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I am a flower everywhere!
...exhibitionsim - double standards?!?

CLICK EITHER BUTTON to join SHOW N TELL It's been over five years now...I planted this lone iris not knowing if the coastal area would allow these to survive in the subtropics. When we were at Lowes Home Improvement just shortly after we relocated to Texas and in need of wood to get started on building the bookshelves in our office/library/computer room, they had a bin of bulbs on sale. Well, while Bud was placing his order to be delivered to our home, I dug through the goodies and found a netted bag of one...ONE only... blue iris. Around here, actually being subtropical, it's difficult to get anything with blue to bloom....even the Texas's own state flower, the Bluebonnet, is not too hardy here like farther up north; away from the sea. Since the more rare colored, sometimes patented, iris is quite costly, I picked it out and brought it home anyway. Yep, for the last five years, all it did was leaf out. Not to bloom. But I never gave up. Bud so many ti

"History is a useless heap of facts...."

Click either button to Join title is a quotation by Lord Chesterfield . In so many ways I agree with that statement, yet when I see things from the past in hard core reality, I wonder....are homes and all the people from the past that dwelt in these homes...were they really useless? No. I don't think so---- Heritage Park...downtown THURSDAY THIRTEEN There is a small 'park' with an outdoor pub, three bandstands, and several historical homes. All situated within a tract that is two city blocks. It's surrounded by theaters and arenas...near the ships' channel and harbor bridge. Museums of Science, art and cultural. A short distance away there is a ballpark that the Corpus Christi Hooks play regulation baseball --they're a farm team for the Houston Astros. In fact, the right field player for the Astros right now...Hunter Pence, played for the Hooks at one time before being signed on to play regularly during the scheduled seasons for Houston.

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Click either button to Join - - -<><><>- - - Yesterday we left early [dumb enough to leave the house during the rush hour!] and drove to Port Aransas, stopping at four different birding areas. I got photos galore, so be expecting many bird photos. And of course, they're most all waterfowl [except for a tanager and a couple others]. Golly, wonder why they're all mostly water birds? I took over 50 photos and am working on them to make them smaller in size to load quicker on the 'net. It was a lovely morning. The two of us met some nice people who were interested in birding also. The weather was super...tho, a bit windy in one area. We remained at Aransas for about 4 to 5 hours, wishing we could walk around the areas longer and go to others, but I had laundry waiting at home to be finished. There's always another day, another season. Stay tuned.... POSTED: Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 12:30 A.M.

We interupt regular blogging for...a Commercial

Click button to join ...yes, a commercial. You read the title correctly! If you haven't seen this one yet, it's a hoot! And believe it or not, yes.......Bud and I now, while driving around town here and there, are in search for the elusive VWs! Of course, Bud being Bud...he cheats. He's punching me [in fun] for Toyotas and Hummers and what have you---- So my fellow blog visitors, consider yourself punched!!!! Ever so lightly of course, don't wantcha fallin' off your chair. RED ONE!!! Our area of TEXAS experienced an earthquake over the past weekend. I wrote a little bit about earthquakes in the state, but if you'd prefer to skip over that and leave me some words of wisdom now, COMMENT HERE - - -<><><>- - - Earthquakes!! I believe it was this past Friday that the area around Alice, Texas [30 miles from the northwestern outskirts of Corpus Christi, where I live] had a reported 4.0 earthquake. I guess it knocked

"Cut! And, that's a wrap!" -movie lingo

click button to join A Pelican Statuary in our back yard. We call her "Penelope"! ....and macro shot - - -<><><>- - - In a previous post [the 18th], for Sunday Stealing, I had mentioned that I had been given the privilege of being in movies. I mentioned that I was along side Kevin Costner and René Russo...filmed in Tubac, Arizona...TIN CUP. I have many many photos of that experience, and some 'souvenirs'. The last day of filming on that location, I brought with me a permanent marker, and a 'blank' T-shirt. I had asked the film crew and stars to sign it for me. I got Costner, Russo, Cheech and many others to sign it. It still sits in my dresser. I think maybe I'll finally frame it!!! Someday. LOL When I do, you'll be the first to see the photos of course. rofl I also mentioned that I was cast in a made for TV movie. This one, I found online on You Tube today. It's a Lifet

Theiving is fun today!

