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Monday Morsels [aka...yes, I DO give a big Whooping ti-doo]

Well, it's that time of year. From late October to early April they show up near where Bud and I live! We've lived here for the past 5 years, and tho we've never been to the refuge during the months our migrating visitors arrive to spend the winters with us, I vowed that this year we WILL get there! It seems like something was always 'in the works' like painting the interior one winter [yes, we do our housework repairs during the Fall and Winter before it gets too hot], or exterior housework, or yard landscaping project and even one season we both got a terrible bout of the flu and neither of us felt like going anywhere! We never got the opportunity yet. I've been thinking about them for the last month, and wondering if any have arrived yet. Then, the other day in the newspaper and on the front page, the article I've been waiting for patiently, appeared. Altho the wildlife refuge they spend their winters is nearly 50 miles or better from our home, I'm planning on making a special day trip up there! Last year there was a record census taken. 247 adults arrived...spent November through April with us Texans. I don't recall how many hatchlings were produced, if I even read the statistic....but they are claiming since the mild Canadian days in the recent past, and the lack of water and our drought the birds in huge numbers may not appear like last year. Go figure. If I see ONE or TWO I'll be most happy. I don't recall that I've ever seen one in a ZOO even!! So this'll be a thrill of a lifetime. The adults, the largest in North America, reach in height taller than I am!!! Over 5 feet. Well, I'm over five feet in height...but a bird as tall as I am? That's something to behold. Soon, very soon, Bud and I will drive up to the Wildlife Refuge with all hopes I'll see one up close and personal. At least as close as I can get to one without disturbing their natural habits and habitat!!! This season, come hell or high water I want to make the day's trek northeast of us and see for myself one of nature's beauties!

[photo courtesy of newspaper]

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Mari, over at Mari's Little Corner, had a wonderful share the other day. As I left her a comment, I mentioned that I'd like to 'steal' the idea and post about the same thing. Which I am going to do today for my Monday post. It's all about Simple Pleasures. And, for me, it's really not a difficult challenge at all. 'Cause I really enjoy so many little things in this world of mine. It boils down to the 'best things in life are free'. Such as what I'm about to list....

I really enjoy all these things; they continue to make my heart light and fill with smiles and pleasure all my own....

  • ...a gentle rain falling.

  • ...the glow in a child's eye as they sit atop Santa's lap with wonderment of the big, jolly fellow. They are filled with dreams, wishes, awe, and believing.

  • ...the first rose of Spring! A long time ago, in our garden in Colorado....I would always wait in anticipation of picking the first rose blossom and handing it to my little girl...she'd reach out and grab it....taking a whiff of it's fragrance and then rush into the house for a cup, fill it with water and place it on the center of the dining room table for all of us to see. It was a tradition that has long now passed, but the memory of it all still lingers each time I bend down to take my own deep whiff of the first rose of Spring.

  • ...speaking of memories - I sometimes sit alone at the desk and while reading some other's blog entry, it brings back memories of my youth. It's a simple pleasure that I really take with me then, throughout the day.

  • ...sharing a conversation with either of my kids. Both have kept busy with their own lives of course, but they never forget us during the week, and having a hour or so once or twice a week over the phone or even an email these days...their time is then my time and I so enjoy it.

  • ...laughing at a comic strip, or a sit com, or listening to Bud tell his childhood antics over and over is something --it just never gets old, laughing!!

  • ...watching the sky turn into a canvas of color at night for sunsets or early in the morning with the sun's rising.

  • ...being able to sit down and take up some quiet time to read a good book.

  • ...finishing a craft project.

  • ...sitting down with my sketch pad and drawing something that has caught my eye from a photo or a vision of perfection with nature.

  • ...seasonal aromas like: wood burning from the fireplace chimney, Thanksgiving, gingerbread, scented candles, pine, homemade bread baking, peppermint, lilac blossoms, apple pie, dried leaves, rain on dry land, hay being mowed, geranium blossoms, chlorine dowsed pools---

  • ...walking -- the best time is morning for me.

  • ...I mentioned quiet times above - I relish it when the TV is off, the cats are sleeping and only the sound of silence is surrounding me.

  • ...homemade food.

  • ...a long drink of icy water on a hot sultry day.

  • ...birds singing and flitting around the yard.

