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Haiti...a great way to spread LOVE here!! Simple Pleasures

I read about this this morning and wanted to pass it on. Enchanted Oak has posted [go to link provided to read more] that her family will donate $2 for each blogger who lists 'simple pleasures of life'. I admire anyone who is so charitable and kind to the world's needy....

In part Chris posted:
    On both Saturday and Sunday, I am celebrating the simple pleasures of life with you. For each person who participates with a list, a poem, or a prose piece about the joy of simple things, my family will donate $2.00 to Heartline Ministries for their medical clinic and other programs in Haiti. The Heartline Ministries blog by John McHoul will tell you more about what they are doing.

    Post your piece this weekend and include a link to my blog. Then pop in here to say you’ve posted your “Simple Things.” Post by midnight, Pacific time, Sunday, and don’t forget to link with me and notify me that you’ve posted. You can borrow the “Simple Things” photo. If you don’t have a blog, a comment on my blog will count too if you tell me so.

this is my list of MY SIMPLE PLEASURES:

1] Having a Warm, Loving, home.
2] Wonderful fragrances of Springtime
3] Gentle Breezes of the sea
4] A kitten purring on my lap
5] Watching children happy at play
6] Hearing Church Bells in the distance
7] Being lulled by the sounds of birds singing
8] A drink in my hand on a hot parched day
9] Fresh, clean, dried outdoors bed linens
10] Using my talents
11] Talking with family
12] Sweet odors coming from the kitchen
13] Wonderful memories of days past
14] Having hopes of more happy days to come
15] Reading on a quiet afternoon


  1. Oh, you have a great list. I love church bells, too.

    The Simple Things Challenge

  2. Good Morning Anni, What wonderful simple pleasures... We share many of them... I will go on over to visit her blog today! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. I do love your simple things.
    Real cool.
    Glad that you joined us.

  4. Dear Anni,your list is so vivid. I can hear the sea, and the church bells in the distance, and the sound of the children. I can smell the wonderful things in the kitchen, the fragrance of spring, the clean linens. I can feel the purr of the cat, the loving memories, and the hope. Beautiful blessings, all of them. You are indeed one blessed lady. Thank you for participating in my blessed day. Fondly, Chris from Enchanted Oak

  5. wonderful list...church bells ringing...nice one. love that and railroad noises...nicely done.

  6. Anonymous2/07/2010

    I have my post up for this as well. It's a wonderful idea. I loved it. Your list was magnificent. Bed Linens...oh I can so go for that. And the hopes for happy days. Well done. I'm glad you participated in this. I hope more people do :) Happy Sunday :)

  7. That's a real worthy and inviting list... I am so happy you have it all... and share it here with all of us. AND especially for this beautiful cause.
    You are welcome to see mine if you find the time



  8. Oh, what a lovely list! And a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Anni! I did post my simple pleasures on my blog, and I did let Chris at Enchanted Oak know that I did!.. I just got done watching the game, and while the Colts lost, I couldn't help feeling at least a little bit happy for the Saints! Hard to believe the weekend went by so quickly now!.. It was a busy one, and I am ready to call it a day. ~tina

  10. Lovely list and great initiative...

  11. I'd combine 2,4,5,7,8,15 for my perfect afternoon!!


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