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This week, it's just Thursday 13 for me [my 13 found below]...for some reason, when I checked this morning, there was no Thursday Thunks. I assume all is okay with the authors of the meme, but perhaps they're not able to get connected or something. Who knows. I'm at a loss. LOLOLOL

Instead, I thought I'd do a critique of the movie that is sweeping the world of cinema by storm! I hear there is a record breaking total for nearing 2 BILLION dollars!! Holy cow. Then again, being that it is a 3-D movie and you pay extra for the ticket because of the special glasses handed wonder it's grossing in the billions. Anyway, Bud and I finally went to see it yesterday. If we were going to see this movie, I wanted to see it on the 'big screen'. You know me...this kind of Science Fiction...I go just to see the art work. For the most, it was very good. Great plot. EXCELLENT effects and color and art. I think tho, that when Mr. Cameron got the idea of producing such a flick, he was down under the Atlantic, in the submersible---searching for the Titanic. Seriously. The one definition of the word avatar --- An avatar is a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego --- is this really what he thinks of himself? Hmmmmm!!! Of course, what impressed me the most...if you've seen the movie you'll know just what I mean...the plant life in this movie? Didn't it remind you of viewing National Geographic Explorer under the sea? The creatures? Or maybe a huge aquarium under a black light with everything all aglow? I did. Okay, so if you want my the extra $ to go see this on the big screen. It's worth it. Great ending....very well done in my opinion.

- - -<><><>- - -

Scientifically when you speak, or when you read rapidly, repeating letters that should be pronounced differently, your muscles and/or neurons want to repeat the same action.....Now, begin:

Thirteen of 'em in fact:

1- Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew.
While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew.
Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze.
Freezy trees made these trees' cheese freeze.
That's what made these three free fleas sneeze.

2- A twister of twists once twisted a twist;
A twist that he twisted was a three-twisted twist;
If in twisting a twist one twist should untwist,
The untwisted twist would untwist the twist.

3- Tie twine to three tree twigs.

4- Seven slick slimey snakes slowly sliding southward.

5- I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch.

6- He threw three free throws.

7- How many sheets could a sheet slitter slit if a sheet slitter could slit sheets?

8- Seven sleazy shysters in sharkskin suits sold sheared sealskins to seasick sailors.

9- Shut up the shutters and sit in the shop.

10- Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh.

11- She is a thistle-sifter. She has a sieve of unsifted thistles and a sieve of sifted thistles and the sieve of unsifted thistles she sifts into the sieve of sifted thistles because she is a thistle-sifter.

12- Tim, the thin twin tinsmith.

13- Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. But if Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore then where are the sea shells Sally sells?

- - -<><><>- - -

A Super Bowl Preview: Oh, and I almost forgot! I saw the funniest commercial!! Yes, a commercial. This is so me driving....and Bud as the passenger. I have a lead foot. He's a 'back seat driver' -complainer!! And I had to go to You Tube to see if I could find it. Turn up the closely to her mouth...and listen! What a HOOT!!! Here it is...

POSTED: Thursday, January 28th, 2010
5:55 A.M.


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    You usually arise long before me. I awoke to rain this morning. So clean smelling when I walked out the door.

    I love your Thursday twisters. I remember Sally selling sea shells the most. Loved it then, and still do. Thanks for the memory. I am smiling.

    The commercial I will have to view when I go home tonight. Can't see videos through our work server. It shuts them off totally, so I will view it tonight. Can't wait. If it intrigued you then I will love it.

    Have a beautiful day my friend. So glad you loved me post.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  2. I haven't seen Avatar and I don't to see it, I don't like these unreal things even in 3 D. But you gave a very good explanation, maybe you convince me to see it later.
    I will have a knot in my tongue if I read loud your TT, lol !
    There is no TT for today yet. It's already 3 pm here and no Mr Linky yet.

  3. Forgot to tell you that I love your Valentine's template ! Your cats won't be happy that you choose a dog, lol !

  4. Yikes ... those are some tongue-twisters!

  5. Hi Anni, oh boy, those tongue twisters! did you ever read Fox in Socks (by Dr. Seuss) to one of your kids or grandkids or any kid? You want to talk about page after page after page of tongue twisters! Yipes!!!!!

