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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

We're not out of the Wood's yet.....Mr. Jim Shore!

RANT: Tell me....what IS it with the media? Can't they just report something, and then just leave it? For the last few days all we've seen and heard ---TV, newspaper, online news, sports sites, etc. etc. etc. is Tiger Woods!! Golly, he had an automobile accident. Like that is newsworthy? No vital, death threatening injuries, no one else hurt ---it was just him. He is keeping silent about this, the media tho grinds the same ol' story over and over and over again...then, to repeat themselves more ---like with CNN, the 'article and discusssion' of Woods is shown every 15 minutes or so---updating us on the same thing that was covered at the top of the hour. He hit a fire hydrant, and then a tree...was 2 something in the morning. They stated [even with an appointed press agent that speaks for Tiger]...that there was no alcohol involved...what about drugs?....but, really with him being a 'star'---just slap his wrists, let him pay his fine....and move on!!! People, let it rest. I really loathe media any more. I've seen worse accidents in my time and they don't even get 'back page coverage'....sports figures, political figures, celebs....they take precedence over everything I guess. Just think-to some Elvis still lives after 30+ years following HIS death and that media coverage hoopla!! I guess the key issue here, is, for me to stop watching and reading all about it. But my's plastered all over everywhere. I just can't help seeing it.

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Now, onto some real news of interest ---LOL

Last week, while I was in getting my blood test done, Bud took a little jaunt over to a gift shop nearby! And when I came out from the testing, and walked over to where he went, he had a package in his hand, with a 'death grip'. He smiled...with his sweetest ever dimples showing up [I love his dimples!]. We got in the car then, and drove over to the book store to see what was new. Just to pass the time more or less before having some lunch later on. Well, I was curious. I knew the package was for me 'cause he kept quiet about it. He had stuffed it in the trunk, clasping it tightly. Not saying a word, but still grinning. After going to Jason's later that day --we then stopped at the grocery store for fixin's for making a chef salad and hard rolls for dinner. We then drove home and as he unloaded the trunk and came into the kitchen, he set the package on the dining room hutch and said: "An early gift for you Sweet Cheeks". I stopped putting the groceries away right then and there! Began opening the box and pulled back the tissue paper and ...........something I've always wanted but never bought for myself 'cause they are very pricey!! I, personally, don't like paying over $25 for any of my santas, but I have on occasion ---feeling quite guilty. At least for that year. LOL. Bud has seen me checking them out online and when I've gone into the specialty gift shops around town. It's called " 'Tis the Season for Loving Hearts". With Bud Santa in his striped pants and me the Mrs....serving him with his favorite....cookies and hot chocolate!!! I was flabbergasted and giddy with joy. Yep, it was an early gift. With Bud's way of thinking as he said, "I couldn't wait for Christmas Day to give you this one. You need to have him sitting out somewhere for now, for this season." Okie dokie... I can diggit!!! Can't argue with that kinda logic. I had to stop, and take time to photograph the figurine, while I was getting some of my other decorations out and placed around the house. I took this photo...of course the figurines are all the same [mass produced], if you want --click on the link above in quotes---or maybe you'd like to read a bit more on Jim Shore's works here. I love the scenes depicted within his 'sculptured works'. Boy howdy how I dream someday of having a Wicked Witch of the West from Jim Shore. Ha....yep, in my dreams! "Oh Bu-u-u-d?" "Are you readin' this? Let me reiterate....Wicked Jim Shore!!"

POSTED: Monday, November 30th, 2009
5:40 A.M.


  1. Oh Annie...
    How sweet is Bud. I love Jim Shore and all of his wonderful items that he makes. I have an angel lamp, and 2 figurines that I just adore. They are of the highest quality, and even though mass produced they never disappoint me. I love it. Thanks for sharing. I am afraid I am going to have to check into this one. He is a romantic at heart your Bud.

    I too, am sick of hearing about Tiger Woods accident. Like you said, slap his wrist, fine him for the damages and let's move on. I get so tired of hearing about the darn movie stars. There are so many other things out there in this world that need reporting, we never hear about them, and something like this gets ran into the ground. Give us a break!!

