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In the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Tiger! There's a small collection of stuffed tigers in our master bedroom below the windows. On baskets, in baskets, and on the floor! Can y'all hear 'em purr?

Also, with Bud's collection of Oriental pieces he has the Zodiacal Tiger...we have a family member born under this symbol!! [read more of characteristics of those born "Tiger".]

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The neighborhood high school held a dance.
A theme was set, decorations in the gym...
Their mascot was the mighty tiger.
Drink they did....blood alcohol - infaust.
The pride's prize drove his girlfriend home.
His magnificent roar was heard the very last time!
She wept tiger tears beside his bloodied mane.
Ignorance was the cost.

I read somewhere where there is a published work entitled Tears of a Tiger, this instigated the fiction for me today. It's supposedly about teen deaths - heavy drinking involved. Sadly, this time of year, from Valentine's Day celebrations, up to graduation day -with school dances, parties, and drugs/drinking, the news coverage shows us what happens; all too many times, unnecessary lives being lost.

POSTED: Friday, February 19th, 2010
2:15 A.M.


  1. Anonymous2/19/2010

    That is a very sad but powerful 55 my friend. Even the power tigers shouldn't drink and drive. :) Well done. I love the tigers especially that last one. Have a wonderful Friday my friend :)

  2. Dearest Anni,
    WOW... tiger tears , healing powers?
    I got to google that now. lol

    I am born in the year of the Snake and hubby is a Dragon.

  3. Sadly, the youth of today have too many temptations and too little self control. Your 55 obviously had a Tiger In His Tank!

  4. a sad 55, this happens all too often......

    and sorry, please repeat that bit about the tigers, i couldn't hear, there was this strange purring in the background....

    have a happy weekend anni!!!

  5. Hi Anni!

    The sad thing is . . . stories such as yours are not fiction!

  6. This is the scary stretch of the school year for parents of kids in that age group, to be sure. I used to work as a reporter for a small local paper, and this time of year seemed to be a sequence of sad stories. You said it so well.

  7. A tragic but important 55. Some people never learn.

  8. Your Flash Fiction captured so much of the tragedy and loss of these teen drinking deaths, what a waste of such promising lives.

    Cute tiger stuffed toys. My little son iss sleeping with his tonight.

  9. That was a very chilling 55! Sometimes we need chilling things to remind us!

  10. Really good...
    I love tigers, though tiger people...!

    Hugs dear Anni

  11. So very tragic. They are just starting to live, only to do something stupid that gets them killed. Great 55.


  12. an all too sobering 55...
    nice new header...makes me think warm...

    my 55 is up!

  13. That is so true. Too many teen deaths. They think they are invincible.

  14. Good writing - made me MADD and sad!


  15. Hi Anni! LOVE all the tigers today!.. They're Grrrrrr-eat!! (HAD to say it!.. Couldn't resist!) ~tina

  16. excellently done but sad reality.

  17. How cute ! would be something for my MIL because she is a Tiger ! Maybe this year will bring luck and she makes a little tiger for me, lol !

  18. Tiger tears running down my cheeks.

    I'm up.

  19. Beautiful post, I hear the Roar of your tigers!
    I lost my best friend my sophmore year in HS to a drinking driver on Homecoming's left lots of scars! Yesterday at school, we had a wonderful assembly with a lady called the 'Organ Lady' showing what happens to organs while on alcohol, drugs & was wonderful, I only hope it really hit home to all the kiddos at my middle school. Thanks so much for this wonderful post, and thanks for stopping by my blog too! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  20. A very poignant message!

  21. Very powerful words, Anni. Teen drinking and drugs have me very worried about my boy, even though - so far - he has been clean.

  22. Oh, Anni, this one is sad, but oh so true.
    Such tragic losses...felt by so many.

  23. I'm glad it's the year of the Tiger. I would hate for you to decorate your bedroom with the year of the pig, or the year of the rat!

  24. Yikes, I come visit you and get attacked by tigers...they're licking me to death!!!! hehe What a delightful collection of tigers you have:-) I remember winning a huge one at a carnival when I was younger but don't know what ever happened to it. Most probably mom got rid of it on one of our many moves.

    Your flash fiction is a good one, as you say too many teen deaths are caused by drinking and driving during graduations, dances, etc., all so needless.

    Have a great weekend, my friend. xoxo

  25. Wow. Heart rending. Sad. But so real. My 55 is HERE . Come see what's up.

  26. Anonymous2/19/2010

    Powerful. A compelling, foreful message that should be required reading for every high school freshman.

    ...and should be tattoed on the three teenage drivers who have successfully destroyed my health in three separate, hideous car accidents.

  27. Your tigers a re so cute. And you flash 55 is unfortunately so true so often.


  28. yes indeed there are to many deaths in the teenage relm from to much drinking I've read to many news paper articles of this stuff happening also. Thanks for visiting This Blog Of Mine also Anni I can alsways count on you being there.


  29. My brother had a stuffed tiger when we were little, I hadn't thought about it til I saw your tigers! So cute:)

  30. Very moving. My husband had a step-daughter from an earlier marriage. She was killed years ago after a pre-graduation party when she got into the car with a drunk friend because she didn't think he should be driving alone. It's a very tragic thing that happens all too often.

  31. What a sad situation: teens and alcohol. I've seen it here where I live and it gets worse. We just lost a 19 year old boy in our community. Car accident--2 am. So sad.

  32. Thanks for this memorial, with my boys, it is on my mind. Thanks for visiting. Nice 55!

  33. I'm sure there is something very clever I could say about the Year of the Tiger related to Tiger Wood's "press conference" today, but I think I just won't go there. You tiger collection is very cute. You're 55 words are very sobering.

  34. AnniKins....
    What a powerful 55!!!
    Message themed stories I Love!
    I loved your Header Pic also!
    Thank you so much for this great contribution, and also for supporting so many others.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G-Daddy

  35. I love your tigers.

  36. I love tigers, so I am loving your little stuffed friends!

  37. Your fiction was quite heavy, but sadly necessary - if only they were old enough to know better rather than think they know better.

  38. tigers??

    but what about tiggers??


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