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Shopping...you ask, how funny was it Anni? Well, I'll tellya...


[lots of 'tell']
Yesterday, I went and found an extension A to A usb cable for the computer's tower. In the past I've had to move the hard drive tower out each and every time I wanted to use either the scanner/printer, the cellphone photo reader, the small digital camera reader or the new camera's memory card reader. Each and every time. Something had to work. I don't want the tower sitting on the floor since it's so humid even with the de-humidifier. I like it where it is...right handy for me to reach out and put in a CD or a DVD. Just within arm's reach when I'm sitting at my desk. After researching online, I found what I needed. Then, drove to Best Buy since it's the closest to our home. This is funny....I get me a young girl who worked there [probably in her early 20s if that old] to direct me to the usb cables. While walking with her she asks what I'm looking for. Being the 'old world' kinda gal that I am, I state I needed an extension male/female usb cable. She jerked her head and the look on her face was one that if I would've been with Bud we both would have just busted out laughing at her....no, WITH her. Tho she didn't really seem to think it was funny. If you're my generation, you'd probably understand what a male end and a female end is. No? Well, it's really a simple concept...one end 'fits' into the other end. Get the picture? I bought one, got it home, tested it out on all four of my cables/readers and I'm set. Now all I need to do is grab the right thinga-ma-bob and I'm in business. Okay, such a long tale of my afternoon...now while checking out to see if it all worked, I took pictures. This is my show n tell. It's the best I could do today.

SPRINGTIME IS HERE TO STAY!! [Did I tell y'all it's been in the 80s the last few days? Gotta LOVE that!!!] Here is what is now blooming in our back yard [mouseover captions]----

if you'd like to skip my Friday's Fiction 55

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"March 2010 will bring est. 500,000 to beaches" I say: Must they all show up here? [kidding]

The warm springlike weather is now
The beaches will soon be butt to near naked butt
The colleges nationwide having 2 week breaks
The kids'll show up within days
The island; congested
The revelers; drink and be merry
The carefree embark on our land
March fifteenth to thirty-first will be long for me...
April 1st...trashed!!!

POSTED: Friday, March 12th, 2010
12:15 A.M.
BEACH PHOTOS found on Google searching 'spring break beach photos'

- - -


  1. Looks like a busy time ahead.

  2. mmmm, sad how the beaches look after the frivolity...

  3. You're coming into spring and they're calling it autumn here. However, tell the temperatures that. It's still been hot, which I love, although it did turn cooler this afternoon when the wind turned southerly.

    I loathe crowded beaches and the absolute mess the beach goers leave behind. What do they do in their own homes? Makes one wonder...

  4. wow. craziness. guess the economy gets a boost, but... hope you survive! nice 55.

    mine is up!

  5. Brian Oh we survive all right. We usually just stick around close to home for two weeks, doing yard work, etc. THEN after the city goes in and cleans up the mess with bulldozers do we venture back on the sand.

  6. Good morning Hootin' Anni !! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note about my master bath revamp !! I LOVE your flowers ... especially the climbing roses. I'm envious of all the color you already have in your yard !! Please share more pics and your beautiful flowers bloom more and more !! Take care, Becca

  7. Ah yes! I know what the male and female port of a cable means.

  8. Ah, the poor beach :(
    We've had such a cool summer that we didn't make it to the beach once (though we also went away.)

  9. Thank you for visiting me! Love and light to you!

  10. Your roses are beautiful ! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  11. Beautiful flowers...much needed on this dreary New England day! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Anonymous3/12/2010

    Love the flowers and all their color. So sad about the beach. In Florida we have some issues but I have never seen it that bad!!!

  13. Where is this - Port Isabel? Corpus? Glad you got to Texas as soon as you could! :) Nancy

  14. Wow! 80s? That sounds just wonderful. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  15. awe, i would make them clean it up!! that sucks!! great 55 and wow in the 80's already!! we had high 50's here and my daffodils are blooming!! i love spring!!

  16. Geez, They left it looking like their bedrooms!

    Loved the 55.

  17. Oh my gosh! What gorgeous blooms you have already!!!

    m ^..^

  18. your flower photos are getting my excitement up for spring (as we're headed for MORE snow today). oh well...soon.

  19. Love your pretty new spring sprouts - I have roses, hibiscus and lemons flowering right now.
    Thanks for stopping my blog and your lovely comment.

  20. Oh my gosh, it's in the 80s! How nice!!! I can't wait until it warms up here. It's going to be in the 70s next week...I can't wait. Your flowers are looking beautiful!

