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The right angle of the square...or... a number x is a number r such that r2 = x... Gotcha!!!

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Heads or Tails
prompt is: SQUARE

In geometry, a square is a regular quadrilateral. This means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles (90 degree angles, or right angles). Okay....ya, I can diggit! :::flipping my hand over my head::: As soon as I see the word GEOMETRY...I lose it...lose all train of thought and go..."huh? Ya, right. If you say so!" I mean really...4 ninety degree angles make a square, correct? You have four right angles. But I say...you have TWO 90­° RIGHT ( └ ) and TWO 90° LEFT ( ┘ ). Now, that makes a square. [you should see me viewing maps when I flew my brother's plane...or out in the yard looking at the stars...I have to turn the map the way I'm looking if I'm standing south, I NEED the south on TOP, not North...Pffft!!! SCARY, huh?] Angles are the pitZ!!

- - -

As some already guessed, I'm back to bloggin' since New Year's Day...and I found out that a Tuesday meme I have joined in the past, Heads or Tails, is back in business also! So, I'm here playing along once again. This week our prompt is square. I'm thinking so many different scenarios here for that one word. Sponge Bob Square Pants comes to mind. But, no, I KNOW nothing, nada, about the character. Skip that. Let's see...square as in an old association as someone being 'different' in terms of being old-fashioned and not up with current events or fads... was 'square'. Nope, don't like that either....just being different from others makes no one any worse than the other, y'know? Never liked the term in that sense. A square meal was really, to my way of thinking, a misnomer also. How can you have a square meal that is well balanced and still -it's considered a well rounded diet?! Huh? Does that have any logical meaning? Then, there is being treated "fair and square". What does that mean, literally? Don't get me started on square root either?!!!

Granted, I'm not one to find any logical explanation to any of this, and even if I did find something that may hold a bit of truths to it all...I wouldn't bet the mortgage on it being 100% true. Why, in fact I would probably have a better chance spotting Elvis, today, right now, playing Tiddly Winks with Michael Jackson.

- - -<><><>- - -


First and foremost I wanted to post a picture of the wonderful bookmarks that Mary [our hostess with the mostest] for Ruby Tuesday sent me! Each and every one of them is fantastic. And they'll certainly be put to use many times over around my house...as I love books!! Thanks so much!! I really appreciate them.....


- - -

As I've said a few times, it's been cold around these parts of Texas. Of course, anything below 50 is cold here being that we're right on the Gulf. But when it drops down at night in the mid 30's on our patio...you would say "It's downright NASTY COLD"!!! My hibiscus [all of them] have frozen off at the tops. the Lantana bush lost its leaves for the first winter since we've been here...the purple bougainvillea froze on the top, my palm plants has a lot of winter kill...the vines that are protected by the pyracantha and gardenia bush lost its luster, and the King's mantle has lost ALL of its greenery for the 1st time in 5 years. Nasty, I tellya.
But wonders never cease. A few months back, Dawn surprised me with some iris rhizomes!! And guess what? When I was out on a sunny day, checking all that is going to have to be cleared out in a couple of months around the yard...I happened to spy one of the iris having a bud! In the 'dead' of winter! Of course they are planted directly under the eave of the house, with a southwest exposure...that might have a lot to do with the fact...but blooming? In January? Yes indeedy!!!! [some of these photos I'm showing of all the frostbitten plants around and some blooming 'cause they're next to the house] ---well, they just have to have some RUBY in 'em.......

And then...the iris!
I went out yesterday and took these photos --it's forecasted to get near the freezing mark again by the end of the week, so I needed to get 'em now in case the blossom withers in the cold!!----

POSTED: early for Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
4:15 P.M. [Monday]


  1. Oh that garden seems to be livin-yes- a chilly time!
    How come you know so much about geome... whatever?

  2. Happy Ruby Tuesday and New Year Anni!!

  3. So. Anni. I serious adore!!! your blog banner. Your cardinals are fabulous. From another Annie

  4. Hey there sweet Anni you lost me with the first word square or was it geometry! I never passed this in school. Tried my darnest but just never could get it.
    Yes it is sooooooooo cold in Texas and in this ole farm house. I feel like an iceberg today.
    Thank goodness the sun was at least shining a bit.
    Are you near Freeport or closer to Victoria?
    Always love your post

  5. The look of Spring is so well seen in the flowery rubies you show. Compared to our snow, wind and cold, flowers are the lok of Spring I crave about now...

