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A few weeks ago, while taking our monthly stroll through the Antique Mall in town, I happened to find this unusual piece. At first, I wasn't sure I was seeing what I thought I saw. Was it a gravy boat from days ago? I pictured it setting on this huge table in the formal dining room on some Southern Plantation. LOL I saw on the bottom of the pedestal a silver stamp...One letter was nearly invisible. It was very inexpensive because one of the legs was loose from the sodering. Yippee! Tho it was beyond cleaning without the expertise of a silversmith, I still wanted it for a 'show piece' as it was. Altho, I had planned on bringing it home and cleaning it to the best of my ability and stock of supplies...or should I say lack of supplies. I used the compound of vinegar and baking soda to clean it first. When that was dried and wiped off...I used the silver polish that Bud has stashed in his workbench area. It was terribly thin in silverplate in some spots, but that's okay. It's not going to be used other than just for show. While I did some research online, it was made by USA Sheridan Silver Company...circa 1940s. It has a "S" a "Crown" and the word She'r'ida'n' , along with the Sheridan Family shield stamped on its underneath side. I used superglue on the one loose leg. PRICE? Get this....$1.90!!!!! No typo...that's ONE dollar and NINETY cents. I imagine no one else wanted it---it'd cost a fortune to have a silversmith repair it to its original glory. And as for me, I'll use it for greenery probably, since it's not polishing up well at all---interesting piece tho I think. LOL

Embiggen these 3 photos...they'll open in a new window; hopefully.

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This, my last testament & will....
Forget me if you choose.
I'll be fine near the beautiful sea; atop this hill.
Live not in sorrow - too much you'll lose.
Nothing more I ask, nothing but serenity.
Walk with courage; stand tall, be brave.
At peace now, forever I'll be.

I want no flowers on my grave.

copyrighted: February 2010
"I Want No Flowers" ©
author: Hootin' Anni

Every 2 years Bud and I always make an effort to--
...thing is, we make an effort to update our wills!
We both think it's very important.
While making an appointment for this time around,
Bud and I always talk of our wishes - wishes may change with time.
Tho, this one particular item, I've said so many times to him and both of our kids.
I don't want the pomp and circumstance of a costly funeral, I don't want anything.
Except peace within my soul, everlasting.
So, I sat down and wrote this poem for 55---
It says it all for me.

POSTED: Friday, February 12th, 2010
12:20 A.M.


  1. I love the awesome person you are.

  2. Anonymous2/12/2010

    I love that 55. It's beautiful. Plain and simple ya can't beat that. Have a wonderful Friday :)

  3. We made a will too, many years ago.
    Young parents who heard about it thought it to be strange. Now more people do the same.

    Updating is very costly here, so I have a written statement in my drawer. It depends on the judge if he accepts it.

    My mother in law had no will and suddenly one of her sons who didn't even come to the funeral showed up and started claiming money.
    It was interesting to see his face when we showed him the paperwork and told him that there was a huge possibility he had to pay instead to receive.Lol!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. A very sensible approach to a subject which lies in store for us all! Personally, I fancy being thrown to the fishes, but not before I've hooked a good many 'soles'(!) in Blogland...Do I need to spell out soles=souls? Probably not, but you never know...

  5. That old piece is just filled with character! You got a great deal on it!

  6. That's a very lovely poem, Anni. Dropped in here after reading yours on my 55, for which, much thanks.

    Have you read Charles Dickens' "Bleak House"? Very good idea to update your Wills regularly . . but take Mr. Dickens' good advice. Don't forget to date them! And preferably tear up the old ones!

    Many, many, many happy years and Valentine Days to both of you.

  7. Your gravy boat find is spectacular. I can't believe no one wanted it, it's so beautiful and you got it so cheap.

    Your 55 poem is great. I don't want all of that stuff after I'm dead either.

    Flash 55 - Priorities

    Flash 55 - So Sorry

  8. none? i'd rather be remembered for happy moments than tears...nice 55.

    ine is up!