Click to Join Sunday Stealing: The Fandom Meme Rules: We all are fans. Be it Star Trek or Twilight, you are a fan of something. Pick a subject, book, TV or movie series. Now tell us all about it! SUBJECT I'M GONNA CHOOSE IS A MOVIE At first, I was gonna pick ROOTS a TV mini series, then thankfully, I read the questions first....that would've been way too difficult to choose 'best' and worst in that work of literature. So I picked an oldie but goodie.... JAWS [THE FIRST the best one! But there were three as far as I know.] 1. The first character I fell in love with: Chief Brody. Mmmmmm, sweet. The late Roy Scheider. [image courtesy of Photobucket search -copyright infringement unintentional] 2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Ummm, the shark, not the nasty mean drunken one...but the rich one with the great boat for shark watching with sonar and everything. "...this was no boating accident!

...ohhhh, a toad went a'courtin' he did ride, uh-huh...or does it go "frog"...

click either button to join AND [linked each week below] SIX WORD SATURDAY -- CAN YOU HEAR SEE ME NOW? to explain more for my choice, view my CAMERA CRITTERS entry... - - -<><><>- - - CAMERA CRITTERS ..."with a sword and a pistol by his side, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh" No sword and no pistol by this little dahling but, our stone flower bed moved! Well, at least when I glanced around and noticed the wall was moving. Funny, I experienced ground movement during an earthquake before, Nah! not this time, no earthquake!! Just a cute little toad entertaining me. This must be the one that talks to us each morning before sunrise. At first he was nearly invisible...if he wouldn't have wiggled along the wall, I would have missed him completely. And the camera lens proves my theory...the camouflage works. Nature's way is best! Don't you think? Cute booger isn't it?!! At least if you're into toads, you'll agree. He soon

...sunset -swiftly flow the days

CLICK EITHER BUTTON to join SHOW N TELL Our living room, which is done mainly in Western/Southwest decor, was cleaned from ceiling to carpet over the last weekend. As I hung the cleaned curtains over the windows again, in the past year they've just 'hung there'...straight with no flow at all....I now wanted a swag with the curtains! I got an idea to make my own tie-backs. On the opposite wall, there is a huge patio glass doorway that is done in the same treatment...both now have 'homemade' 'western' tiebacks! I took heavy jute and a HUGE crochet needle...made 36 chains for each swag [four]...added a silver concho and beads. Making matching tie-backs with a Southwestern -Native American 'touch'. This is the 'end result'. If you'd like to skip my Friday Fiction below, and would like to leave me a few words of encouragement... COMMENT HERE - - -<><><>- - - FLASH FICTION 55


Click either button to Join THURSDAY 13 Working in a psychiatric firm for many years before retirement, I became interested in medical terms and the use of Latin and Greek more times than not. Still am. Most all have origins in those native tongues. As with my blog's title for Thursday, actually being thirteen letters ... for today, I'm doing thirteen words that contain thirteen letters , alphabetically from the first thirteen letters...from A to M. aldosteronism - (ăl-dŏs'tə-rō-nĭz'əm) A disorder marked by excessive secretion of the hormone aldosterone, which can cause weakness, cardiac irregularities, and abnormally high blood pressure. Also called hyperaldosteronism. blepharospasm - (blef-er-uh-spaz-uhm) Involuntary forcible closure of the eyelids. The first symptom may be uncontrollable blinking. Only one eye may be affected initially, but eventually both eyes are usually involved. The spasms may leave the eyelids completely closed causing functiona