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six word saturday


You may have asked..."Where's Anni? She hasn't been around all week to leave me a comment?" LOL -----The past five days, from sun-up to sun-down, I've been working on something that I've been wanting to do for nearly 6 years. Yes, it's taken me that long to build up the courage even to begin. But, in the last month, since I've been going through all my photo albums from the days of 'single-dom' to moving to Texas; to scan a photo here and there for my blog, or a family member who remembered a picture I have and wanted it emailed to them---things like that...well, the photos were becoming loose, the pages were getting knocked around and getting torn from the bindings and the 3 rings were slowly tattering the loose leaf pages....etc. etc. etc. It was time to redo them. And this past week, I took on the project------

And as of yesterday, the thousands of photos are all torn out and categorized in boxes! [about ten of the 14 albums I had used the 'sticky' back photo pages...and I literally had to 'pull them loose, one by one'] The pages for albums over 100 each, six photos to a page on both sides!!! The boxes are labeled, they're now stored with much easier access than before, and I don't have to fight to keep them pasted onto the album pages nor try to keep the pages within the album covers!!! Someday, I may even get enough gumption to put them all on disks. Ya, right!!!

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camera critters

One White Winged Dove
sitting in a tree...
First comes Mate
Then comes Nest
Then comes mate's turn
nurturing with zest!!

PS...sorry for the link error in your comments!!! I goofed.

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POSTED: Saturday, March 27th, 2010
5:40 A.M.


  1. Scared the M and M's out of me? LOL...Precious!
    I LOVE your photo... and the poem, so COOL.
    I have yet to do what you did.. I have started keeping most
    photos on a pen drive though.
    Stay healthy and blessed, Anni darling!

    Happy Saturday!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love your six words.. this week .. I have a set of six words..oh dear.

  3. Wonderful post, Anni!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!


  4. that is a massive project
    I just got a photo scanner and I have been putting off starting this very same project

    congrats on getting it done!!

  5. Six words for you: No time? Not true! Take time!

  6. As a family our 'photo album' is a very big plastic box full of pictures that stretch to the childhood of grandparents so one day...soon...yes soon...we will organise.

  7. Wonderful post and I love your blog. That funny is so cute !!!!
    Happy 6WS

  8. What a huge project! I did that a few years ago with the intention of getting them into scrapbooks, but they are still in boxes. Some day!
    The cartoon is great!

  9. Wow!! That IS a huge project! I'm thinking of the very large plastic container with maybe 1000 pictures that I have and can't even think about getting them organized. Good on ya!

  10. ~too funny your comic strip...l♥ve! wow, what a project you have taken on...may you keep working away at those wonderful memories...be courageous and complete the project! wishing you a wonderful weekend...brightest blessings~

  11. You will feel very pleased with yourself when you get that photo project done. I would feel pleased with myself if I would just get started on that same project.

  12. What a festive Easter post! We love your dove.

    Happy Easter.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  13. LOVED the cartoon... Glad to hear that your getting all organized however I kinda picture you that way anyways...☺☺☺ Have a super day!

  14. good job!! Have a great weekend.

  15. Hey Annie, I have missed you. Good to know your okay!! Thats some project your tackling.........but I know your up to the challenge!!

  16. Hi Anni,
    I love to listen to the doves coooing.. It's my favorite bird song! Great photo capture!
    Thanks for visiting my hummingbirds :-)

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog and Camel Rock. Your link on the comment section did not work, but I was able to come over from your profile information. You have quite a page here with an unusual design. Fun camera critter today.

  18. Wow, that is quite a project you have going on there. I am very impressed! Way to go!!!

  19. Thanks for stopping by, love the dove in the tree...caption was funny.

  20. Lovely dove. We enjoy watching our doves which are of the collared variety.

  21. oh i love the yellow on the pidgeon. hes gorgeous. wat a peaceful little thing.

    by way mate the link you left to your post said 'not found'in case you were copying and pasting it :)

    Happy CC

  22. I could watch that all day

  23. Lovely birds, these. Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  24. What a pretty shot! Cute cartoon too!

  25. Good for you! that's a project I still have to do, myself...
    Love the cartoon ;)

  26. The doves are busy here, too. Love the comic! Happy Spring!

  27. Anni, it's a perfect one...
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  28. WOW ... what a BIG job but well worth the doing! I need to dig in to MY picture albums one of these days too. Love the dove and the cartoon ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  29. Awesome job of organizing your photos! i need to do that someday!

    Have a good Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  30. I did the same thing with some of my pictures - I need to do the rest. They're in boxes and I don't know when I'll get the gumption to go further!

  31. what smart post!
    I will try six words Saturday next time,
    Happy Saturday!

  32. Enjoy your weekend dear.

  33. Do you want to come to my house? I have about 1000 photos, so it shouldn't take us long. Seriously, good for you! You are truly an inspiration and it's very helpful to see the project in progress.

  34. Quiet. You scared the M&Ms out of me! ROTFLOL Too funny! I love it.

    Your dove is a lovely shot. I don't envy you having to catalog and label all those photos, but your heirs will appreciate it.

  35. This is too funny....I did the exact same thing with all my pictures a few weeks ago! I also had mine in albums, some all mixed up in a large box, etc. Now they've all been put in order in containers and as you say, so much more of an easier access to them.

    Love the picture of the dove in the tree. The Mourning Doves over here are already mating and building their nests...a little early for over here but then with the weird weather we've been having it's no wonder even the birds are mixed up. lol xoxo

  36. Oh how gorgeous are all your Easter egg cups?!! Isn't it funny how just buying ONE of something can lead us into getting a full collection. lol I just love your Easter decorations on your coffee table. I finally got all my decorations out and must take pictures to post.

    Enjoyed your Flash Fiction 55...I can just imagine how much it must hurt the hand to catch a fly ball!! xoxo

  37. cute post !!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Annie, Thanks for dropping by..

    I love the phrases that describe how it will be for this dove .... Happy sunday... See you again..

  39. Woo hoo congratulations on the photo project -- I should favorite this post and look at it every day or two for inspiration. yeah, right! I really do want to do the scanning thing one of these times though. Brought a couple albums with us to Florida (the rest are stored at our daughter's in oregon). Someday.....

  40. I tackled a similar project a few years back with those kind of albums. They are a total pain to take off the pictures. but it's done now so I know how you feel to have it behind you and organized. Although I don't think my kids appreciate what amount of work I did just so their memories will be in order.

  41. Sound like you been busy.

    Coffee is on.

  42. Love your blog --live in podunk too, only more south. Follow you now

  43. This is a lovely photo, I really like the comic strip too!

  44. wow! so many photos! i think i also have to redo mine, too. after six years from now, too? :-)

  45. Great post Anni. You have reminded me I need to start going through the mounds of photo albums I have and re-categorize. Enjoyed your photos.

  46. Oh wow, that is a major undertaking. I have been scanning photos on and off for a couple of months but nothing like what you have tackled.

    Love the photo and the poem.
    The Road to Here

  47. That comic is hilarious who knew cute little bunnies shot M&M's LOL!

  48. love the cartoon! too funny.
    that's a big project!
    I need Easter stuff......

  49. hey annie. i love what you have done with those photos, what a huge and back-breaking job. what utter fun too. so glad i popped by, will visit more, let's be bloggy friends. xx

  50. oh no i went and spelt your name wrong, sorry anni.

  51. Oh I love that bird! Beautiful.


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