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...Over Minimum Wage in Texas...

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Several days ago, while walking the shore... I hit pay-dirt!! I got 'paid' OVER Texas's state law in minimum wage...only it was in Sand Dollars! I found 8!! Eight dollars...whole ones. I couldn't believe my luck. I almost peed my pants when I found the very first one, and while continuing my walk along the shore for the hour, I found seven more! Wow....
Minimum wage in Texas [July 2009] $7.25hr

Getting them home in one piece is another ordeal altogether. They are so fragile; like look at 'em funny and they dissolve to sand! But, got 'em home in tact I did. Then the process of cleaning them and preserving them is another touchy task at hand. First you gently, and I mean gently, wash them in clear water. The 2nd step is to soak them in equal amounts of bleach/tap water. After they soak [don't leave them in at a long period of time tho, they will turn to sand!], then it's letting them dry out for 24 hours. The next day, it's mixing equal parts of white glue and water...brushing that mixture onto the dollar and allowing that to dry....repeating on the reverse side. The sand dollars harden and, tho still fragile, they're less likely to break. They'll be added to my apothecary jars strewn around the house with shell collections.

- - -

As promised before my Christmas Blogging break, I noted that I found several shells on another walk about along the shores...here are a few others from THAT day---

[mouseover captions]

and one that has be bum-fuzzled....is it a sea urchin? Anybody know?

...and believe it or not, Bud and I went walking along the beach yesterday for about an hour----it was cold!!!---I with my t-shirt, two sweat shirts, a vest, two pair of soccer socks [the kind that go up to the knee] and a pair of sweat pants, and a pair of gloves!! If I would have fallen down I wouldn't have been able to get up...trust me!!! Anyway, between the two of us, we found----------get this, 79!!! whole sand dollars! More than executive pay this time. It was way beyond the urge to pee my pants with excitement this time....I was overwhelmed, kinda like finding what Santa left me on Christmas morn!! Wanna see 'em? [you can embiggen the photo, opening in a new window]----

POSTED: Wednesday, January 6th, 2009
12:28 a.m.


  1. Gardening in the cold season is not fun!! especially when not expected and then your blooms are frozen!! thanks for popping by!

  2. Anonymous1/06/2010

    Wow how cool is this. These photos are just stunning :)

  3. Wow! I have never found a whole sand dollar, although I'm sure you can't get them on our east coastline - too rough - but am not sure about our gulf coast (I am in FL) I practically miss the ocean when I go to the beach because I'm always looking down for shells :)

  4. We sometimes spot the odd sand dollar here and there when beach walking in Hilton Head but I have never seen so many in my life before!
    What an amazing haul.
    Thanks for popping in to see me today, I think I prefer beach walks to snow walks too.

  5. Wow! You really found a treasure. Every year I look for these and one year I was thrilled when I found two that were intact. What beach? My friends mom found about 8 last summer on the Texas Coast. I must be looking in the wrong places. Thanks for the fun post and for bringing back some fun summer memories on this cold winter morning. Kathy

  6. Wow - that's a lot of sand dollars! I never knew what you went through to preserve them.

  7. Happy New Year Anni!
    Wow great presents from Santa.
    And the enjoyment of picking all of it:).
    I love doing it too.

    Wonderful outdoor!



  8. Hi Anni! I've always love sand dollars, and the story behind them! What a lucky find that was for you! I'm glad to know some tips on caring for them too, if I'm so lucky to find some someday!.. Have a great day, and stay warm! ~tina

  9. Nice! Thanks for the info.. I never knew how to clean Sand Dollars... great tips!

  10. BEAUTIFUL POST! So pleasing to the eye and mind! Just beautiful!

  11. That's a serious haul of shells. I never realized that sand dollars were so fragile, what a lot of work to preserve them.

  12. Wow! Those are beautiful! That is my fav thing about the beach...walking and picking up nature's souvenirs! I found my first sand dollar in Hilton head, SC. I was floored! I did the cleaning, but did not know about the glue...great tip!

  13. Wow, Anni, that's amazing! Well, the shells are totally amazing, but that you could walk is even more - or that you could bend over and pick up the shells! Too funny! I wish you'd had Bud take a picture of you in all that garb - but, truly, the shells - amazing.

