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Remember this outdoor picture from 2009?
---but my post is NOT ALL about the event that took place outdoors in WASHINGTON last year. It's about a face....

- - -


Today, not only marks 1 year for Obama in office, [my vote counted] but with Massachusetts Republican vote for Brown it marks history being made. And I must add, I am pleased that the GOP was victorious for the Senate seat in the "Democratic" state! I think it speaks loud and clear that the Tea Party state comes through for the whole country. But...that's not my post content matter either--for the most part anyway, tho it's beginning to read like it is [more on my political view later]...after seeing her on Houston Chronicle's coverage of an historical event of such magnitude January, one year ago today.. as the many many cameras zoomed over the record attendance of Obama's inauguration and people stopping with their daily routine at work or on the streets of USA ---cameras throughout the country... her photo made an imprint on my mind. My post is just the one tear....and the dreams of a black race being recognized in a country which at one time had a significant black minority; speaking volumes. She was solemn looking, very simply dressed; meagerly attired with a straight cut, woolen coat, and wearing a stocking cap...One whose dreams have been realized. She was of the 'older generation' with graying strands streaking her coal black curls - tawny skin. That one single tear streamed down her cheek to her jaw...there was no covering up the fact. To me, I saw a new strength in a country, not her weakness. I don't think in my lifetime will I ever forget her face. She warmed my heart... for that one short minute I saw her face as she was seen through the photographer's lens.

This sketch I recently drew, I've entitled Vertie [her name, I wrote down on a piece of paper at the newsstand when I viewed the cover of the paper that day].

- - -

MY Political View below:

I posted above I was pleased about Massachusetts' GOP Senate vote. I'm pleased as punch. I think the turn from Democratic to a Republican victory has a lot to do with this Washington/Obama blunder of health care and lack of 'running a country' has everything to do with the outcome...

......For instance as I've been in the hospitals around the states many a times, I've witnessed people off the street, vagrants, getting the medical attention they need...I've seen gang members bloodied with gun shots and knife fights in the E R...they [as in medical staff] don't stop to ask if the people have insurance...they save lives if at all possible, no matter. Now, I do agree that there needs to be something done to regulate the drug costs and the doctors' fees, and PRIVATE insurance [get some regulation in those costs]. The people who think the government would give "FREE" health care are blind I tellya...the tax on us ALL would be outrageous and unaffordable and UNFAIR [nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is given to us, nothing is free. -exception the bailouts which was a fiasco all in its own right..] a government run insurance policy is NOT the answer..that's my say, and I'm sticking to it! And to add...maybe NOW the dubs in Washington will get their heads out of their butts and run a country the way it should be instead of spending our money on health care bills and bail outs!!! I stand here this morning and cheer the Massachusetts' voters!

PS...6:05 A.M. [CSTzone] Sheila said it all! The very first comment. left for me this morning...her words are to the point and so well 'spoken'!! I vote for Sheila in 2012.

POSTED: Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
4:30 A.M.


  1. Beautiful drawing!
    That said, lol. I think this country needs a complete overhaul. It needed it 8 years ago. (9) and needs it now.

    The current healthcare system, if you can call it that, is a mess and a sham. WE NEED to fix it. That said, I don't believe government control is the answer. But something needs to be done. I don't understand why the hell they cannot PASS the parts of the bill that they agree on, like 'no pre-existing conditions'.

    Oh, wait, yeah, that's why. Everyone needs 'incentive' and lined pockets to make a vote 'of the people'. And both parties are guilty.

    You've got the dems who protested for 8 yrs and the repubs who kept quiet for 8 and are now raising their voice. It's a shame this country is. The way that no one does anything for the actual betterment...just for themself.

  2. Sheila Your words are just exactly what needs to be said!! Here, here!!! High 5.

  3. Thanks Annie! I was a bit nervous to leave it, cuz ya just never know. lol I'd LOVE to run in 2012. They NEED a mom in there. But not a politician mom. :)

  4. Sheila Oh don't ever be nervous to leave an opinion...that's what makes blogging fun. Your opinion counts just as any other. It gives everyone more incite, I think. No matter WHAT the subject.

