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PHOTO HUNT: FAST---[fast asleep]

Combining the Photo Hunt's Theme and the other Saturday meme, Camera Critters I chose this photo. The theme for Photo Hunt is "FAST" which I will use this in a different sense of the term...FAST fast asleep! Winston, our cat, is doing a no no....first off he's not supposed to be on the dining room table...but he's also sleeping by the hurricane lamp while lit! Of course, I had to photograph him before I reprimanded him...awwwwww, but he was so comfy cozy!! [By the way the tablecloth was bunched up 'cause Bud was playing a game of solitaire and went outside to smoke a cigarette, leaving the lamp lit and of course, Winston took the dare and landed himself into trouble as Bud also got an a$$ chewing from me too-----shame on him....them!]

POSTED: Saturday, December 19th, 2009
5:30 A.M.


  1. Naughty boys.. but a great shot. Happy weekend and a very happy Christmas!

  2. oh such a beautiful cat...it sleeps so fast..great thought for the photohunt theme today..and for camera critters also..

    mine is here

  3. Hahahaha, good thing Winston did not make any playful move or else that lamp could have burn your table cloth and worse your house. Mine is up too.

  4. no small complication dressed like that...lol.
    Thanks for visiting my 55! And in case I don't get back before Christmas, have a wonderful time
    with your loved ones.

    Eaton :)

  5. when the cats away.... and being that cute, you can't ever really be bad, heee hee heeee

  6. Doesn't Bud know not to disturb holiday decor? Cute picture and post. Nice take on the theme.


  7. Anonymous12/19/2009

    LOL...Poor Winston...looks so comfy and then he gets his reprimand. Poor Kitty...poor Pussy Cat LOL Great photo my friend :)

  8. Cute photo of your kittie fast asleep.

  9. Looks like a Christmas card to me : )

  10. Good Morning Sweet Annie...
    I would have been chewing some aSS too. No kitties on the table, and Bud never walk away and leave a lantern lit. Kittie could have knocked it over and started a horrible fire. Oh my gosh Annie. Keep them both in line. Chew away.

    Try to have a SAFE holiday. No more lantern lighting I would say.

    Have a beautiful day and thanks for my dose of Annie. I love you sweetie. Merry Christmas. Country hugs...Sherry

  11. That is hilarious. Cats are SO funny how they find heat sources (no matter how small). It's funny to watch ours sleep in the sun and then move to where the sun moves...

  12. Good Morning Anni... It is an adorable picture even if it was a NO-NO!!! Have a super day my friend!


  13. Very interesting Anni!

  14. Anni - the comment above was meant for the Nativity post.
    Your cat is really pretty. This looks like something our cat would do!

  15. He may have been bad and got in trouble, but Winston is a very gorgeous cat!!!

  16. Men! Two and four-legged! It would be pretty hard to get on this beautiful snoozer's case.

    I'm hosting Fun Monday on Dec. 21st, Anni. Wanna play although you don't do FM anymore? Check out the topic--you may have some thoughts on it. I know you have the required photos!

  17. Looks like lots of trouble around your house. Merry Christmas, your decorations a very nice.
    Drop by and see mine here.

  18. Awwww.. Winston is absolutely beautiful, and pretty enough for a Christmas Card here! It does bring back memories of our cat, Skyler, who made a terrible crash in the middle of one night some 7 or 8 years ago or so. She knocked down one of my hurricane lamps, but thank God it wasn't lit! The vet said she was fine, but THAT was the most expensive spa and beauty treatment I've EVER paid for in my LIFE!!! I hope she enjoyed it! (0;

  19. Don't they love getting up close to someplace warm to go fast asleep. Especially someplace they are not allowed. I hope you made up to him with some hugs.

  20. Awww, Winston can come lie on our table anytime!!
    ~ The Bunch

  21. aww....but he's so cute while sleeping:) Happy PH and merry Christmas!!


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