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PHOTO HUNT: Technology---

Just outside of Fort Stockton, Texas, along the Interstate 10 you will see miles and miles of these off the freeway along the horizon! Once again this was a 'difficult subject' being that I always like to try and find something a bit different than what I think others will post about. They're, of course, wind turbines. The photo isn't the best, it was taken from the car. A wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as a pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is instead converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator. Turbines used in wind farms for commercial production of electric power are usually three-bladed and pointed into the wind by computer-controlled motors. These have high tip speeds of over 320 km/h (200 miles per hour), high efficiency, and low torque ripple, which contribute to good reliability. The blades are usually colored light gray to blend in with the clouds and range in length from 20 to 40 metres (65 to 130 ft) or more. The tubular steel towers range from 60 to 90 metres (200 to 300 feet) tall. The blades rotate at 10-22 revolutions per minute. At 22 rotations per minute the tip speed exceeds 300 ft per second.[15][16] A gear box is commonly used to step up the speed of the generator, although designs may also use direct drive of an annular generator. Some models operate at constant speed, but more energy can be collected by variable-speed turbines which use a solid-state power converter to interface to the transmission system. All turbines are equipped with shut-down features to avoid damage at high wind speeds.

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This, of course, is an alligator. A bronze sculpture of an alligator. Outside the Reptile exhibit at the zoo in Brownsville, Texas. In Texas, along the Gulf Coast, there is an "Alligator Season"...for hunting 'em!! And of course, as with all sport hunting ---the size is the prize. Alligators are priced by the foot in Texas and that's what the market commands. Personally, I'd prefer seeing the sculpted kind!! We here in Corpus have them...they've been spotted....but luckily, I haven't yet! I really don't want to see one in the wild, thank you very much.

POSTED: Saturday, November 28th, 5:30 A.M.

[shuttle photo courtesy of N A S A]


  1. I love your Christmas look sweetie. I also love the Christmas header you did for bears in exile. You are so talented. Do you think you could do a teddybear christmas header for me? Take care, love you.

  2. I wouldn't want to see one either.
    Our temperatures in South Texas don't quite match Christmas season temperatures elsewhere, do they?

    Enjoyed visiting,


  3. That is so huge! It looks almost real hehehe. I also like your choice for photo hunt!

    Magpie is my entry.

    I am also playing for Photo Hunt

  4. you scared me good sk

  5. I enjoyed your pictures today - the wind turbines are so peaceful to watch. I loved seeing the ones I shared awhile back out on the plains - I know you remember!

    Still working on that new post - I'm being very lazy this week!

  6. Anonymous11/28/2009

    Hmmmm okay I wanna know how you know all that about wind turbines? You got a secret love affair going on with them? LOL...very informative :) Love the alligator. When I saw it I thought that woman will get a photo of anything and she must not have been to scared. Then I find out it's a sculpture LOL...too funny. Love the new theme and look my friend. :)

  7. Good morning, Anni. I thought the aligator was real.

  8. Annie the windmills are so incredible to look at, and so hard to look at while you are driving without running off the road. I loved seeing them this past August when I visited my Granny and pop.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    (¸.•´ (¸.+´♥♥¸.+´
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´♥ Heidi ♥)

  9. We have driven that stretch of highway often when visiting with our daughter. It is amazing to see how many turbines there actually are.

  10. It's beginning to look a lot like your new holiday decor:-) It was so interesting to read about those wind turbines, not something I can really say I've seen around here. If there are any, I haven't seen them and I'm sure I'd see them if we had any. Did that sentence make sense? lol

    Like you, I'd prefer to just see the sculpted kind of alligator! lol I can't even imagine walking along a road and all of a sudden have an alligator come out of nowhere. That really is a beautiful bronze sculpture, though. xoxo

  11. You would have loved the set of dishes I saw at Home Sense the other day, cardinals was the main design on them, just gorgeous. What a lucky find that vase was, it's beautiful, as are the oven mitts, etc, you also bought. I only have one ornament that has a cardinal on it, will have to take a picture of it for you soon.

    Love your Fiction 55...cold turkey indeed! lol Sounds like it was a fabulous Thanksgiving meal, wish you could have emailed me a plate full! hehe xoxo

  12. i just don't know why we haven't got those wind turbines. wind we've got lots of... and considering our electricity is going up by 45% next year, i'm boggled that alternative sources aren't being investigated and developed. damn, we are officially the country who pay the highest for electricity, can you believe that??? from being one of the cheapest about 15 years ago...


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