  14. it's shell season!!!!!!

  15. Dawn Bud was dressed in many layers also. We made a pair...like tweedle and and tweedle dumb yesterday we were. It was comical.

  16. Emma was doing more than sulk in that picture - she was in all-out temper tantrum mode! But I had to get a pic, because she looked so cute anyway!

    The iris - I hope it survives this craziness you're having down there right now. I feel for you, because you thought you left that stuff back here in Colorado!

    Dwight asked me the other day if I'd like to go to Corpus someday to meet you - are you kidding me??? He knows the answer to that one - maybe you'll be my #10 blog friend to meet someday! Wouldn't that be a hoot, Anni?? Seriously, it would be great and it would be going back to where Dad was stationed for awhile.

    Have a great day and stay warm!

  17. Anni,finding 79 sand dollars is quite a feat. I wonder why there are so many. Is it the time of year? The weather? Or is it just luck?

    You hit pay dirt with these ones for sure. Enjoy and have a great day.

    I also love the old Buick that was in the Smithsonian. We really needed more time to go through that building but did get back another day.


  18. Wow you hit the jackpot! Maybe you could show your blog readers the inside of one. There must have been a big change in the water out on the sandbars where they usually live??? B : )

  19. Wow! That's a lot. I guess the pay is worth freezing, huh? I wonder if there are more shells when it is cold or is it only because nobody else gets them since less people go to the beach when it is cold. Love your new header, Anni!...Christine

  20. Wonderful find ... delightfully presented ;-)
    Ya just don't find things like this on the beaches near my house. Too much traffic and heavy surf. I've shared my Watery Outdoor World at Happily Retired Gal this week.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. I didn't realize they were quite that delicate!

  22. Oh Anni, I can't believe you bumped into all these beautiful shells, sand dollars etc. We never, or rarly, find such fine specimens! :)

  23. Oh and your new header is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  24. I collect rocks and seashells too. I never hit paydirt like you did. Wowza!
    Joyce M

  25. Anni, you really did hit pay dirt! Don't you just love it? There's a beach near St. Augustine where I used to take visiting friends who wanted to shell, and sometimes there are major dividends there, too. I was always happy when my friends found neat things. One time it was sand dollars, one time it was star fish. Another time we found several near perfect conch shells. But I know that feeling of elation... but 79! You could go into business!!! Doing the happy dance for YOU! :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...



  26. Hi Anni~~~

    I really liked this post. Sand dollars are a rarity here in Chicago! lol!! Actually I have 2, both gifts and they must be preserved as you showed us. I use both as Christmas ornaments. I know 2 doesn't sound like much compared to 79, but I treasure them. How fun to go for walks and bring beautiful shells home to display...

    Thanks for popping over. Hope you have a great week!!


  27. That's excited...

    Here at my place we can find some what same but not that sharped..


  28. How amazing is THAT?! Looks like you will be busy for a while, laundering your money! LOL!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. BTW, I'm not a cold weather person, either!

  29. Okay, first I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard as I pictured your beach attire!

    Next, I love that you pick up broken bits of shells, I do the same thing. If I'm not mistaken the broken one in the bottom row is from a very large Lightning Whelk, I have a number of whole ones that are close to 12-inches long and that's what they look like.

    The first clam shell is a Giant Atlantic Cockle and the next one is an ark, I believe a Miniature White Ark, but it's hard to tell without closer inspection, but definitely an ark.

    The one that has you bum-fuzzled has me feeling the same way, but absolutely fascinated! What the heck is that thing? I'm going to take your photo with me to the Sanibel Shell Fair in March and ask around. Could you tell me what it measures across?

    Honey, you are rich in (sand)dollars for sure!

    Love, love, love this post!

  30. OMG! I can't believe you found all those sand dollars. I've found a few, but 8 unbelievable.. Last winter we found tons of conch shells! Love your blog!

  31. Oh Annie sweetie...
    You lucky ducky. I have never found even one. I have always wanted one, but never found one even after so many walks on the shore. I have found broken pieces but never whole. You hit the Mother Load for sure. I love it.

