Gloom, despair and more rain on me....


LET ME JUST's raining still. Today's predicted total? 3 to 5 MORE inches before this front moves out and heads toward Louisiana. I need gills!!! 'Nough said!!! But, being housebound because of the wet, dreary weather---------

I've been doing a lot of reading. And...drawing!


A while ago, I did a self-portrait sketch from the photo on my sidebar. The photo of me and my two kids from about 30 years ago. Well, I took the section that has my son, Erik, and drew him. .....with the end result on the right side.

And after watching the last two of the trilogy ICE AGE on DVD [I saw the first one at the theater long ago] over the holiday weeks, I 'fell in love' all over again with Scrat, the character who is continually perusing the continent for his beloved, coveted acorn. He's just a 'fun' character to watch throughout the movies. He'll show up unexpectedly in the course of the short two hours, still stalking his nut! I so enjoy these movies, they make me laugh and forget all the other nonsensical world that's outside my door!! His eyes are just too comical and even if they're animated and all....the eyes say so much!! I thought I'd sketch him... the left, me beginning the drawing of the outline of a rose in full bloom. On the right, the completed sketch:

- - -<><><>- - -


[all in humor - take no offense]

There once was a lady from Alaska
Up north near Russia y'know...
She resigned giving citizens the shaft-ta!
With ghost writer, up'n' left -went rogue
Around the globe, yep, quite en vogue...
A cable station signed her on...
to cover world politics, or not---
2008 -G O P played chess, I ask:
"Now who's the pawn?"

POSTED: Friday, January 15th, 2010
4:40 A.M.
Cartoon clip borrowed for effect...NOT MINE!


  1. I guess you have the skill to draw and it a nice sketch. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

  2. You're very talented Anni! I can't draw a circle even with the compasses.....
    Gracie @

  3. Okay, First off? I LOVE That little guy from Ice Age! And next? lol
    Your Flash 55? Blahhhhaaaa haaaaaaa! GREAT ONE!
    , "yaknow" Yes, I can't believe Fox thinks she's got anything to contribute. She still cannot talk, she has no clue what she's even talking about. Weird stuff.

  4. nice 55. i imagine both parties got their just

    love the art!

    my 55 is up!

  5. Hehehehe...That was fantastic Annie! I love your sketches as well. You are a talented artist on many levels! Thanks for visiting mine and have a great weekend :)

  6. cheeky 55, love it dear anni. and your drawing skills are stunning!!! let me know when you're ready for commissions. i'd love to have sketches of my 2 men... i'm serious!

  7. WOW you are very talented! I wish I had half of that talent.

  8. ha. liked this and totally impressed with your drawing. Wow. I wish I could draw like that. mine's up. Sarah

  9. Love these drawings Anni! You did a GREAT job with Erik! And I just LOVE that little racoon! Too cute! You're like me... never BORED - not even for a minute!

  10. Anni...?
    A political satire 55?
    I LOVE IT!!!
    One of your very best ones yet My Dear.
    Thanks for the smile, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  11. Oh Annie Sweetie...
    You are cute as a bug. I love to come and see what you are up to for the day.

    I have to tell you that you are an exquisite artist. I love your details to the little things.

    I too love Scrap. Isn't he just the cutest. How many pieces of ice has he fallen through now. Everytime I think they are going to let him have his coveted acorn, something else happens and it goes as quickly as it came to him. Nope I don't think he is ever going to get it.

    That rose is so beautiful. I have to tell you sweetie, you have a wonderful God given talent. You are so lucky. I just love to come and see what you are sketching today. Thanks for sharing.

    Your lady from Alaska story was precious. You always find a good one.

    Hey can you send some of your rain our way? I keep hearing we are supposed to be getting some, I just can't figure out where it goes. Does it evaporate before it gets here or what?

    Country hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  12. Anni,

    Your drawings are absolutely gorgeous. You did a great job on all of them. What talent you have. I especially like the one of Erik and the one of the rose, but of course Scrat is delightful. I saw the first Ice Age movie but not the second one. Looks like I need to rent some DVDs.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  13. Hi Annie!

    You can draw, Annie! Love portraits of the family.