  6. Anni, it looks like some of your plants are taking a beating from the cold, yet you have some very beautiful blooms in your yard. I LOVE the iris that Dawn sent to you. I can't wait to see it fully bloomed. Please remember to take more photos.

    If your weather is cool and the iris are in the sun, the conditions are probably similar to what we have here in early spring, so the iris will bloom. Thanks so much for posting the photos. I enjoyed my visit.


  7. PS. Forgot to mention I know Sponge Bob Square Pants fairly well and I despise him. LOL The boys took their portable DVD player on the trip and all we heard on the way there and back was Sponge Bob. :-)

  8. Happoy New Year, Anni and welcome back...I've missed you.

    Head or Tails...square...How about thinking outside the square? Just to confuse you even more...

    As for your poor plants being frost bitten...by the ocean??? It must be cold. Our summer is nice at the moment, not too hot. I haven't had the aircon on for the last two weeks. However, I think that will change shortly and we will be back to the steamy humid and torrid days of our tropical summer.

    I hope your wishes and dreams come true in 2010.

  9. We were hit by a cold front our first night in Austin. I'm sympathetic to those who don't normally have cold weather. I loved your bookmarks. I hope you're having a great day. Enjoy that old/new meme.

  10. Poor iris. It's not supposed to do that, is it? Your flowers look beautiful. It's cold here, too, but it's SUPPOSED to be cold in New Jersey. Congrats on getting the bookmarks!

  11. I can't even believe you still have blooms. Amazing!
    One of the coldest I've ever been was a visit to Mustang Island during the winter when the wind was blowing off that water. Cold to the bone!!

  12. That is positively amazing! I'm so glad I finally got over here today to see the iris. I hope it survives the next few days. I am so excited!

    Sponge Bob - I can't stand him, though the kids love him for some reason!

  13. Love your blog design. You are a bit clever.Love your header, which could have been for ruby T. Did you paint it? Glad to see you back.

  14. Winter can be devastating to some plants out there so congrats to the iris, delightful colour.

  15. Anonymous1/05/2010

    Is the square like thinking outside the box? LOL. What great photos for your RT Have a great week :)

  16. Did you ever participate in square dances?

    Happy New Year!

  17. If you think matemathics is difficult that is nothing compared to geographic expressions. For instance the expression go down town necessarily doesn´t mean down as in go south on the map...or over at my neighboors house, he doesn´t live up a hill does he?

  18. Great sketches! They really are very nice!

  19. Will the iris bloom
    or is it doomed to die by
    frost’s throttling fingers?

    Milkmaids with ruby sashes!

  20. You make me laugh, every day, except when you take off for holidays : ) B

  21. good to see you how do you make these creative headings etc??

  22. Your blooming iris is amazing! Here in Massachusetts, nothing remotely like that will happen until at least April!

  23. Looking at lovely flowers makes me feel a bit warmer...it's really cold here in Connecticut. I guess the 30s would be cold where you are!

    Those book marks are nice. You're lucky.

    Happy New Year Anni ~ thanks for stopping by

  24. Hello Anni, good to see your back...I guess we all have hangovers from all the food, merrymaking with family and friends.
    I watched the weather channel all the time and down south is devastated with 2 digits below freezing temperature duh!! I thought the south is spared from this nasty winter weather but I guess we all have to endure it all. One thing I like in your area it doesn't have a snow only freezingly cold...here it is the combination of all hehehe. I am not experiencind winter fever yet...thanks to Wii and blogging. Stay warm and keep safe. Happy New Year!

    RRT:Macopa fruit

  25. I'm with you on the whole geometry and direction thing! 2 right angles and 2 left angles - that makes perfect sense.

  26. a blooming gift for you in your garden, how wonderful!!! and i love sponge bob squarepants, mainly cause i've had to watch him so often with the bean, methinks... and i'd still like to taste his crabby patties. anyone know how to get some?

  27. I am unable to read a map ! I never know where I am and then I mix up North with South and East with West I am a hopeless case ! Fortunately I have a GPS now !
    Beautiful flowers you have ! here the gardens are all white ! No flowers at all.

  28. Happy New year, anni!Those flowers are lovely!

  29. Ohhhhh MATH. *ugh* That goes whoosh right over my head, too. I had considered square meal for my theme as like so many people I'm trying to eat better this year.. me being so round and all.

    Nice to see you again and thanks for playing. =)

    The couch isn't as white as it used to be. :P

  30. I truly enjoy this and I want to say that at least you can see some green around.
    I love that iris!!!
    We have drifts in my front yard that are taller than my 6 ft red maples. Do you want some snow???
    We are going to get 3-6 more inches tonight and I have no place to put it.

