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The prompt is CALL this week. Sitting here, thinking back to 1968...about this time of year too, I received a call from a tall, dark and handsome fellow! It was around 9pm...we talked well past midnight. I remember my mother getting up from sleep...to walk in and say: "Are you still on the phone?" I'm surprised I didn't get grounded! Really!! But thing is, a mother's instinct I think kept me out of trouble, he just called that night, to say he loved me from the bottom of his heart...three months later I married the guy on the opposite phone line!! About this time of year each and every year, a certain song comes to mind. It's Stevie Wonder singing. Can you guess which one I think of? If you thought "I Just Called to Say I LOVE YOU". You were right! Click on the button just below to sing along!! Each time I hear it, it reminds me of that one night in 1968....we're still together and the bond has grown for over 40 years!! The month of LOVE is just around the corner........

- - -<><><>- - -


Y'know...February is one of my favorite months in the year. Mostly 'cause it's shorter than all the rest of the months. LOL Do you ever experience a month that just seems to drag on and on and you find yourself wishing for it to be finally over and gone for a year?!! I do! February never drags for an eternity! Not only my birthday, the 9th, but there is Valentine's Day. And we also celebrate our Tahoe's Adoption day too. And in the near past....the Super Bowl! This year it's the Saints and the Colts...."Oh When the Saints---Go Marching in". Can you guess which team I'm gonna be rooting for this year? Oh, and, not to mention it's the time of year the baseball players begin to show up for their Spring Training Camp days....their exhibition games begin in the first week of March. Yippee!! Baseball Season here we come. I so love February!!! It's the time of year for me that promises a lot to be done...Spring hits our area too. Trees leaf out again from a winter sleep...flowers begin to bloom again and the grass turns green [usually it remains green...it did in our lawn in the back yard, but for some reason there was lawn winter kill in our front yard].

Anyway...February. A good month. And it starts next week....right? Monday to be exact. Come on February. Then, just two short weeks and it'll be the day for LOVE...LOVE fills the air. And you know me by now, how I get into decorating for the season----



On Friday, I will participate in Show n Tell as always and continue with my Valentine's decorations....in the living room. The coffee table and the fireplace mantle. There's an open invitation for 'the rest of the story'.....

POSTED [early]: Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
12:25 A.M.
song: You Tube


  1. I love that story! That Bud was quite the romantic guy. I'm impressed with how you decorate for the seasons too.

  2. You make me smile. I love your decorations.

  3. Anonymous1/25/2010

    I love your story about your Call. How wonderful HA and you know just from following you I can still get the feeling as it was way back then. It's refreshing :) Your RT is wonderful. Great jobs and photo my friend :) Have a great week :)

  4. Anni, I met the love of my life also in 1968 and we got married in 1970...He told me on our wedding day that we were going to just fool around and have fun for 40 years and then we would get serious...well he died right after our 31 Anniversary so I had 31 years of all fun girl...and girl theire is not one day in my life I don't think about Wally and how much fun we had sighs...Loved seeing all your wonderful VD stuff your doing...Hope you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. You really know how to decorate! Very nice Valentine's Day decor.

    My mother's birthday is also on Feb. 9. Another Aquarius. ;-)

    Spring won't be here until April. You are lucky!!

  6. Hi Sweetie...
    You can count me in on the story. You know me, I love it when you're telling a story, and a love story? Well it doesn't get any better than that. I just love it.

    I always wondered how you two met. So romantic. I love it. I also love your shares today. So pretty in their Valentine frames. Just who would've guessed that you love Valentine's Day? Not I.

    Oh sweetie I pray you have had a wonderful day today. Did you get to the beach? Any more sand dollars? How about shells? You were so lucky to find so many in that one day. I still talk about that with DH, like what a fluke.

    I will talk to you soon. Happy early February celebration. Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix...Much love, Sherry

  7. These Valentine reds are great, the hutch and table centerpiece full of nice details, such nice reds and roses, candles and ducks that are pretty and warm. Nice!

  8. Well, Ruby Tuesday is certainly suited to your Valentine's Day decorations! Lovely photos.

  9. What a lovely recounting of the time you have spent with Bud. Have a great day, Anni.

  10. oh what a fun post..i can't wait for valentine's day either..it will be our 22nd anniversary :) thanks also for visiting we're having a great Australia Day!

  11. How sweet, you are already celebrating Valentine's Day! I double clicked those crystal love birds. They are so nice indeed.
    I also love February because my one and only child is born that month and so is my only sibling, my brother.
    Lots of celebration.
    This year I'll be looking forward to watch the winter Olympics from Canada as well.

  12. Wow, you are getting right into the swing of Valentine's Day. Can't be too early I say. Oh yes, hooray for baseball spring training! It's been a long withdrawl!
    By the way, I bought some Dial cranberry soap. LOVE it! Thanks!

  13. Lovely Valentine decorations! My birthday is Valentine's Day so this post is very lovely in my mind. :)
    Loved your 'Call' story.

  14. What a cool love story!! Your Valentine decor is inspirational!

  15. What a cool love story!! Your Valentine decor is inspirational!

  16. That is one of my favorite songs..... I saw Stevie Wonder in 1963 live at the Cow Palace in Sacramento.... This is a great post and it gives me warm fuzzy feelings!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  17. I love that beautiful rose candle! I would buy it but would never light it , don't want to spoilt the beauty! lol

  18. Looks very festive!

  19. What a sweet story. My hubby was never a big talker on the phone.

  20. Your enthusiasm feeds me - please don't ever lose it. LOVE the spots!

  21. Great holiday decorations, very festive.

  22. that is a wonderful memory you have. very obviously the man of your dreams... i'd swear you still glow in his presence. the month that drags on and on and on is january for me. i'm so glad it's nearly over. and it's the bean birthday on monday. 14 years... who'd have thought, we are all surviving each other, heee heee heeee.

  23. Anonymous1/26/2010

    We never decorate for Valentine here in France. Lots of red in your shots!

  24. Great show of Ruby Val day things.
    My Ruby Link for you

  25. I love Feb also. It was when I met my hubby also.
    He invited me to a Valentine dance and we have been together ever since.
    Each yr he buys me a heartshaped box of chocolates and I have the very first box he gave me.
    I love your decor on the hutch.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. I loved the story of your phone call.

    Also, I love the cute puppy in your header. I always love seeing your blog designs.

  27. I just threw the song up on my blog because it had been stuck in my head.. but you gave it reason. =)

  28. That's a great song and a heartwarming story.

    Here's my HoT
    You've Got My Number

  29. that is sooo beautiful Anni :) you are doing great when it comes to decorating your house!

    u may view mine here

  30. Anni,

    I absolutely love your Valentine decor both in your home and on your blog. Wonderful and very cheery.

    Hope you had a great day and yes, February is a good month.


  31. PS. Your tiger sketch below is absolutely gorgeous.

  32. I love your Valentine's Day decorations. They're really beautiful!

  33. What a fabulous looking blog! The red hearts around the mirror are so festive! I love all the changes to fit the season.

  34. Beautiful and gorgeous red!

  35. I just love that beginning story with the wonderful memory.
    I remember this song. "I just called to say I love You".

    Your dining room certainly looks festive all dressed in red. Sounds like February is an exciting month for you. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    Please tell how you add your own photo at the top header and how you place the type of frame with red hearts on each of your photos.


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