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Adoption Day - Canadian Gold!

Eight years ago, yesterday, we had been home from a trip to Houston ---home was Tucson Arizona back then. After unpacking and getting a bit settled from the two week trip through Texas, I told Bud that it was time to get us another fur baby! We had lost our Siamese to old age and we both were devastated that she was no longer with us, I took a short drive to a Pet Smart. On Saturdays they always have a pet adoption day with their foster kitties and puppies [dogs and cats]. I wanted an older cat. I always feel so deeply connected to the ones that are 'too old' to adopt. They need lovin' too!! I spied a beautiful medium haired tabby. She was in her pet carrier, coiled up in the corner...our eyes met. Her eyes; a deep golden yellow. On the cage; her name "Tahoe". I whispered quietly, above the din of children and families there looking for their perfect pet to take home...I whispered "Hi sweet thing, you're so pretty!" Tahoe responded with a soft purr and a nuzzle to my fingers as I reached in to pet her through the bars. We've had her with us, gracing our days, now for eight years. She relocated with us via a car trip with me to our home in Corpus!!! She's a talker, she's a smart one that likes to fetch her special toy [still the same one I bought at Pet Smart eight years ago]...she is my PURRfect companion!!

Yesterday, Bud and I celebrated with her on her HAPPY ADOPTION DAY!!

- - -<><><>- - -

The Winter Olympics are over for another 4 years. I didn't watch much. I really never do. But I must admit, watching some of the hockey preliminary games throughout the few weeks...well, let me say I wasn't much of a Hockey fan either....'til now!! Did y'all watch the last match? The Gold Medal match between the Canadians and the Americans? Wow!!! What a game!! That was stupendous. It's so fast paced....the game...and I must say: "Very exciting"!!! Near the end of the third period...the last of the 20 minute periods, the score was 2 to 1 in favor of Canada. At something like 25 seconds left, America scored a goal to tie the game...going into Sudden Death!! Canada scored first...they won the gold medal. But wow...what a game. I'm now thinking maybe I'll sit and watch the Colorado Avalanche games. LOLOLOL.

POSTED: Monday, March 1st, 2010
4:50 A.M.
Canadian Hockey Photo courtesy of the 'net


  1. Enjoy your week sweetie, love you.

  2. Happy Adoption day to Tahoe!
    We watched the game yesterday too, and like you I've never watched much hockey, but that was quite a game!

  3. Tell me the physicality of hockey didn't rub off on you and you punched Bud during the ending of the game!! Your kitty story is lovely, heart warming, sweet. We're beginning the red tape to adopt another Greyhound. Yippee!!

  4. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    Oh how beautiful your sweet Tahoe is. Happy Adoption Day to your sweet baby. They become our children don't they? (I can't imagine the day when it comes that I will be without my Handsome Bruiser. He is the love of our lives.) Your Tahoe is so beautifully marked. Just gorgeous.

    Now that game was so GREAT. Yes I did watch it, and I love hockey. We have a team here in Phoenix. The kids have gone and watched a game, but I have never gone. The Olympics have encouraged me, but there are so many violent people that go to these games, it is scary accoring to things the kids have told me. These are die hard fans that go.

    I pray you had a beautiful weekend. If your precious package did not arrive Saturday it will be there today. I mailed it priority. Be looking. Love you sweetie, and have a beautiful day today. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. What a gorgeous tabby ... love those eyes! Happy belated adoption day to you all. I didn't watch the hockey but I did watch some of the Olympic events as time permitted ... always off the DVR playing catch up.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Your sweet cat, Tahoe, is so beautiful and how lucky that you found each other... and YES it was a close and exciting game for sure... I love hockey... Have a super day!

    ps... thanks for coming by and visiting

  7. Love your header, Anni. I'm a little bit Irish.
    I enjoyed reading about how Tahoe came to live with you. You just knew, didn't you. That is the same as it was with me and Smokey. I believe God sent me to the shelter that day because it wasn't planned and I knew he was the one for me by the way he reacted to me. I had been thinking about a yellow cat like Morris.
    Mama Bear

  8. Tahoe was meant to come home with you that day, how wonderful that you've had him for 8 years already!! Like you, I tend to gravitate towards the older cats/dogs, they still have so much love to give and accept:-)

    I think I stopped breathing a few times during that hockey game yesterday! Omigosh, talk about exciting. When USA scored in the last 20 seconds, I could have cried! lol Both teams were fabulous and I would have awarded them both gold!!!! xoxo

  9. I have something for you today.

  10. Anonymous3/01/2010

    Tahoe was indeed lucky. Happy Adoption Day to her and to you :) The Olympics were great and Canada deserves many kudos for a hosting job well done :) Rabbit, Rabbit

  11. A beautiful cat and a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  12. my oldest is fascinated with your kitty's picture.