"Oschter Haws" and cups



Our Living Room Coffee Table

I've got tons to show today, so I'll keep the "tell" part short and simple. Since my Thursday post was all about the beautiful Easter Eggs I received as a gift...last year, I bought an Easter Egg Cup...One single one...a 'chocolate bunny' ---the collection has increased nearly 30-fold this Spring! As tradition goes, they're found hidden in nooks and crannies all over the house [with mouseover captions].

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"I got it! I got it---it's mine".
"I got it....I got it...I got it"!!!
I'm looking into the bright sun, blinded temporarily...
The orb is coming closer...
"Stand clear...I got it"!!!
I caught it...."It's mine I tellya"....
"Dang, that stings my hand".
"Just how fast was it traveling"?
***Hurts muchly***

To explain...I have caught many-a-fly-balls at baseball games that come into the foul zones. I remember one time, a Rockies' player was on first base, when I caught it...he told me "Remember, it's a Colorado ball." I had on a Diamondback's T-shirt. The game was against the D'Backs -Rockies the 'home team' in Reid Park.

POSTED: Friday, March 26th, 2010
4:50 A.M.


  1. nice. i am a Dbacks fan...love baseball seaon...and they sure do sting sometimes when you catch them...nice 55.

    mine is up!

  2. I love baseball and I love your 55! You ROCK your 55! hugs,shakira

  3. Easter must be fun in your house.
    'It's mine' - is that allowed in baseball? In football (soccer), you have to shout a name (your own).
    Great post!

  4. What a cute collection of egg cups. Funny how a collection snowballs on you, isn't it? At least you started it with something small!

  5. I've caught quite a few stingers playing cricket in my youth. Nicely done.

  6. Great 55, you really put me there in that stand.

  7. You egg cups are so cute. I often wonder where you store all of your treasures. I cull mine every season and there's still never enough room.

    Catching any fly ball is a treat.

  8. Always a fun post, Annie!! Love your coffee table, and your beautiful collection of egg cups! I'll be working on an Easter Tree myself today! So, far I don't have ONE single Easter decoration out.. It's criminal, I tell you! I gotta GO! I got things to DO here!!... See you again soon! ~tina

  9. Love you 55 Anni...I never played baseball but can imagine how that hard little ball would sting!
    Thank you for visiting my blog & for the lovely comment you left for me. Greatly appreciated...hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Hi Anni ~!
    your table is so cute. Makes me grin and thats just how I like to start my mornings. I believe you have the best egg cup collection I've ever seen.. Each one unique and adorable.
    Thank you so much for visiting me this morning and leaving such a sweet comment. I appreciate your link too, so I could come and see all your pretties.
    the chicks on your template are just too cute lol.
    have a "Sonny" day and come to see my anytime..

  11. How darling all your little egg cups are! I love your Easter blog background too:)

  12. The times I played baseball are few and far between and I don't watch baseball, but your 55 caught the moment you describe perfectly. I was there. :)


  13. this is great. I was wondering what you were doing....flyballs..great.

  14. Annie, congrats on catching the fly ball, no matter how it stings.

  15. Least ya caught it, sting or no sting! :))
    Have a lovely weekend, Anni.

  16. It is strange sometimes how a collection can seem to grow on it's own! :)
    Your cups are so cute.

  17. Annie..we have so much in common...interests, movies..well, not really, as I am hot after those historical films. But music..etc..
    Now...the fly balls. I duck!!

  18. Sorry..but I have a p.s. It's those eggs..
    Egg cups are not really easy to find...and would you look at how many you have collected. And...I am WAY older than you! Geez!!

  19. Another p.s. Wait...you said historical fiction.. :) Yeah! Me too! So there ya go AND look! You can't say I didn't contribute to your comments today! :)

  20. Anni, what a cute egg cup collection you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  21. Anni...
    I love this!
    I also have a foul ball from a Detroit Tiger baseball game.
    Excellent 55 My Dear, AND your blog looks beautiful!
    thanks for playing, and the kind words on my post.
    You Rock Baby...
    have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  22. These are so cute and festive!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  23. Your eggs are stunning and I like your 55, but I would have been wearing a Rockies t-shirt.

  24. Thanks so much Annie for the invite. These Easter eggs are so colorful, cheerful and fun, adorable really! So many and so many sweet designs!

    My that Easter egg hunt sounds like like fun ; like a real 'hoot' and loads of fun for you my dear,'hootin Annie'; (sorry I couldn't resist)!..,Hehe

    I'm delighted that you came by for a visit and that you enjoyed my Easter tea table.