  5. Oh, this is a very deep subject. I too was very pleased to see the Republican Candidate elected yesterday. What a very fine mess our Democratic leaders have gotten us into.

    I have always been a Republican and even so often cringe at the shenanigans they pull too.

    How lovely it would be if we would return to a government for and by the people...not special interests!

    Your sketch is amazing!

    Living in a Country where History is made every day! Just so it does not get rewritten, maybe our children can learn from it!

    Becky K.

  6. I won't go into my policital views but....I was tickled out of my shoes that Mr. Brown won. !!
    Can't see your drawing very well but it looks really good...
    Hope your day is a good one.
    xo bj

  7. How lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  8. How beautiful! I don't do politics. the only way I know about the rogue one is that the media stuck her down my throat. However, I also celebrate January 20th - partly because I love change and we needed our new President, and partly because it was my last day of work!! Oh sweet retirement.

  9. Thank you first of all for your visit today. So pleased you left me a great comment. I try to stay away from too much worldly news as it is seldom good. We all have opinions and you expressed yours very well. I really enjoyed it and you are very talented in your art work.

  10. I LOVE the drawing - did you have lessons or are you just naturally an artist?

    I am so with you on this issue - my brother over in England has his brilliant head in the sand over this issue. Of course, it feels nice to walk into a hospital or doctor's office and leave without paying anything - but for some reason he fails to realize that his incredibly high taxes are paying for it! Unbelievably naive he is for a Ph.D. who is so brilliant in other ways.

    Friends in Canada talk of staying in a room all day waiting for a prescription to be filled. Not where I want to spend my days!

    Well, it'll be interesting to see what happens now - we have a chance to slow things down and do something right! I pray it happens.

  11. ahhhh, Anni...NOW I can see your fabulous work.Thanks for lightening them.

    O, my...you are so talented. I have enjoyed your Crown of Thorns on your sideboard.

  12. Anonymous1/20/2010

    Very nice work. I came by not expecting a political post. I try to steer clear, cause I love all my bloggy friends regardless of their political views but I voted for Obama and I still admire him greatly. Bush did nothing on health care for 8 years and now nothing is going to get done again, so what is the answer? I don't know, but I hope someday the parties can actually work together, wouldn't that be refreshing! And if we could get the big insurance companies from spending millions in lobbying efforts it sure would help too. The poor use the emergency room for all their care because that is the only place they know they can't be turned away. I work with families like that every day and just one big medical bill, even $5000 which was a recent bill for my daughters stomachache (and we have good insurance) can wipe them out. What is the answer then?

  13. I am so proud of the people of MA for voting with such passion. Americans need to band together and get rid of this corruption and greed on both sides and start voting for what is right and just and honest. Maybe MA has just begun it's second revolution, with no blood loss this time...I'm just saying.

  14. Anonymous Altho, you prompted me to once again add my little note about commmenting without showing who you are... I must say I VOTED FOR OBAMA myself!

    It's the costs that need to be regulated, not to tax everyone where they can't afford to LIVE ---by having a health care bill, EVERYONE'S taxes will skyrocket and make it unaffordable for ALL to just eke out a living..., and tho I'm not rich, I can't fathom taxing the RICH to pay for the poor---REGULATE the insurances fraud and the pharmaceutical/drug companies and the outrageous doctors' fees.

  15. Hi Annie,
    First of all, you are such a talented artist. Vertie is beautiful and you captured her well.
    Second, I agree this country needs an overhaul. I have come to the conclusion it doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat. Maybe that is the problem. Everyone has their own agenda--so quick to state their party and define themselves. Politics is politics and I wish we could just lay our differences aside and work for a common goal: get this country back on track and all get along. Nuff said.

  16. You are so beyond awesome my friend, love you.

  17. I love your sketch Anni. Although I am not into political issues but I agree of what you convey.

    My Outdoor shots

  18. Yes, it is dove season here too...those birds know it ! It is goose season too - most are hanging out in the city , they are smart too !
    thanks for visiting !

