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82, 82, 82...that's 246 total toothpicks!....

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1. What is your favorite kind of cookie? Homemade!! Any kind but chocolate chip. I got sick over eating too many of those when I was a kid, now I can't stand the thought of homemade chocolate chip. Ewwwww [I can still eat ONE Chips Ahoy tho].

2. If a bird's wing falls asleep, does it hurt when it tries to flap its wings or does that make it feel better? Ever hear the expression bird-brain? Poor thing; the information transmitted from the body part becomes somewhat jumbled, and the brain receives strange messages. Some nerve cells don't transmit any information and others start sending impulses erratically. This causes a bird to feel a strange tingling sensation, which actually serves an important function. Its wing falling asleep for 10 minutes doesn't pose any health threat, but if it were to cut off circulation for an extended period of time -- several hours -- you find its wing on your plate, it suffered serious nerve damage, and ended up in Buffalo. Hence, buffalo wings.

3. Water - tab, bottle, filtered or....??? Tab? Is that soda pop still around? I know, I know you really mean tap, right? But I say on the rocks, please, with a twist of lemon!!

4. Would you (or do you) have a stripper pole installed in your home? Aha!!! No. And that's my final answer. Heck I wouldn't even strip in FRONT of a Pole [Pollack].

5. Do you still have any Christmas decoration up? No way José.

6. What brand of camera do you have? Samsung, Fuji, and Kodak.

7. Why do paint colors have weird names? That, my friend, is to justify a lot of jobs in the Hardware departments and paint factories. How else would they make $15 an hour? Gotta have weird names...right? Would you rather buy black or Ebony River Stone? My all time personal favorite paint color name would be Diamond in the Rough ---you see, diamonds are formed from paint...diamond in the rough, get it?

8. Which toe is your favorite and which foot is it on? I seem to favor my big toe on my right foot...I'm always stubbing that one.

9. What would you do if a celebrity sneezed in your face? Collect his DNA for future reference.

10. If a stranger came to your door and asked for a glass of water, would you give it to them? Firstly, I NEVER answer the door to strangers---there's a hose and faucet on the exterior just to the right.

11. The government has asked that you pick the newest national holiday - what is it? Oh shouldn't have even mentioned the government when I'm around...heck, even if I were to name a holiday, there would be no bipartisanship seen....they'd bicker over how to rephrase the holiday for calender use, and vote it down and then re-plan and bicker some more. By the time they pass it into law, I'm retired and not give a hoot!!

12. How many toothpicks could you fit into a beer can? It'd be better for you to ask the "Rain Man".


13. What's the weirdest excuse you ever gave for missing school or work...or heck, even a social function, date, whatever? I'm too sick. Yep, sorry to disappoint, but that is as weird as I get.

14. Can we stop now? Please do!! But return again next Thursday...this is a favorite meme of mine.

THIRTEEN JOKES POSTED HERE [for my Thursday Thirteen this week]

POSTED: Thursday, March 11th, 2010
4:55 A.M.


  1. Good Morning Annie Sweetie....
    82..82..82..246 oh my goodness I had forgotten about the toothpicks, that was just awesome. I loved Rain Man. It made you laugh, made you think and made you cry. One I will have to look up again for sure.

    No way...I love chocolate chip cookies, they are my favorite. Always will be. I could eat at least 2 every morning if my diabetes would allow me.

    How is the weather? Did you get our rain over there? I am glad it is gone for now. I need some sunshine. I am curious as to what you have found at the beach of late? Any new downpours of sand dollars? I am like you I would be there every morning walking the sands. A definite love for me. DH and I are planning a little gaunt down to Huntington Beach again soon. That was a fun place to go. Open the beach with walks in the morning, and close it with romantic talks of the night. So beautiful there.

    Have a gorgeous Thursday my sweet friend. Please know that you are so loved. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. christmas decorations???? they obviously don't know you very well.

  3. Funny -- we both thought that saving the sneeze spray might be worthwhile. lol. Love your blog design. You are very talented. I wish I knew how to do that -- anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and hope we as fellow Nebraskans can get to know each other (I was also born in Wichita Falls.) Have a good one. :)

  4. Anonymous3/11/2010

    Ask the Rain Man...That was too funny!

  5. Anonymous3/11/2010

    Awww I remember that in the Rain Man. LOL I'm glad you know which toe you always stub Jose LOL :) Have a great Thursday :)

  6. Loved the Rain Man! The Buffalo wing thing made way too much sense. You're a riot...

  7. I love oatmeal cookies. And I make very pretty Christmas stars with toothpicks.

    T13 - Kindle Krazy

  8. Great answers as always Anni... Loved the Rainman clip! Have a super day.

  9. Love your 13! Thanks for stopping by mine too.

    The Misplaced

  10. Anonymous3/11/2010

    I love your #4. I wouldn't either...

  11. Ooooh I love your answer to number two!
    Stop by and see me if you have a moment. :D

  12. Anni, I just love your Meme, AND your sense of humor--and wit. It all makes for a fun read Thanks!


  13. i love chips ahoy too. what will you about the DNA? =)