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This week: Rumor

It's something I really don't pay attention to often; never have. In fact, I find them quite comical. It's like gossip over the fence. For instance---
    Did you hear about Frank Einstein?
    He was a monster last night!!
---Then, the next thing you know the tabloids have a picture of some hideous winged creature with Adbray Ittpay's face and the whole beginning of the monster, Frank, has been construed to Brad walking out on Angelinaway Oliejay. Etc. etc. etc. and it spreads across the land like dirt on a shirt!!...and so, this is how rumors originate. But I did hear through the grapevine that Wrush Lymbaw was fired!! Pass it on.......

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Kwahu Kachina
Occasionally, in one of the night ceremonies in March or during the Powamu, one may have the satisfaction of seeing a performance of the Eagle Kachina [pronounced k'CHEEN ah]. Usually the performer imitates the step or motion and cry of the eagle to absolute perfection. Eagle Kachinas will sometimes appear with Mudheads at night ceremonies in March.

These uniquely Hopi artworks are called "dolls," but that is a bit of a misnomer. Kachinas (or katsinas) are actually stylized religious icons, meticulously carved from cottonwood root and painted to represent figures from Hopi mythology. Authentic kachina dolls are made only by Hopi artists. This one, the Eagle, is one in our collection. Read MORE

The Eagle Dancer Kachina doll is one of the most popular of all the kachina dolls. He is certainly one of the most spectacular as well as one of the most difficult to carve. The Eagle Dancer Kachina doll represents strength and power and is the ruler of the sky as well as the messenger to the heavens. The Eagle Kachina doll is the sacred and magnificent protector of all.

POSTED [early on Monday P.M.] for: February 23rd, 2010
12:01 A.M.

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  1. Is it a doll or a religious icon - interesting how their religious icons look like the stuffed animal of a child.

  2. Leora No, they're NOT stuffed...they are WOOD covered in fur sometimes...sometimes painted. It depends. But soft and stuffed they're not.

  3. Awesome...what a beautiful post..in word and imagery! Super- lovely pictures. Happy RT!

  4. Beautiful feathers. Much better quality than mine... Some might eagles live on an island not far away from us. They are a mighty sight.
    No wonder that the Indian culture has the eagle as one of its foremost icons.
    As a child I used to be fascinated by stories about the native Americans.
    And impressed.
    I still am, I guess.

  5. You make my heart happy, thanks.

  6. The costumes seem to continue what many of us lack, and that is a sense of traditions. The 'doll' seems to represent a culture far different from me, more in tune with nature. Nice capture, the artistry of this is stunning, especially with the bold colors of the feathers, Nice!

  7. Nice Red you got there! Although at first I have to look closer to figure out what is it. :)

  8. Very colorful pictures you've got here Anni thanks for sharing!


  9. Oh wow these dolls are art! Just magnificent. So glad you stopped by to visit with us at Twirl and Taste. You have a great blog.
    Happy Twirls

  10. I always stop to gaze when I see them. A retired administrator in my school district collects them and has them so beautifully displayed in his home. They are something special!

  11. Thanks for sharing this info about Kachina made by Hopi artists.
    Happy RT, dear Anni!

  12. Thanks so much for visiting my new blog. I enjoyed looking at yours! I managed to figure out how to put in the Over 50 Blogger Banner! Thanks for informing me about it!

  13. Ah yes, I used to teach my fourth graders about Kachina's. Can't remember the story we used to read at the moment.
    Lovely post Anni!

  14. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Beautiful photos my friend :)

  15. Thanks for bringing back memories - my elder stepdaughter made a Kachina years and years ago in school. We used to keep it out but was afraid of the dust and moisture and so on, so put it away for safety.

  16. Came here via the Ruby Tuesday list. I like your bog. I just returned from the Southwest on a short trip and saw a lot of these Kachinas. Thanks for some information about them.


  17. First i will say you have a pretty blog design. In Ruby Tuesday entry it is interesting...Thank you for coming by Anni. TC

  18. ha ha on the rumor good for you Sandy

  19. Me got an award for you.....

    Come and get it, please?



  20. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Thanks for sharing photos and information.

  21. Very interesting. I love learning things like this.

  22. I used to live in Flagstaff AZ, the front yard of Hopi land and have seen many kachinas. These are quite nice! I love the Hopi culture and have visited some of their ancient villages.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  23. what a fascinating post. thanks for sharing.

  24. I'm with you on rumours - but don't tell anyone.

  25. LOL that mad Frank Einstein!

  26. Very interesting ! a rather strange costume. I have seen a wonderful Indian show at Wisconsin Dells with several tribus. We even went there twice because it was so wonderful. I have the whole show on video (but an old one)

  27. what a creature. can't say i've heard of it until now...

  28. Dear Anni,
    I must say, you really follow the rules. I am particiating in Ruby Tuesday too, and have gone down the list from one to where you are now at #29, and you have left a comment on every single post! Very good!
    I don't know if I will have time (or stamina) to finish this today (Tuesday) as I have to do a post for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    I admire your ambition.
    I am not really sure I understand the purpose of these dolls you have on your RT-post. Are they used in a religious ceremony? Oh well.
    I am sure we shall meet again!
    Best wishes,


  29. That hideous winged creature wasn't real??? If you can't believe those tabloids, who can you believe?

    Thanks for a fun post.

    My HoT: Rumor Has It

  30. What a fascinating glimpse into a completely foreign (to me) culture.

  31. Enjoyed reading this.
    You sure do know how to give us some great info daily.

  32. thanks for visiting my site. I love your image. i love anything Red Indian. My spirit guide is an elderly Indian Woman. I love your Ruby red Imagexlynda
    I would love to get as many people visiting my tuesday site as you do. any hints?xlynda

  33. Anni, love the kachina and all of the history that goes with it. I would love to find an original.

    Hope you've enjoyed your day. Another busy one here.


  34. Ah yes...rumours....isn't it amazing how they get started and end up being so blown out of proportion. I remember at birthday parties, we used to line up and the first person would whisper a sentence in the next person's ear and that person would whisper it to the next and so on. By the end of the line, that person would have to say out loud what had been whispered to him and it was completely different from the original sentence! lol

    So interesting about the Kachina dolls, I had never heard about them. See, I learn something new every time I come visit you:-) xoxo

  35. This is very interesting, I like to hear and read about the ways of Indians and love their pottery. Thanks for this interesting post and the pictures. I am one fourth Cherokee on my dads side.

  36. God has greatly gifted you
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless;


  37. I've only seen drawings of kachina dolls so this lovely post was doubly fun to read. Thanks for sharing a bit of your area--
    p.s.love, love your blog design. You're so talented!

  38. Well, Anni, I learned more about the Hopi today. Thank you.
    Happy RT! Thank you for peeking in on my dog's mess. :-)

  39. havent heard of that doll but it looks cute :) thanks for sharing Anni!

    u may view mine here

  40. That's interesting artwork.

  41. This is new to me. I have heard of kachina dolls, but didn't really know what they were before. Thanks for the info!

  42. Visited a museum in Phoenix Arizona that had lots and lots of Kachina icons, Anni! Great photos for Ruby Tuesday! :)

  43. I agree that it;s best not to pay attention to rumors!


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