    I'll see you soon, I'll also come by to see if you've 'caught any fly balls' lately!~ Good for you Annie!

    Hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  25. Anni,

    Love all your Easter egg cups. Very cute. I don't have any, but used to when we were young. China ones. Ducks, chicks and a sheep. Wish I could find some like them.

    As for fly balls, the only ones I've ever caught was while playing ball as a kid or with the grandsons. I've only ever been to one Marjor League baseball game and that was in Toronto in '92 when the Blue Jays won the series.

    Take care. I'm going to check your previous post. I have my show & tell up also.

    Have a great day, my friend.


  26. A beautiful gift from a much loved friend. Treasures, for sure.


  27. Hi Anni,
    Fun 55! I've never caught a fly ball but wouldn't try without a glove. Your eggs reminded me Easter is just around the corner. And snow flurries in our sky.

    I like the Dunn quote, especially with the TX Board of Education and their so-called "historians" in the news. What do you think about all that? Guess I'm glad I live in Mich. though the Gulf of Mexico must be beautiful this time of year.

    Thanks for visiting my 55. Have a great Friday!

  28. LOL @ hurts muchly! :D

    Those flying balls sure can hurt!

  29. Good for you! I'm the one who always ducks, holding my arms around my head and shouting "Incoming! Incoming!"

  30. Hey, I am impressed that you have caught as you say "many a foul ball" at baseball games. I've been to a lot of them myself and have never had the opportunity.

    Thanks for commenting on and visiting my 55: Respect

  31. Beautiful EGG cups... Loved your display today Anni... Have a super day!

  32. Hello, Anni: Sports were never my thing as a kid. I always got hit by whatever kind of ball we were playing with. Never failed.

    All the Easter pretties are precious. I enjoyed. D

  33. Hi Anni!

    Oh, I love all yur Easter Egg cups! They are all so cute. I have just started adding these little adorable decorative holders to my Easter goodies this year and I am having so much fun with them!

  34. You have a lot of different egg cup holders. I like the one that look's like a choclate rabbit! Thank's for shareing..... Julian

  35. With all the pictures of the eggs I was sure it was going to be a broken egg not head.

    HOpe you got to keep the ball. xx

  36. Not much of a baseball fan, but I sure can relate to this one. Thanks for stopping by to see me and read my 55.

  37. cute. at first i thought it was a spin-off of Chicken Little! lol

  38. Love this and Love Easter...Thank you for stopping by!!

  39. That's why I always sat int he first base bleachers at the old Durham Athletic Park. But you really got to watch out when you lose 'em in the sun like that.

  40. I played a lot of baseball as a kid and I could taste the dust and feel the sting of the ball in your story! Great description.

    Your house looks lovely. I envy people who change their decorations seasonally. What I want to know is where do you store the stuff when it isn't in use?

  41. Anni, you are very brave! I've never caught a fly ball - though admittedly, I've also not gone to many baseball games.

    Your Easter collection is fantastic!

  42. Ouch, ouch, ouch! But what anticipation you created in those few words.

  43. I don't know enough about baseball to know what that all means, but I remember in high school being in the outfield and catching a ball and feeling just like the 55.

  44. Thanks or stopping by, your collection is just adorable.

  45. Awesome decorations.

  46. What a wonderful collection of egg cups! There is one in every color and for every imaginable taste, very sweet!

    Kat :)

  47. I used to love going to watch men and women's softball games. Such intensity and love for the game by all. Thanks for taking me back to that ol' ball park!

  48. We don't have Easter - we have Songkhran at about the same time.

  49. You have a great collection of Easter egg cups! I thought only rabbits multiplied that quickly!

  50. love those cute and beautiful Easter eggs,
    you are very blessed!
    Happy Friday!
    Take good care!

  51. wow, it is mine,
    looking into the bright sun...

    love the 55 of yours,
    thank you for the most incredible post!

  52. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/flash-friday-55-i-am-a-jolly-blogger/

    mine is up,
    hope that you look at it with care,
    take good care!

  53. These are really very cute ! I had to laugh about the word Oschter haws, because it is exactly the English prononciation of Osterhas ! Indeed the Oschter Haws was introduced by German settlers first in Pensilvania. I wrote a TT about it ! Isn't it funny that the word still exists ?

  54. Go diamond backs...
    Thanks for stopping by this Blog Of Mine I'm glad you stopped by and left a comment I appreciate them tremendously. I hope you enjoyed Part 5 of Zephyr's Revenge.next week will be part 6

  55. Oh my, I love all your egg cups. You have an awesome collection. Thanks for stopping by.


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