The Fickle Heart of Winter-Summer in '55---I'm being Blue



Last month, nearly to the day even, I showed & told about the 'new' antique I found at the Antique Mall. The Fenton Blue Glass candle holder...remember? If not, click here for my write-up. Anyway, I mentioned that when I bought it I was thinking I'd use it for something snowy and frosty for the holiday decorations. Well, as the four photos show, I did use it for a 'snowy', blue, icy setting. It's the 'centerpiece' for our coffee table in the living room. I added a little bit of fiber craft stuffing for snow, in the center of the holder, added the slender white taper candles in each. Then, I set a tiny resin snowman in the very center and added some mosaic glass, cobalt blue ornaments I found at Wal Mart. Which at the time I was there shopping for groceries, I really hoped it was the same or very near the same shade of blue as the glass candle holder. It was a perfect match!!The snowman I found at Dollar Tree that is just across the street from our Wal Mart Super Center...for a buck, and such a cute face, I fell it love with him....but having a blue scarf and hat made him even more appealing! A good find to do what I had planned on doing. Also, the cute li'l booger was just the right size to fit in the middle of it all. I think I'll call him Frosty....original idea don't you think? But, button nose! Yet, his eyes how they twinkle...his dimples how merry. Oops, wrong dude! A magical hat tho...all the townsfolk agree. Now this little sweetie in the following photo is a close up of the two long, blue taper candles I have on each side of the blue snowman candle holder from above. I've actually had these candles since our days in Colorado...ancient, I know...and no, I've never set them to flame. The special decorative candles I don't. I always pack them away gingerly and wrapped well to keep from breaking each and every season at the end of the holiday-time. The candles are blue...with the snowman face. Along the tappered part of the candle above the snowman, in white raised lettering, it says "Merry Christmas". The candle holder and the blue cobalt glass mosiac ornaments and the taper snowman candles are all placed atop my lace table runner and 'crystal' snowflakes. The snowflakes are assorted sizes. From one gigantic single snowflake under the blue glass to several medium to small snowflakes surrounding it all. From clear in color to light, icy, blue frosted ones to the iridescent ones shown here...the camera flash makes it look 'yellow', but they're more of a 'oil on water' rainbow kinda like color. It's hard to describe.

- - -<><><>- - -


As I step through the darkness of the forest
appearing before me, the sun
bright and glowing it warms my soul
for Winter's here; now begun.
I long for extended hours o'summer, as hot blazing rays arise
with sunflowers among the pasture and knoll...
Golden yellow with deep brown eyes...
Nature, again as my florist.

© 2009 Hootin' Anni

There is a reason to my rhyme! Yes indeedy!! The past few days we've had a huge cold front move in....with high temps getting to a whopping high 40s to low 50s and believe it or not, the weather-forecasters here are prediciting that NASTY white stuff to fall from the sky on Sunday!! No way!!! Guess I'll have to move farther south...Snow? In Corpus? Gimme a break!!! Hope they're all wrong on this. I want my balmy summer back.

[photo of sunflower used with permission HERE]

POSTED: Friday, December 4th, 2009
12:01 A.M.

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  1. Please can you ship it over Anni! It's gorgeous. Just my Kitchen colours!
    Love this post,
    Have a good weekend Hugs and Love Sue x

  2. Anonymous12/04/2009

    What a great 55. I love it. But it seems you are going to have to wait quit a bit of time for your colors to reappear. We haven't even started Winter yet :) Great photos there my friend. Have a wonderful Weekend :)

  3. Anni, I love what you've done with the cobalt blue candle holder. You have a real flair for decorating. It all looks wonderful.

    Enjoyed your Flash Fiction. You are a woman of many talents. Enjoy your day.


  4. your 55 echoes in me, only in reverse... seems as much as i like the change of seasons, i do not adapt so easily. i long for cold, rainy, windy days, go figure...

    oh, and your blue centrepiece is lovely. funny how blue is not such a frequently used christmas colour, as it is to beautiful!

  5. Your centerpiece turned out great! What a perfect match of the blues and the snowman is just the right touch for the center!

  6. You have such lovely things, thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful! I really love your decorations.

  8. This is so clever and sweet/ I love it. Thanks for vissiting!

  9. Anonymous12/04/2009

    Oh so love sunflowers a plenty ~ here in Milan, I wish there were many. "Not so", says my friend Danny, "better head on over to Hootin' Anni's".

    Love the thought of happy sunny flowers on this rainy day.

    I'm up:

    Friday Flash 55 ~ Sobbering 55

  10. What a fun project, once again. Just adorable. And the blue candles from Colorado - perfect!

    I sure hope you don't get snow - nobody will have the proper clothes, or know how to drive! Is everyone out stocking up for the storm?