  19. What a great sketch first off.
    I agree that this country needs to be fixed and quickly!!!:(

  20. That sketch says it all! It's beautiful! I enjoyed your post and what Sheila had to say too.

  21. I agree, nothing is free, especially if it comes from the government! It's illegal to turn away treatment in an ER. There are free clinics for basic medical needs all over the place where doctors and nurses donate their time. We do need lower premiums, and lower costs in general through tort reform. Talk to a doctor about what they have to pay for malpractice insurance and about how often they are threatened with a law suit because of something stupid and you'll know it's the lawyers and not the medical community that has ruined health care in this country. And what are most professional politicians? Lawyers! OK, off my soap box now. I applaud the brave voters of Mass.

  22. Hello Anni ...
    I was thrilled with the results last night. At last I have a little political hope! :0)
    your sketch is amazing...

  23. Interesting post! Great sketches...

  24. Great post and sketch! It will be interesting to see what happens. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I appreciate your visit.

  25. Annie,

    I absolutely LOVE the sketch. One just like it would look great gracing my wall. However, I am not an artist. Your sketches are gorgeous.

    I know that I like our health care system. Everyone is considered equal and no money is paid up front. It does indeed come out of our taxes, just like welfare and disability. However, many would be in dire straits without it.

    I'm not sure about your Bill. I have only heard bits and pieces and think if the government is going to take over health care they need to move ahead very cautiously to be sure they've covered all the bases.

    As for Dawn's comment. I have never stood in line at a drugstore all day. Usually a 15 minute wait will suffice. The ER is often packed but that is because the government, while taking care of health care through taxes, cut funding to hospitals and many workers lost their jobs because of cutbacks. If there is no medical professionals to take care of people, there will be long waits, but that has nothing to do with equal health care for all. It just means that the government took more money from the people out of a different pocket.

    Wishing you a great evening.

  26. Happy Outdoor Wednesday, Anni. I hope you have a great day.

  27. I think we're all pretty excited write now about what's going on. I'm one of those proponents of cleaning House (pun intended) and the Senate. These guys and gals are NOT royalty, they work for us. I say, and will vote this way, vote out EVERY incumbent next election! The system STINKS and the people in office will not fix it. I could go on, but I won't for now. Please read on Anni because I have some exciting news:
    Congratulations – You’ve been tagged! That means you’re it. I got tagged by Stephen Baird the Nikon Sniper, so I answered all his questions and passed it on to you. This really can be some fun if you’ll play along. There are just a few questions to answer and you can see them - along with my answers -
    by clicking here.

  28. Hi Anni. I was pleased to get your comment on my blog. I was wondering how you felt about it. And - I really like your drawings. You are a very talented lady.
    I'm off to the dermatologist to see what to do about a skin cancer and hubby is waiting for someone to come and replace our hot water heater that broke and flooded the garage last night. It's raining too, but I'm glad about that.

  29. Your drawing is magnificent! You truly captured Vertie's emotions. What an amazing day for her!

    For the rest of the issues... We do need a complete overhaul...and term limits. It would also be helpful if our representatives were required to have lived in the real world where budgets must be kept, where businesses must be ethically run. So many of those who are making decisions for the country have no clue what economics are...no clue that you cannot spend what you do not have...no clue that the more you give away, the more you are expected to give away.
    Much of these ideas I learned from a doctor friend...he was a plastic surgeon. He never turned anyone away due to lack of money or insurance. And he never gave away FREE care. He would charge only what a patient could afford...if it was $.25 a week, that was the charge. After the patient showed good faith by paying his bill, the doctor would write PIF on his next billing statement. He believed that everyone needs to have the feeling that he/she is doing something to take care of debt...that he/she was working to help his/her family. The individual was also exhibiting a good example...a work ethic. He taught me that the more given in a welfare state, the less people will learn to stand on their own. (I saw this in my classrooms...I worked in very poor areas in FL and Arkansas). This doctor was first a minister, then felt called into medicine...and worked with Albert Schweitzer in Africa. He had a true world view... Many of the lessons he taught me, I carried into my teaching...and into the raising of my sons.
    Love you, Anni...
    Jane (artfully graced)


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