“A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard...
Why can't we all be like that bird?”
― Edward Hersey Richards

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Easter ...'lilies of the fields'



Last week...my Easter Egg Cup Collection with little "Tell" to it...This week, the same...hardly any tell to my show. LOLOLOL In my diningroom area:




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One; like spokes on a bike
I look hither and yon,
but, none the same, none alike.

One; like whipped butter 'r frosting on cake
I look hither and yon,
but, all's real, not silk, none fake.

Hues, shapes, height and depth they bring
I look hither and yon,
but, comes the wildflowers of Spring!!

poem: by Hootin' Anni
copyrighted 2010 © April 2nd
Flash Fiction-flower image: borrowed from Photobucket search

POSTED: Friday, April 2nd, 2010
4:20 A.M.


  1. Hi Annie. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I love the new Easter look of your blog. Great projects and I love the poem.
    "Hugs" Granny

  2. beautiful 55. love all the colors of spring and the new life of flowers...have a wonderful weekend.

    my 55 is up!

  3. Yes spring is here...well maybe as its wet, very wet and cold outside. Mine is here

  4. Very imaginative, I've never heard spring described as 'whipped butter 'r frosting on cake' before :)

  5. Nice! I love the Easter plates.

  6. remarkable poem,
    love the Easter bunny and everything is fresh and beautiful!
    Happy Friday!

  7. Love spring flowers - they'll be here in profusion soon - so far just crocus.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  8. Happy Easter to you and yours
    Loved the poem.

  9. Very cute ! Usually I love Easter decoration, but this year I am really lazy ! even on my blogs, you at least have a nice template !

  10. Oh yes, spring is coming. About time, too.
    Enjoyed that.

  11. Good morning, Anni
    Thanks for your visit. My brother in law also had a Birthday yesterday.
    Did you notice Google's April Fool's joke?
    Honey Bear is tilling his garden space. It is beautiful here. I hope you're having a great day, too.
    Happy Easter,
    Mama Bear

  12. Fantastic 55! Also, I love the Easter theme on your page.

    My 55 is here if you'd like to read.

  13. Your Easter bunny plates are so cute and they are green. my favorite color.

    i love wild flowers. That's my kind of garden. i have one bed that i toss a bucket load of wild flower seeds in and just see what comes up.

  14. I'd like 'em to be a little more come hither around here! This year, they are shy! :)

  15. Very springy and happy! Thanks and Happy Easter!

  16. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    I so adore this post. I love your poem. Honey you have a special gift to write that goes along with your beautiful gift to draw. How wonderful that is. You were truly gifted from the Lord himself, and I am so thrilled that you chose to take this talents and run with them.

    Love your beautiful candlesticks, you little basket is precious, and love the chocolate bunny. He looks good enough to eat, but is he faux? I have several of those, and believe me the grandkids have all checked them out. Now aren't those bunny plates just stinkin darn cute? I love them. They would look beautiful on any table.

    Are you having company for Easter? They kids will all stop by, but I have stopped cooking dinner for all. It is to expensive, and to exhausting for me. Our family has grown in leaps and bounds, and I always end up doing all the work. I can't do it anymore. Not and work the hours that I do.

    Happy Easter sweet friend. The year is really passing us by again. 2 weeks from today and I leave for Maryland to go and visit Blushing Rose (Marydon). We are going to have so much fun, and I can't wait to see all the history in that state. I will have lots to share when I get back.

    Love ya sweetie...Hugs, Sherry

  17. I love wildflowers - except for when they make me sneeze! Happy Easter, Anni!

  18. So darn cute.... Have a Very Happy Easter dear Anni!

  19. What a wonderful Spring and Easter 55. Lovely flowers, too...brightens my day!

  20. Love your 55 this week. It's so true. Spring has sprung. Very well done my friend. And I love your Easter decorations. Have a great Friday :)

  21. Annie...
    You have the beautifullest blog on the web.
    And the prettiest flowers.
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thank you for being so classy.
    Have a Happy Easter..And a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  22. You are a really good poet. I thought that this was some classic work.

  23. Spring and Easter are the best present through your blog and amazing 55!!!

  24. I think your photo upload lost its way a bit, but the two Easter shots I can see just reminded me it's Easter weekend now. Happy Easter.

  25. I've never had Easter eggs - maybe this year?

  26. Thanks Anni for stopping By This Blog Of Mine I appreciate every word. Love your website you do very nicfe work. I'm leaviing a link to all six episodes of Zephyr'e Revenge incase you've missedan episode or two. love the poem above very nice. Have a Great Easter.

    Zephyr's Revenge Part 6

  27. Love wildflowers and spring. Great 55.

  28. I am looking forward to Spring flowers and green grass and leaves on the trees.

    The snow on the mountains was pretty today. We got hail yesterday.

  29. Soooo Cute . . . I miss visiting one of my favorite blog. But now I'm here touching the base. Have a Happy Easter Hootin' Anni'. c",) Please do follow my blogs. . .

  30. Have a beautiful Easter.

  31. You leave me craving spring and the joy of the holiday.

  32. Those little Easter Bunny plates are so cute!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  33. Hi, Anni: Love the Easter-time poem. So springy. Makes me feel good to read it! D

  34. My wife has taken full advantage of cuttings from wild flowers and other assorted spring blooms, to fill the house with great color and spring fragrance.

  35. Annie your stuff looks great!