  21. The weather sounds wonderful, the flowers are lovely, the trashed beaches are sad!

  22. Wow. As if it weren't bad enough that the bridge looks ready to tip over, they have to trash the beach too.

  23. I think I'd go away for those two weeks - maddening irresponsibility!

    The flowers look luscious. DC's cleaning out the beds of winter junk and hoping to see some new life showing up under it all. Is the iris blooming?

  24. Enjoyed your show and tell.

  25. What a mess they leave. It amazes me to remember back and think about what we used to think was fun. Yikes!!!

    However - I never was a 'party animal'. I was more the silent, quiet fun type.


  26. Beautiful, beautiful flowers! Sad pic of the beach after all the Spring Breakers left. That's awful! Enjoyed your post. I like your background too...very cute!

  27. heavenly beautiful!
    I love the beach, the story, and the whole post as ONE!

    excellent post!

  28. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/55-when-i-turn-on-my-pc/
    my first time try for 55,
    thank you for the attention!
    Happy Friday!

  29. I didn't realize that you lived in a vacation Mecca!
    Loved your 55 Anni.
    And I sympathize with you about the intrusion of Youth.
    Missed you last week, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  30. I remember being a little taken aback many years ago the first time I heard the male/female description for a plug of some sort. Your flowers are beautiful....your "after" beach pics are a shame.

  31. I love all of the pretty flower pictures, but (he,he) those were not the butts I had in mind. I do not envy you that.

    Flash 55 - Avian Love

  32. Oh my God! Do they really leave such a mess? Disgusting. Great 55.

  33. Your flowers are beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb but every plant I even look at wilts!

  34. Oh...I really do not like people trashing rubbish.
    They should be more CIVIC , my EARH is ONLY DYING!


    Happy 55!
    Happy Friday Follow!
    Happy Round Robin!
    Happy Friday Family!

    Have you a ROCKING and SEXY WEEKEND!




  35. That was so funny. Glad to hear that you have everything you need now.
    I am so jealous of the temps and sun!!
    We have not seen the sun or warm again for over a week.I would pick up the beach if it meant some warmth and sunshine.:)
    Wish I had those beautiful flowers in my yard.
    Guess I need to be patient a little longer.

  36. Lovely flowers! I am really ready for Spring but it looks w'll have to wait a little longer.

  37. "The beaches will soon be butt to near naked butt..."

    I love this line!
    Funny and sooooo true. :)

  38. My dearest Anni,

    I am humbly inviting you and your friends to join me in a new meme that I have just created called,
    W33K3ND FUNNI3S!

    Please join me at W33K3ND FUNNI3S-THE CONFUSED CHINESE

    Your friendship and participation is highly appreciated.


  39. Anonymous3/12/2010

    April Fools!!! LOL. Just kidding. Said those kids don't take better care of the land. Wonderful 55 my friend. :) Have a great weekend :)

  40. LOVE your header!!! DH taught me about female/male connections ... I probably had the same look as that gal when I first heard that phrase.

    The flowers are gorgeous, our crocus are blooming ... we are in the midst of a full weekend rain storm.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  41. Oh I say "male" and "female", too. Perfectly normal slang to me!

  42. Annie your flowers are so beautiful!! You gotta a green thumb??

  43. Trashed indeed. Good luck cleaning up that! Fun 55 this week. Thanks for visiting mine :)

  44. Oh, I am dying to dig into the front yard and get some color back by our front door! These pictures made me want to go grab my gardening gloves :) I'm hitting the garden center this weekend!

  45. Hi Anni, Your pictures of your roses are great, you have more roses blooming than mine in my garden. Thanks for your visit, Julian

  46. The flowers are so beautful. I still have snow in my front yard. I'm so ready for Spring.

  47. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your flowers are so pretty! I love those Tombstone Roses! I can't wait until all this snow melts so we can have some pretties as well. Thanks again for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  48. Beautiful! I wish my garden looked like that right now! Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by!

  49. I wish the trash could be fictionalized, too. I wonder how it is so many can't connect their desire to be someplace because it's beautiful and the beauty of the place with their own choices.

  50. oh goodness! why can't people clean up after themselves? personally I HATE a crowded beach! I'm all about quiet surf and solitude....and NOT HAVING MY SAND CASTLE TRAMPLED!!

    I do know male/female ends. and find it strange that she didn't...sigh...then again...I got OLD earlier this month.

  51. Anonymous3/18/2010

    Oh that's a lot of trash left behind, but the naked butts must be worth it, right? LOL ;-)


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