    I love the Scrat character. Its how I feel about my car keys....never can find em"!

    love, kelee

  14. Nice 55. And I wonder who it's about ;-)

  15. I always love seeing what you create and wish I could draw ... seriously! No rain here yet ... but (if the weather reports are correct) we're in for a SERIES of storms starting Sunday and continuing for 6-7 days with the last one bringing LOTS of moisture when the ground is saturated fully. I'm a bit worried about those who live in 'recently burned areas' and I'm postponing the planting of my pansies, but I'm DELIGHTED we're finally getting some winter weather here in Southern California.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. I love your sketches - such talent!

  17. I saw the ad for the show, but just clicked right past. Whatever.

  18. Anonymous1/15/2010

    Love the sketches, keep up the good work! Sending warm hugs your way :)

  19. Political lymeric. Hope she gets buried. Thanks for stopping by to visit my 55. Fun distraction for Fridays, eh?

  20. Your drawings are very nice ! especially the one of your son ! Love it !
    Do your feet transform themselves into flippers with all this rain ? If not then it doesn't rain enough !

  21. Anonymous1/15/2010

    I love your Political satire for your 55. And it's so true. Wow you did great with those sketches. You are truly gifted. Have a wonderful Friday :)

  22. I love your new background! It's been a while since I've been on. Too much work... my husband is a jeweler and Thanksgiving through Valentines is his busiest time... which means it's MY busiest time as well. You are such an artist! I am constantly in awe of your wonderful creations! We have rain here in San Antonio as well. Hopefully it will be over soon. I hope you have a wonderful three-day weekend! -April

  23. I loved your 55, my friend. You pack so much in there. Yeah. Who's the pawn now? That's what they get for staring at her legs and forgetting her brain...

  24. Ugh, Anni, what a 55 subject! ROFL

    Now if only she'd go back and finish 5th grade English she might be a bit more tolerable, but then again... maybe not.

  25. You are making such good use of your time in the house. I hope you don't need an ark one of thee days soon!

    Good drawing - once again I say it, you are so talented!

  26. Talented Lady! Clever you. I do wish I could draw.
    Have a good weekend Anni
    Hugs and Love Suex

  27. Omigosh, Anni, you really drew Scrat perfectly, as you say, it's all in his eyes! lol I so love those movies as well and always look forward to seeing Scrat in his unending search for his acorn. hehe Your son's drawing as well as the rose...well all I can say is that I'm SO impressed, you really do have a God given talent:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and try to stay dry or otherwise I'll have to send you some fins to go with those gills! lol xoxo

  28. Hey Anni!!
    What a fine artist you are!! I can't draw a stick man lol
    I am following your blog but for some reason it posted me with out a pic and as boggsie.......I don't know what happened

  29. I like Scrat. :)
    He's cute, he makes me laugh, and I feel a little sorry for him.
    Great drawings!!

  30. I'm crying from laughing so much after reading that article about the man's penis stuck in a pipe...omigod how hilarious!!! And your answers to the questions also had me LOL! hehe You realize that now every time I'm mashing potatoes I'll be thinking of poor Mr. Potato Head!!!!! xoxo

  31. So if we take offense because we just love poor Sarah is that bad.
    Well done 55.

  32. Love your 55 and your sketches. You are very talented.

  33. We dragons don't take offense at what you humans say about each other. Just lay off the dragons.
    Well done 55.

  34. Anni,
    You are so talented! I wish I could draw like that! I love the drawing of the rose! Also, love your poem about you know who! hehe. -Delores

  35. I love seeing your sketch work. Love them all!

  36. HILARIOUS 55! And your drawing is also fantastic!

  37. I love your talent.

  38. I so love your sketches! Wish I could draw as good as you :) I love ICE AGE too :) My niece loves Sid more though.

  39. I'm glad I wore my hip's getting deep in here! Too funny!

  40. Such talent you have! And I love the poem. B : )

  41. great job!I use to could draw a little back in the day LOL but can't draw worth a flip now LOL


  42. Right on Sister! I'm with ya on this one!

  43. You are such a talented lady! love your sketches.

    have a wonderful day!


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