    Thanks for stopping by sweetie. I love to see ya first thing in the morning. Have a beautiful day. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. How darling, that's really sweet ! I think we both don't need to change husbands (yet) !
    BTW I didn't know that Tiger Woods was half dead after he kissed a fire hydrant with his car ! I haven't heard or seen it in the news and in no newspaper either. Or I am blind and deaf or our medias are !
    Now I take my courage in both hands and attack the Christmas decoration ! I am late !

  3. Hi Anni!

    We were in Florida when the new hit about Tiger. I wondered if the media was so nuts about it because we were close to where it happened. Obviously it was a national frenzy. It really was annoying.

    Bud did REALLY well with his gift buying - it was gorgeous!!

    Have a great week.

  4. Anni,

    I am green with envy. LOL It is BEAUTIFUL!!!Bud deserves a big hug and a kiss for this one. Enjoy!!!

    Hoping your blood tests come back with no problems in sight. Wishing you a wonderful week.


  5. Awww, that is SO sweet! You definitely have a keeper there - and I love his endearing name for you!!

    As for Tiger - he's had such a squeaky clean rep all these years - I sure hope the Enquirer is up to their usual tricks of making up stuff. I can only imagine this story had something to do with what happened. I wish he would at least talk to the police - but then the mad media would get it somehow. Crazy world!

    Have a great week - I'm trying to get my energy going for decorating, but just can't seem to. I have so much to do before I can think of it - the house is a wreck, the checkbook needs to be balanced, there's laundry everywhere, and a 3 hour rehearsal tonight to get ready for the concert. At least I'm singing Christmas!!

  6. LOL They are hoping Tiger is having a nasty affair so they can drag him through the mud. Terrible.

    Thanks for the sweet comments and the follow, I'm following right back!

  7. Gattina You don't know how lucky you are!!! Guess you don't watch 'world news on CNN' would never have missed it.

    You, my friend, are so funny!!!

  8. I'm with ya on the Tiger Woods "story." Enough already! That's the problem with our 24/7 news channels ... they always have to find something to talk about, even if it's nothing!

  9. Beautiful post.

    I totally agree with you about media coverage.

    And I just LOVE the look of your blog. I need even a little bit of your creativity and artistry.

  10. It's all over the news over here... if you watch the news (hint for Gattina, lol).

    Love those figurines and how sweet of your husband to give you an early gift!!

  11. Anonymous11/30/2009

    I'm so with you on Tiger. Let the poor man and his family be. Crap he didn't commit a crime, kill anyone or steal anything. I don't care what happened. Move on and let him be. But there again, he's a star and people are fascinated by any little thing they do. Get over it.

    What a wonderful gift from Bud. That was truly so nice of him. Wonderful story my spoiled little Mrs. Claus ROFLMAO. Have a great week ahead :)

  12. Elvis isn't still alive????? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! hehe This is too funny, just this morning I was watching the news and they mentioned the Tiger Woods accident once again and said that he was having an affair and his wife found out and she caused the accident, blah, blah, blah...I thought good grief, the media will say anything to make a story!! As you say, enough already. The media is not happy unless they dig up or make up whatever dirt they can. Ugh.

    Ooooh what a sweetie your Bud is for sure! I just love that Jim Shore figurine and can well imagine how thrilled you were when you saw that`s what Bud had bought:-) I have two Jim Shore figurines, one is Tinkerbell and the other is a birthday angel. xoxo

  13. I am with you on the media bit! I get so darned sick of hearing the same stuff over and over, it's like they are just hoping that there is some dirty little story there and they want to ferret it out!!! Good grief!

    What a lovely surprise from your hubby! That was a really sweet thing to do!

  14. What a sweet man, Anni. How pleased you must have been.

  15. Have a great week sweetie, love you.

  16. Ooooh those figurines are GREAT!!!

  17. wow, your bud sure knows how to please his lady!

    as for the media, don't get me started. they push what they want, with the angle of their choice, and never mind the real important things that are happening around the world. but hey, maybe that's their intention, distract us from the real issues???

  18. He has some lovely things out this year. I saw a couple of neat ornaments today.
    What a sweetie!!
    Mama Bear

  19. I'm with you on the overdo of smut and gossip. And what a classy set, a lovely gift.