    They look so beautiful all laid out there on the table. All those sand dollars of love. I thank you for sharing with me today, as you are just the richest LADY I know. I can't believe it. 79, my gosh, my gosh. What a wonderful treasure hunt for you and DH. Maybe you need to take more walks this week. Something is bringing them in.

    Thank you for sharing as always sweetie, I so love to come and visit. If you should decide to pass any along, I am always at home or close by to receive. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Country hugs and so much love sweetie...Sherry

  32. I learned something today. I did not realize the process one has to go through to preserve a sand dollar. Looks like fun finding them and collecting them...
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  33. OMGosh! I can't believe you found all those whole sand dollars! They are usually smashed to bits by the time they hit the beach - I would have wet myself as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  34. Were they already dead? I wonder what is going on with them because, baby, that is so rare. I have never seen a whole one on the beach. Lucky you!
    Mama Bear

  35. Wow they look amazing, I have not seen them before. They are so different to the shells we find on our beach!

  36. OOOOOoh you darling wonderful thing.

    I just took a break from work to see your lovely offer. I am at work so it will take me a bit tonight to try and figure out the button thing.. but know I am so very thankful to you.

    Now if i can just figure how to get the html so others can add it to their blogs.

    One side note... shells are one of my loves. something about them that just makes me quiet.

    You are a doll -- course you knew that ;)

    I tried emailing you but it bounced back.. so for all to see tytytyty!! Mwah!


  37. That is awesome. You could open a store with those and sell them. They're beautiful. I didn't know there was so much work to preserve them. I wish I lived near a shore. I love the water. I live near Fox River, and you can't walk near it, but there are paths and bridges. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I may throw my computer off that shore of yours if it doesn't straighten up and act right. Sheesh. I now follow you.

  38. Wow Anni! You hit the mother lode!! I love finding things worthy of bringing home on the seashore!! :0)
    Enjoy the cool temps...

  39. You really made a haul with the shells. I love sand dollars, but no place to find here. You have a great collection started.

  40. I still have a huge sand dollar I found on the coast here in Oregon when I was a kid. That one is pretty hardy to have lasted so long without any treatment.

  41. Anni, You are loaded, girl! I have never seen a sand dollar- I am landlocked in Ohio and don't have generous friends like Blondie. LOL
    What will you do with all of them? I am curious to know what the temperature was the day of your walk. That get-up of yours sounded like a hoot! Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you!
    ~ Sue

  42. WOW they are also amazingly beautiful thank you for sharing and coming by

  43. You really did hit the jackpot! We have lots of shells here on LI, but not sand dollars..
    I bet you use them in a tablescape???

  44. How cool, what a nice collections of shells and sand dollars. Great photos.

  45. Oh your shell pictures are wonderful Anni -- definitely worth shivering for (I think ;>)

  46. Hi Anni-- just wanted to stop by and let you know you can take down the link -- thank you so very much.

    Because I am sooo illiterate when it comes to this sort of thing I had another friend walk me through the stuff that probably comes so natural to you.

    I appreciate your time so much.

    I tried emailing you-- but it kept bouncing back.

  47. Those are some wild and different shells!!
    Don't you just love the ocean?



    barbara jean

  48. Hi Anni, these are great finds! I love the colored shells too!

    Id bundle up if it gets too cold!

    Happy walking along the beach! Hope you will find more shells!

  49. The sand dollars were a real find! I love your newly found shell collection.

  50. OMG That is so great! I Love sand dollars....always looking for that one that is worth millions! I need to go look for some, now that I have read your post I know how to "preserve" them!! Thanks!

  51. Looks like from the sea urchin. We used to collect shells too. My kids love them.

    Great photos, Annie

  52. You are so funny about peeing your pants. You are in good company. I went on my nephew's trampoline, and on the first landing, I said, OHOH.

    Once in Singapore, a kid I went to the beach with found some sand dollars.

    In New Zealand I saw some star fish, thought tempted, I didn't take them home.

  53. Holy Cow! You are the Sand Dollar Queen! I found one while snorkeling in St. Kitts the day before Thanksgiving. It disintegrated in my fingers. I heard a child with us had the same thing happen so, those were meant to be seen and not taken I guess.

  54. What is sand dollar? Some kind or shell or only sand...?


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