  9. Anonymous2/12/2010

    Nice 55 tribute for your wishes. My guess is that there would, indeed, be flowers for you my dear, nonetheless :-)

    I'm up here:
    Friday Flash 55 ~ The Gift

  10. That's quite the antique, and the price! Things sure have changed over the years.

    Your 55 is very moving, sad, and yet peaceful. I liked the advice, 'Walk with courage; stand tall, be brave.'

  11. Simplicity is Peaceful...


    Betty Ann

  12. That was beautiful. The photo was really beautiful too. No flowers? My mother-in-law keeps saying things like that. She doesn't want to have a tombstone either. She wants us all to sieze the moment, and live life today. She is very carpe diem. Nice 55. Well done! /Jo.

  13. järnebrand Exactly....don't live for the future nor dwell on the past....live and seize the day!!! Your mother in law is wise; I think!

  14. Anni that is a find in a half!!~ My hubby and I go to an antique mall about once a month too!~ We love it, our last find was a copper fire extinguisher, I will show it someday!!~

  15. Hey Annie,

    Thanks for stopping by Frugalicious Friday today! I looked for your show and tell party...is it a linky party? Love your $1.99 find. Funny, because my Art Work was $1.99!

  16. That is an amazing find! Don't you just love to find a treasure and to think it was under $2.00! You will have fun thinking up uses for it.

    We keep our will updated too. Just don't want to leave this world and have the kids have to figure it all out so try to keep things in order. I even have made arrangements for my horses in case I go before they do.

  17. OMG I LOVE THAT! I think I love researching the markings just as much as the find. Good job!

  18. Jut crossed your path through Jinksy's. Wow, that Sheridan piece is beautiful. The inside gorgeous. You got a buy lady, I believe!

    I too wish for no fanfare upon my demise. Fanfare it appears to me to be. Especially as I watch all the mortuaries adding additions and glamour to their edifices. This only tells me they are be getting rich in their profession.

  19. I love love love your new piece. So many things you can do with it.
    Great find!

    *and about the pillows - they can be spot cleaned, but I wouldn't put them in the washing machine.


  20. What a great find. Its lovely and thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. I love the gravy boat!!!
    It is so luscious!
    Your 55 is thoughtful and beautiful.

  22. You and me both!! I love this. What a sweet and wistful epitaph. Great 55!


  23. I think you did a very good bargain with that ! and I am sure you can get the silver more out with Hargerty Silver cleaning and then a special silver cleaning towel. With that I get even the blackest silver new and shiny !
    It reminds me of a guy who bought a real ugly black clock on the flee market. When he removed the black painting there was a golden clock underneath which had been painted to safe it from stealing during the war ! Imagine the guy got I don't know how many thousand $ for it !

  24. Personally, I'm planning on skipping the grave entirely. I'll go with cremation.

  25. What a beautiful find, I know I have something like it I found years ago, I looove it! I've been waiting to get my silver out when I change over one of my cupboards...(you know how that is) someday~ thanks for stopping by my S&T!!! Debbie @ Hann~Me~Downs

  26. I found the ceremonial traditions and celebrations to be very healing when my dad passed. I suppose leaving flowers is a tradition to help those we leave behind come to accept the loss. Got a little teary-eyed with this 55.

  27. What an absolute treasure! What a steal!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you found it. I love the poem and the lovely thoughts about what you would like at your passing. Yes, peace...after all, sweet peace.

    Have a lovely day!

  28. I love your Flash Fiction 55 - all so wonderfully said.

  29. That is such a touching 55ve!

  30. What a Great Find Annie!! I don't blame you for bringing it home. Greenery will look great displayed in that!!

  31. Love this week's Thursday Thirteen -- the only one I had not heard before was #11. Have a great weekend!

  32. Now, this is a good looking piece.
    Happy Valentine's Day...
    xo bj

  33. Anni,
    My hubby found one in a thrift store a few months back. I think it is a reproduction though, but still fabulous. I think he paid about $5.00 for ours. Ours polished up real nice.

    Thanks for sharing yours and thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment.

  34. Anni, Beautiful poem. I don't want a lot of fancy stuff either. Just family if they so wish and if not, that's okay too. Closure for them and peace for me is the goal.

