't have to stand in the corner for saying so (LOL!), but, to me, hitting is hitting. (Ouch!)

  3. Thanks for the information.

  4. Oops! Looks like I put my comment to your yesterday's blog in the wrong box. Sorry! Dare I say it? --> That's the way the cookie crumbles! LOL (By the by: Your cookies blog was very informative. Thanks!)

  5. We seem to share the same kind of genes then because it has been proved beyond doubt that I am crabby! People simply can’t be around me for long…

  6. Anonymous4/20/2010

    Wonderful RT you crabby woman you LOL. Love it.

    I use Chrome almost exclusively and I love it. Firefox is right up there and I never use IE. To damn much security. I hate it. Thanks for the tip. But I did know that :) WOOT!!!

    Have a great Tuesday :)

  7. Thanks Annie! This was very helpful! I ALWAYS appreciate help with this technical "stuff"!.. I crochet, I bake, I shop, I blog... but I am NOT computer savvy in the LEAST!.. I want to be. I try to be.. And all I can say is that I HOPE, if even very gradually, I WILL be someday! Thanks! ~tina

  8. Third Party Cookies - that sounds so strange....

  9. Among broken shells
    a crab explorer skitters,
    looking for new home.

    My red buds

  10. Lovely RT and I think everyone can be a bit crabby sometimes. Some days are worse than others:)

  11. very cheeky post ... you've got crabs! but he sure is a cutie and i hope nobody eats him. i don't like seeing them in water in restaurants.

  12. ooo. you might poke your feet,, isnt that dangerous ...wow, what a find .... thanks Anni for the drop ..

  13. HI Anni,
    You are a hoot with your "crabs." The crab claw looks patriotic: red, white and blue??

    Happy RT and thanks for stopping by.

  14. There were treasures in that stuff that washed up on the shore.
    Mama Bear

  15. Yikes - glad I'm not having problems commenting, because that's all Greek to me!!

    I didn't know crabs came in such lovely colors!

  16. Oh Annie you are such a hoot!! LOL

  17. Vernz Nah....it's not dangerous if you look DOWN where you're walking. Which I do.

  18. What amazing colouring .... at first I thought it might be a toy .....
    Gena D
    Thinking Aloud
    Vintage Rose Studio
    Inspired Living Spaces

  19. Hi Anni, I enjoyed this post. We have to do that, just go down (96 miles from us) to the beach and find stuff. Too bad that crab was dead or you could take it home and eat it.

    That wasn't my sister digging in the culvert, it was one of the guys from Tuesday. She was at the white golf cart stopped by the road down in Pasadena. I will try to move that picture down a bit. Thank you, and to Mrs. Jim for showing me my flawed post.

    Happy RT! I am to take my meds, get dressed, the guys have tee times starting at 10:02 this Tuesday morning. :)
    Oh yes, I don't understand cookies very good. I know they are there and I have my computer set to minimum. And my VCRs blink 12:00 and the TiVo is under the bed never plugged in.

  20. Jim LOL about your 'TiVo'---that's just plain funny.

  21. Congratulation with new poster head,- again.
    It's very fluffy and springlike, with the beautiful forget- me- nots.

    First time I see blue in a crab claw. Then again, I'm only sixty and have a lot to learn.
    Amongst others not to make blog posts in the middle of the night.
    Angel it is. I like the way you hinted it, tactful, with a smile.
    I'm sure you'd be a good friend to help me out if I had green lettuce between my teeth as well.
    Only my best friends do that, and I am always grateful.

  22. Felisol Oh, I'm happy I didn't make an enemy. LOL I wasn't sure to even mention it at all. But me being me...well, you know. :o)

  23. love it and great picture for red

  24. That's a gorgeous picture of a broken crab claw. Very lovely color combination.
    Thanks for stopping by my post. Happy RT!

  25. beautiful.and thanks for detailed imformation

  26. Anonymous4/20/2010

    What a wonderful and colorful find on the shore! I'm glad you photo captured it.


  27. Hi Anni -- we're still trying to get used to these gulf coast crabs! Back in Oregon, we used to catch the Dungeness -- big things, you eat the whole thing (wellyou know after all the work of cooking and cleaning and peeling == but not just the claws like these. I must say that's a very pretty image. Thanks for sharing. (I have a Chinese hibiscus today for RT)

  28. Very interesting crab. Wonderful colors for RT.

  29. Poor crab...but the broken claw makes a beautiful shot!!

    You are not only very artistic, you are also so clever!!!! thanks for sharing all that dough info :)

  30. Hello Anni! The coloring on that crab is cool. Thanks for the tutorial, also!!

  31. That is a pretty brightly colored crab! We don't get anything like that here in New England.

  32. The things we find on the beach, Love walking them.
    My Ruby Link for you

  33. What cool crab! Great info about tech. stuff.

  34. Nice find for Ruby. Happy RT!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  35. I can be crabby at times too. ;)

  36. I love your photo! And don't worry, everyone can get crabby sometimes.

    Happy Ruby!

  37. You've changed your email address. I just sent you one and it was returned.

  38. Wicked cool claw shot.


  39. Thank you for this information, Anni. I am using Firefox and never use IE.

    Great entry for RT.

    Thanks for the visit.


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