  31. Oh sweetie...
    I love your square angle. I am right there with you. Geometry not one of my favorites so I am of no help either. I do love your thoughts tho. SpongeBob he is a cutie patootie. I have had to watch him through 6 of my 7 grandchildren. He is a no change guy.

    I love the iris. Moma and Daddy always have tons of them everywhere. I always love to see them. They are so amazing when they open. I love the inside of the leaves, I have always thought they look like tongues in there. Love them.

    Thanks for sharing today sweetie. I so love it when you do. Country hugs... Sherry

  32. Oh Wow, Annie, you poor thing must be freezing down there! Our pear trees are putting on buds.

    That Mary is quite generous, she is in a generation that everything still isn't cyber. I am sure she writes cards and letters, we know she sends things.

    Did you take plane geometry in high school? Back when I went it was not a required course in the Nebraska schools. And I didn't take it.
    Since I have had analytical geometry and five calculus classes in college.
    Maybe I'd better fess up, I think we will be colder than you come Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday morning. Our pear buds will freeze and fall off. They do that a lot and new ones always have come back when it warms.

    Stay warm! Happy RT! Thank you for peeking in on Mrs. Jim's nucracker troops. :-)

  33. I like your cardinals too! You are very talanted and clever. Forgot to tell you that. :-)

  34. Hi Anni
    Your flowers look good now, but watch that cold snap that is headed South. It sure has been a wierd week. We have a total of 47" of snow that has fallen in the past 3 days, and we have had enough! Since we are used to it, I guess we'll be getting more!
    About the Orchids. They really are easy to raise. Not too much water, and no hot sun on the windowsills. Maybe an hour or so is all that's necessary. They also like to be cool at night...
    Good luck if you get more, and Happy RT.

  35. Those irises are beautiful and I love your bookmarks. :)

    Happy New Year!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  36. Happy New Year and Happy RT Anni! Thanks for visiting my entry.

  37. I know what you mean about the cold temperatures. We have been seeing below 10 here in northeast Arkansas and I don't know that I have ever seen it this cold. I love your blog. I love red birds. They remind me of my late grandmother who I called "Mimi". I hope you have a great day!!

  38. nice new LO Annie! and congrats for winning Mary's giveaway :) beautiful photos!

    u may view mine here

  39. dear anni..wow with all the cold of winter, here you have flowers..they are so springy!!
    when i came here to see your ruby tuesday post, bernie just went absolutely crazy when he saw your header with those two sweet red birds and you designed it anni?
    oh are they ever nice!
    i am always so happy when you visit me and leave such kind comments...and you have so much to do!
    thank you so much for being a friend..god bless you!....love terry

  40. HI Ani! I can't believe it is warmer in Oregon than in TX. Climate change, good grief.

  41. Don't discount spotting Elvis. Know that I live in Memphis, I see him walking by the house almost every day. ;-)

    Thanks for an entertaining post.

  42. I just can't get the picture of Elvis playing Tiddly Winks with Michael Jackson out of my mind! lol Geometry was SO not my subject, how I used to dread it. All I know is a square is a square and a circle is a circle!!! hehe

    It's been frigid all over it seems...it went down to -10F here (colder with the windchill) but today it's a "balmy" 11F:-) What a shame so many of your plants froze, they must all be in shock and wondering what the heck happened! lol

    How wonderful, though, that the iris Dawn sent you is already blooming, hopefully it will survive the cold!! xoxo

  43. Anni....you are a true artist!! I think your Scarlett and Rhett turned out beautifully and I would have been able to recognize the two characters right away. I remember the very first time I went to see Gone With The Wind at the cinema when it was re-released back in the 1970's, I fell in love with Rhett:-) Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful drawings, my friend. xoxo

  44. I was just telling my daughter today about you doing my header..how I gave you permission to go in and do it for me. She couldn't believe I would do that, a perfect stranger? Well, she doesn't understand that we're not strangers anymore, "we are family. I got all my sisters with me."

    Sponge Bob lives under the sea in a pineapple, I think.
    Mama Bear

  45. Those are some really nice flowers!

  46. I hope that iris survive the cold and bloom beautifully.

  47. I like your rambling HOTs square post. I've had mine up for hours... but finally came up for air to start visiting everyone elses... Glad to see you back.

    Mine's here: http://doingthemathcountingmyblessings.blogspot.com/2010/01/square.html

  48. Nice touches of red you got there :)

    Hope to see some once more this Tuesday :D


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