  11. I hate winter. Great 55
    I have finished my 55.
    You’ll find it
    But it’s a groaner.

  12. great answers! and you got yours up so early :) i heart pantene too! but i am more into their conditioners... sad, i don't think we have that variant here.. how i wish so I could try it.. by the way, egg nog in liquid form, how does it takes like?

    here's my late entry

  13. The blue is gorgeous and I love how you put it all together.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Marice The best way I can describe the taste of egg nog would be to tell you it's a lot like melted vanilla ice cream! If you ever find it in your country, in liquid form, try it. If you like ice cream I'm sure you'll like egg nog.

  15. Anni, that cobalt blue dish is just absolutely DIVINE!!! I'm LOVIN' it so much and I love what you've done with it!

  16. I love your centerpiece! The blue Fenton is wonderful. Thank you for visiting junkblossoms! I hope you'll visit again soon.

  17. Maybe all of your adorable snow men are calling the snow to you.

    Beautiful 55.

    Flash 55 - Love

  18. Very pretty! LOVE the Blue & White snowman theme!

  19. i love the snowflake!! absolutely beautiful, great 55 too, mine is up this week.

  20. Nice. I like old Christmas things. Are they hard to come by? As to the cold front...I'm in Portland and we're expecting flurries on Sun too. We don't get much (or any) snow here either...

  21. Loved the last line, and I, too, await summer. It's going to be a long wait, though.

  22. That looks lovely ! and the little snowman is so cute !
    BTW now the Tiger Wood story came up here too, The European medias were wondering about the reaction of the American medias that they made up such a fuzz for such an unimportant thing ! After all if he wants to have girl friends and run his car against a tree, that is is private fun and business. Who cares ?

  23. VE Wow, there for a minute you threw me off course. You see, when you posted here that you're in Portland and expecting snow too on Sunday...well, I was ready to drive over to meet you. Thing is...Texas has a "Portland" also...just over the bridge from us here!! LOLOL

  24. There's nothing better than that golden yellow.

  25. I have the same little snowman and I got him at our Dollar Tree.
    You really do have a talent in decorating.
    I am going to try to get my decorations up this weekend.
    I sure wish we had your 40-50's we are at 15 right now and we are to get snow this weekend also.
    I agree with you I want warm weather back.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  26. Hi Anni!

    Oh, that blue candle holder is beautiful! I haven't had much luck lately finding blue glass items.

  27. Annie - I am so glad you stopped by to see me. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL.
    I love all the blue - and your candleholder is divine. I have become a follower.



  28. As an aside when I scrolled down your blog, I noticed you are reading The Betrayal - The Lost Life of Jesus. I have read it - it is really an interesting read. So glad to meet you.


  29. What a great idea. I love the cobalt blue!!
    The ancient candles are very cute!!

    Lovin' your sparkly blue blog!!

    Can't believe I wasn't already following you. Fixed that!

  30. Anonymous12/04/2009

    Oh, Anni.. you are so creative! I love your blog, your holiday spirit and your 55!!! "nature is my florist"... sweet words. I love nature too. Have a great day Anni!!!

  31. nicely done and peaceful 55. i love to see the flowers in bloom and nature on full display. smiles.

    mine is up!

  32. Anni, I love the decorations that you are sharing with us. The candle holder is especially lovely.

  33. You want crappy weather?
    Come to Michigan.
    Excellent 55 Anni, it did make me yearn a little!
    Thank You for this fine contribution, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  34. Oh, Anni, I love blue, and I love snowmen, so you know I love this! You did such a great job with it! I want it when you get tired of it, okay? :)

    You said in my post on sheep babies that you 'heart' Caboose. Well, you need to stop back by in a couple of hours and see what he and his brother have been up to now...

    Have a great weekend!

  35. Hi Sweet Annie...
    I love this Frosty and the beautiful blue fenton candle holder. My Gosh is this ever beautiful. The color is so vibrant. I just love it. The candles are precious. You do such a wonderful job putting things together. I love to come and see what you have been up to.

    I hope you will stop by and see my cloches I put together for the party today. It will give you a little peek at my home. I am not complete yet. I am trying though. More photos soon.

    See ya soon. Hugs and much Love, Sherry

  36. Oh my...that turned out beautifully. I just love snowmen. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Winter is hitting me like that too. My 55 is HERE. Brrrr.

  38. We dragons like snow but aren't wild about cold.

  39. Hello Anni!
    You do something in your notes that I would like to do. You put a URL link that is active (works) in the body of the comment. I LOVE how that works. Could you please let me know how to do that?

  40. I love cobalt blue and I have never seen that type of candleholder before...looks great with the cute.


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