  • ...a butterfly dancing from one blossom to the next.

  • ...a hug.

  • ...fresh, dried outdoors, bed linens.

  • ...the sound of a wave crashing against the shore.

  • ...a well manicured lawn.

  • ...a bouquet.

  • I really could go on and on with this list. What are some of YOUR simple pleasures?

    Mari's profile avatar used with permission. Thanks for allowing me to make the link to your blog a bit more personal.

    POSTED: Monday, November 23rd, 2009
    12:20 A.M.


    1. Anonymous11/23/2009

      We have Plovers every winter here. And we just saw our first one, that we say comes to our yard every year, yesterday LOL. Who knows if it's the same one. I love your simple pleasures list. Spring is one of mine, a glass of water, walking with Nalu, a gentle rain...those are a few of my favorites. Have a great Monday :)

    2. Anni,

      I do hope you get to go this year and be sure to take along the camera for photos. These birds are magnificient.

      I really enjoyed your simple pleasures post. I had also commented to Mari that I might do this one. It's the little things in life that make it worth living.

      Wishing you a wonderful week.

    3. your memeories were so soothing. thanks anni. a soft glide into a monday is always good!

    4. Anonymous11/23/2009

      Enjoyed a taste of your Monday morsels, very delicious indeed! Have a great day, Anni :)

    5. Anonymous11/23/2009

      A cup of tea with a good friend, gazing at the stars on a clear night, watching Jesse and Micky (our dog and cat) sleeping next to each other....

      blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving,

    6. You are such a good writer. As I read your simple pleasures I could enjoy them right along with you. I especially liked the one about seasonal aromas. There is something special about those smells, isn't there? And I agree - those simple things are the best and they are what makes up life!

    7. I can hardly wait to see the birds through your eyes and the lens of your new camera!

      Love the simple pleasures. I'll have to give that some thought - I know I have many, but haven't taken time to realize it recently!

      The well-manicured lawn - you would love to see ours, thanks to my dear lawn-loving hubby!

    8. I'd love to be able to see those birds. And your list of simple pleasures is wonderful.

      Thanksgiving MeMe

    9. We have Whooping Crane that come through here twice a year and they are so neat to watch.
      Every year there are thousands of them coming from the south going north and then later they are back going south.
      We have tourist from all over to see these amazing big birds.
      Thanks for sharing your list and I enjoy so many of them also. The simple life is so good.
      Thanks for sharing.

    10. Those SIMPLE pleasures really ARE the best! The not so simple ones are good too - but the simple ones just "come to us"... just little gifts from God!

      Have a super Thanksgiving Anni! Your page is really cute!

    11. Youza gotta get over to The Guido Gazette today and see how not to have da Thanksgiving week Hiss Fit. Itza meowvalous to meetcha!

    12. What a wonderful photo and great memories you shared with us today, Anni. Thank you.

    13. I'm glad you don't mind that our Canada Geese go spend the winter with you, I've had some Americans gripe about it to I can stop them from crossing the border or something?? hehe They are indeed beautiful birds and whenever we are in Niagara Falls, we always go feed them on Dufferin Island. Hope you and Bud can finally go to that refuge this year!!

      Very much enjoyed your Simple Pleasures. The one of loving the glow in a child's eyes while sitting on Santa's knee reminded me of what I heard on the radio this morning and had me soooo upset. Can you believe it...they're now trying to make parents tell children that there is no Santa Claus because they say you're teaching children it's ok to lie if you tell them there is one. For goodness sakes, is nothing sacred anymore?! Let the children believe in something magical, real life will come upon them soon enough. Sheesh!!!

      Have a great week my friend. xoxo

    14. I'm glad you will get to see these gorgeous creatures. How wonderful. I always wanted to be at San Juan Capistrano when the swallows came in but never did. It's amazing how birds do this year after year.
      Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    15. Ummmm, Pea, those are Whooping Cranes...Canadian Geese are geese. LOL

      I can't believe that these so called experts would even think of telling kids there is no such person as Santa...I have a real live Santa here in my house. His name is Bud!!!!

    16. We share a lot of simple pleasures, Anni, most especially line dried linens. :-)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend.

      Love and hugs,


    17. What part of Texas are you in? I would love to see those birds!