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Whitecap Beach...

Sherry, from Country Wings in Phoenix, had recently asked me through the comments if I had found any more sea shells here of late. Well, the last time I posted about my finds, I had mentioned that I was soaking [in bleach water] a couple of snail shells that I brought home....I had nothing to clean 'em out, I brought 'em home scraping out the refuse here at home. My Monday Morsels for today are---

Then, just a few days ago, Bud and I drove to the island and walked the Whitecap Beach. This is part of the island that has several hotels along the shore...and a nifty paved walkway for skaters, bikers, skateboarders, joggers, and walkers. I, of course, have to get down to the sand and surf! LOL As we walked, Bud pointed out a 'crucifix fish'...Oh, I was elated. There is quite a legend with these...both religious and from the sailors of long ago. Well, we continued walking and partially hidden in the sandbar...another legendary piece of the sea lore---the heart bean seed again! Further on...two more crucifix fishes!! They require a LOT of deterging and disinfecting before they're 'safe' to bring indoors. [at least for me and my sanitary issues. LOL] But, that was all we found worth bringing home that day---

Oh, and while searching for the legends to share links here once again, I came upon a painted crucifix fish. I kinda liked it. So, I'll share THAT link also today:

The Painted Crucifix Fish [ps...on the reverse side of the 'crucifix' is the Roman Shield]
Crucifix Fish Legend
Sea Heart Bean Legend

PS...I only ended up saving just ONE of the crucifix fish. One of the three I found, dissolved beyond recognition in the bleach mixture, and the other did not clean enough....too much 'fish' odor to bring indoors for decor. Tossed the two and saved just the one, and placed it in the fish bowl, with the Angel Wing Shells I found----


Dear Roxy passed this lovely award on to me. As always, I feel pleased to accept these awards. When another peer, blogger, thinks of ME and passes it on, that is one of the treasures of blogging... I feel honored each and every time!!!! Thank you Roxy!!

I've done this before with ten, but I'll list 10 different ones since...a LOT of things make me happy.

Ten things that make me happy:
1] being greeted at the door with my smiling faced kitties.
2] walking barefoot on cool green grass
3] wading in the warm tropical Gulf
4] listening to Bud
5] going out to eat pizza
6] having a refrigerator full of good food
7] chocolate turtles
8] AC in summer and Heat in winter
9] Two wonderful kids that keep in touch with this ol' lady, daily.
10] A nice hello from a total stranger

And I'll pass this on to those who leave comments to share with everyone who visits me.

POSTED: Monday, February 1st, 2010
12:01 A.M.


  1. I have never seen a crucifix fish. This is interesting... Love your shell collection. Do you have a particular hint for finding large shells?
    Walking the beach is definitely a I need to do more often.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. Oh, the crucifix fish are lovely and the legend very interesting. I always enjoy it when you share your beachcombing finds.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. I have never seen or heard about a crucifix fish ! it's just amazing it really looks like. I love your plate with all these shells on ! The first pictures are great too !

  4. Jane I know around our area of the country...the large shells are found during the winter months. Summer months only smaller shells appear. For some reason, I don't know. AND....go out hunting AFTER a storm.

  5. I like your shells. I've never heard of a crucifix fish, but I can see the resemblance. Congrats on the award - you deserve it!

  6. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    What a beautiful addition to your blog post this morning. I love it. Truly I do. I am always just so pleased to come over and see what you are up to each morning.

    I love this crucifix fish, thank you for enlightening me, as I have never heard of one. I love the basket with the beautiful shells in it and the crucifix standing in the middle. How very beautiful. I pray you will find more some day.

    What a wonderful way to start a day, to walk the beaches and find the great treasures of the sea, each and every day if you so choose.

    We have something else in common, I too, love chocolate turtles, yummy (already got me going for the day), and I adore walking barefoot on my green tiff grass (just like a golf course), and lastly of your shares, I adore pizza.

    Yes, we knew from the start we would get along just grand, and we so have. Thank you again sweetie for a wonderful surprise this morning. I love it when you share, and today was so darn pink. Love it.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie, and Happy Monday. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  7. With seashells not being part of my world where I live, I'm always amazed at the various shells you find so near you! I so loved reading the legends behind the Crucifix fish and the Sea Heart bean. It just boggles my mind at all the various types of shells and fish that wash ashore, I'd really be like a kid in a candy store if I could walk along the beach with you! hehe

    Congratulations on the award, my friend, you deserve every one of them out there:-)Walking barefoot in grass is one of my favourite things to do as well!! xoxo

  8. I'm just so happy that you did start blogging, what a dreary world we'd live in if we didn't have Hootin' Anni's blog to read:-) You really are a joy to visit, Anni, and your posts are always so diversified and interesting. Like you, I will not post about religion, I respect everyone's beliefs and expect the same to be done to me. I don't even think I've ever posted about politics even...I don't trust ANY politician out there! lol xoxo

  9. I've never seen that type of woodpecker over here so that's a new one to me:-) Just the other day I was gone to the pharmacy and coming out of the car I could hear a woodpecker knock-knocking on a tree...there was just one little tree around there and there he was! lol Of all the trees in the area I found it funny he would choose such a little tree in the middle of the business section! xoxo

  10. Rabbit, Rabbit

    Seashells are a wonderful work of art from nature.

  11. Have never heard of the crucifix fish -- how interesting! And I love that you have to get down in the surf and sand when you beachwalk -- that's my style too! I will come back later today to go to your links on that unusual fish/shell.

  12. That crucifix is amazing! As are all the shells - a lot of work to be ready to be indoors, but definitely worth it!

    Sorry I haven't been around - I explain a bit in today's mini-post.

  13. Marvelous shell collection ... delightful list of what makes you happy and kewl award. I do love the spotted puppy and Valentine theme in your header ... knowing how you enjoy holidays always makes me smile ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. I love who inspires you, for me I guess it all depends on the day. lol

  15. LOL at #5 with the complaint letters being your writing experience. That's hilarious! Thanks for visiting mine, too! :D

  16. Annie, I love your finds....the "shark's eye" is one of my favorites. I've never seen or even heard of the crucifix fish and it's beautiful. Maybe I need to come up your way and start looking there! Sea beans aren't something we find very plentiful down this way but I have a couple (not heart shaped though). My daughter has a 1 1/2" perfect sea bean 'heart' she found over in Melbourne Beach.

    Have a wonderful week and try to stay warm:~)

  17. Hi Anni!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me the tip on shelling. I appreciate it!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  18. Deterging? Did you make that one up? I love it!