  6. Irish Coda Yes, I have read most of all Seuss's books to my kids. They're fun books to read aloud. I don't recall having problems with any speaking terms that is. LOL

  7. Great tongue twisters! Wow, I didn't know there were so many to be found. I couldn't even attempt them so early in the morning!

  8. I remember a few of these. Great fun when we were kids.

    I also couldn't find this week's TT.

  9. Loved your post about Avatar.. I've been wanting to see that one, but am waiting for it to come to the Cheapskate-theatres! (0; Loved the Mr and Mrs Potato Head commercial too! TOO-ooo FUNNY!!!.. And finally, thank you for my valentine card! I've got in on my right side bar now, and it looks so CUTE! ~tina

  10. Personally, I wanted to see the plants stage an uprising. It would have fit well with the plot. Oh well.

  11. I love those tongue twisters...very fun.

    we broke down and saw Avatar yesterday too. The plants were amazing-my favorite part of the movie!

    happy TT!

  12. AAAAH! Too many tongue/mind twisters too early in the day. I loved the commercial; too funny.

  13. Anonymous1/28/2010

    Yeah I wondered what is going on with TT. Oh well...maybe they just need a break. I probably never see Avatar. I don't do movies well at all LOL. What tongue twisters I tell ya. Well done. I like number 9 :) Well done. And I can't wait for the Superbowl and the ads. There is one going on now for Subway that is just hysterical and it's of Superbowl quality. It's excellent. It's about people loosing weight by eating Subway. Have a great Thursday :)

  14. Fun list. I've heard a few before, but not many of them. My father taught us the one about the sheet slitter when we were rather young. Much to my mother's dismay.LOL

    My TT: More Than Enough

  15. most of those tongue twisters I have never even heard before.
    Have a happy Thursday.

  16. Anni, love the tongue twister's, I'll have to get my munchkin doing a few. ~ Calico Contemplations

  17. No I haven't seen the movie. Those are some tongue twisters, I have heard a few, very nice video. Have a nice day.

  18. this reminds me of vocal warmups. we start with the vowel consonants, move on to short tongue twisters like cinnamon, synonym, which are repeated several times. then we move on to longer series, like little songs almost.

    my favorite is the trinidad song. so much fun to say and can get a little tongue twisty.

    trinidad! and the big mississippi and the town honolulu and the lake titicaca.
    the popacatepl is not in canada rather in mexico, mexico, mexico, mexico!
    canada malaga rimini brindisi! canada malaga rimini brindisi! canada malaga rimini brindisi! canada malaga rimini brindisi!

    yes, tibet tibet tibet tibet. nagasaki, yokohama, nagasaki, yokohama. tibet, tibet, tibet, tibet, tibet.

  19. I have not seen the movie but I hear it is taking in a lot of $.
    I love the 13 today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. LOL....that was happy you have someone to tell how to drive... I haven't made it yet to see Avatar....I know I better hurry, because I do want to see it in 3/d....well take care....judy

  21. Just came by to check on you and see what you have been up to. I could not decide on whether I wanted to see this or not. Glad you did this post to help me decide.
    I have to come back here later tonight and catch up on your other post
    Take care

  22. Oh I forgot I love your Valentine

  23. Anonymous1/28/2010

    I let my kids have a go at your 13. Good fun!

  24. Love your list!!!!! Happy Thursday

  25. What a cute commercial! I have a bit of the lead foot, too.

  26. I love you my friend.

  27. I love the tongue twisters. You missed this one - I slit the sheet and the sheet slit me. Best to try this one when you are alone. Have a great day, Anni.

  28. ok so there was a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo when i tried sayin em in good speed!

    Common hence Over-Rated

  29. I must thank Dr Suess for the ability to not only read all of those, but say them even! Perhaps I must also thank my oldest for whom Fox in Socks has been a favorite book for going on 4 years (or more?) now......

  30. My son loves tongue twisters. I'm going to link him to these. I can't wait to see Avatar. Hopefully we will get to go this weekend.

  31. Holy cow - did you make them up? I could barely get through the first one. Did you get any of the 3-D sickness they're talking about from watching Avatar?