    Love your thrift piece. What a bargain and it has so much character. You have excellent taste.

    Have a wonderful day.

  35. Interesting piece for sure!

    And the 55 - I love it. And I agree with your thoughts on expensive funerals - such a waste!

  36. If I were to die I would want my true love to throw himself on my grave inconsolable with grief and to spend the rest of eternity waiting to see me again. Selfish I know, but that's me :) Great 55! Thanks for visiting mine!

  37. Oh, I just love this wonder silver piece. So pretty. It really is a wonderful accent piece. Great find. Hugs, Marty

  38. Dearest Anni,
    Doing a will is such a responsible and sensible thing to do.
    Takes a lot of LOVE and COURAGE to do a will and
    to update it, YOU ARE PRICELESS!

    I really like your poem.
    You wrote so well ,dealing with something so serious
    and taboo as doing a will and death.


  39. Hi Anni! I think you found a really interesting treasure. Who cares if it doesn't come up to a bright shine... I like it better with its aged look. Enjoyed stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, ldh

  40. Wow! What a wonderful bargain! Jean

  41. What a sweet poem Annie! Love your silver piece. Charlene

  42. What a beautiful 55.

    This reminds me we need to update our wills. Will discuss with hubby. Thanks for the reminder.

    Bet you didn't know that was going to be the purpose of your 55. :)


  43. We are never forgotten and shouldn't be. Let flowers show up. Grief and mourning are for the living. Great 55. My 55 is HERE.

  44. The piece you found IS very interesting. Enjoy it. I agree with you about funerals, etc. I have told my kids to get together with some good food, says only nice things about me for a few minutes and get on with things. Good for you on keeping your wills updated. I'm often surprised at how many people don't do that or don't have a will at all.

  45. WOW
    Not used to read you like this... but great! as Always!
    HAve a lovely S. Valentine's WEEKEND!!

  46. Anni, I agree with you whole-heartedly and love your last wishes for your family! A beautiful 55!

    As far as that gravy boat is concerned, I think you found a real gem!

  47. R.I.P. When it's time!
    But for now...LIVE IT UP BABY!!!
    Excellent 55 My Dear..
    Thank you for your continued Friday support, you Rock the Lone Star State!!
    Thanks for this thoughtful story, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G-Daddy

  48. Hi Anni,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and Thank You for the kind words :-)
    No better place to get lost than an antique mall. The gravy boat is full of Beauty, love the tea light warmer!
    Have A Great Valentine Weekend

  49. ahh annie--first off did you get snow down there in Texas--this is one crazy winter!! I thought your 55 was so beautiful especially for your family--words that they can live by..one thing though, I would want to give you some flowers if only to try to recreate the brilliance and life force you show everyday--blessings c

  50. You found a little treasure there and it looks very cute with the tealight candle underneath it too.

    Many thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment-it meant a lot to me.

    Best wishes for a happy Valentine's,

  51. Thanks Anni for always returning the comments my way I appreciate what you have to say and enjoy your comments

  52. You said it beautifully Anni.

  53. I love this, Anni - years ago, I told my three sons, I didn't want any kind of a funeral. I wanted to be cremated as cheaply as possible, then I wanted a party at my favorite Thai restaurant in San Francisco where everyone would take a film cannister of my ashes and throw me out all over the world when they travel ( this is REALLY what I want ) - I've done 77 cruises world wise in the last 15 years and I've traveled since birth. I'd like to think that my ashes will continue to do so long after I'm gone.

  54. I enjoyed that 55. There is a burial ground in Waterbury on which sits the public library. As the city does work to lay more power lines, it is digging up stone after stone and wondering what to do. I can't help thinking the stones matter to us, not to the souls who have moved on. That peace is everything. God bless.

  55. while I like the poem, I have to quote my hubby "funerals are for the living, not the dead"...many times a beautiful funeral is the very last thing a person can do for their loved one. A last expression of love. And honestly, let your wishes known cuz it does bring comfort to know that "it was just what she would have wanted" but don't be too harsh if someone says "You're getting a big funeral whether you like it or not!"....


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