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Tiger...by the tail?

I have a favorite big cat. And, that's a tiger. Siberian is my all time bestest. But all tigers are beautiful if you ask me. Their eyes are so mesmerizing! Their thick, striped coat...wow!! And the color markings. Just fantastic. I drew one. This smaller photo is the beginning of my preliminary outline sketch. Then, putting in the shading and the stripes, and the eyes and hair and whiskers. Normally I can sketch a picture in less than a couple of hours if I stick to the project, but this one took me a few days. I even had to set it down and leave it for a while, then came back to it before the two domesticated cats sat atop my sketchpad too long [LOL]....

Finished -----

As stated above, for as long as I can remember I've been infatuated with tigers' beauty. But, lately, the cheetah has slowly become a favorite big cat also. I will try and sketch that animal next I think. But I have to sit a while and envision their markings in my mind before I begin anything. Stay tuned.

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Thom and Allie so graciously passed this sweet award on to me and I love it. I'm always so very much appreciative of such recognition! Thank you dear friends. My heartfelt thanks!!! There are some rules:

1. Click on the award to open in a new window, copy, save, and upload the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her [I think I'll link the award to HIS blog, 'kay?] blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know!

10 Things That Make Me Happy are:

Warm, comforting sunshine
Walking on the beach
My dear man
My kids
My grandkids
My kitties
Good food
Good health
Good Sports
My computer friends

And I'll pass this great award to all who visit me today and leave a comment for me-----
[let me know if you accept it and post the ten things that make YOU happy!]

POSTED: Monday, January 25th, 2010
12:01 A.M.


  1. WOW you are amazing.. It looks wonderful. I'm very impressed. ITs Great!!! your very talented

    thanks for sharing.

    No bloggy award for me I'd love to accept but I'm so swamped with posts to write and house work and kids to chase I just don't have the time and wouldn't do it justice. thanks much

  2. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Wow...you do those drawings to well :) So talented. Love your 10 happy things. :) Congrats to you and well deserved, even if I do say so myself. Have a great day and week ahead :)

  3. Again, I'm impressed with your sketch. You are so talented!
    Congrats on the award - you are a sweet friend!

  4. I had to come back and tell you I just read your comment about my bubble wrap post. I'm laughing over here!

  5. Very nice - you're so talented. Many years ago I had a whole room decorated with big cats. It was great!

  6. Wow ! your drawing is excelllent ! I too love all feline creatures !

  7. I think you're back in the groove weatherwise, right? I have friends who were down there somewhere testing their mower that they manufacture - they needed grass and warm weather. It was in the 80s for them.

    Have a great day!

  8. your list can not be improved upon. it's perfect and is true for me too. but you'd have to replace the kitties with the pups, since i don't have one at the moment... got close to one last week though, but alas, its gone again. long story...

  9. p.s. re. your comment... no, we didn't nearly lose a pup, we nearly gained a kitty...

  10. Anni, your sketch is wow!!! I'd love to see one up close, your sketches I mean... :-D Tigers, not so much.

  11. The tiger is beautiful Anni! You did a GREAT job with his eyes! WOW! Verrrrrrry nice!

  12. Oh sunshine and the beach, I'm right there with you! We're still waiting for some good beach weather here in Florida and it can't come soon enough for me.

    Tigers are my favorite and I must say that the eyes on your sketch are so piercing, I can't even imagine physically seeing it. You captured the majesticness (is that a word?) of this beautiful beast.

    I just love seeing your sketches, inspires me to start drawing again.


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