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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It's Monday. Time again for some Monday Morsels. This is becoming a favorite blogging day for me 'cause I can just babble on to my heart's content without concerning myself with blog memes and answering questions or going through the motions of a 'certain' theme. Which, for me, makes it a post that I think should be a blog post. LOL

The weekend was a peaceful one. We took Saturday and spent the day at the County Fairground facilities for a special Autumn 'show'. Tried to do some bird watching that was cut short because of those ravenous blood suckers ---LOL!! And, now that baseball season is over on the tube, I have no desire to watch sports. Well, the tv is still on during the games, but I only really watch and get 'into' the game when the Denver Broncos play! And I hear tell that their game is tonight....vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. I'll be watching that game. At least parts of it while I'm cleaning the kitchen after Bud loads the dishwasher....the volume will be turned up so I won't miss any 'good plays'. And I'm keeping daily track on the new hurricane that has entered the Gulf of Mexico today .... Ida. Ironic that THE ONLY one to 'hit' the Gulf this hurricane season begins with the letter "I". It's still hard to forget the terrible havoc last year's storm, "Ike" did to Galveston and Houston areas. And this one just may pack a bigger punch than anticipated when it began late last week. I'm hoping that the Gulf Waters will either make is dissipate altogether or become a tropical storm instead of winds passing the 100MPH mark. The predicted path is Louisiana....again. Or Mississippi. I hear the governor of Louisiana is taking no chances and called for a state of emergency as of yesterday. Which is good. I guess it takes a disaster like Katrina to get people more organized and thinking ahead of the devastation. I've also been doing a bit of shopping for the holidays over the weekend. We don't 'do' much of gift giving these days. Actually we really never did 'do gift giving big time' like some!! But I continue to send off a 'care package' for the troops which I got to the post office Friday past. Then, I did find a leather billfold for my oldest grandson Clint. It's black leather and has embossed on it the shape of the state of Texas. He likes his ol' grandma, and anything that associates me with him...he really likes. But, to buy for Dillon...that's another thing all together. He's big for his size and height. And I can't keep up with his growth. He likes Science. He likes to read. And of course, he likes all the newest things that hit the stores!! I must admit he's difficult to find something of interest for him. For Irene I found something really special for her...but, I'm not going to put WHAT I got her in case she reads this post today or sometime soon. I know she has visited before, not often....I'm not gonna take the chance. I do know that she'll love it. It's nothing much, but she'll cherish this that I found for her. LOL While out in the garage yesterday, I heard such a ruckus. I knew the 'call' and knew it was a woodpecker somewhere out in the front yard. I went indoors and got my camera for a 'just in case'. It was a new kind of woodpecker....well, one species I hadn't seen or been able to mark in my bird book....[I have kept track of birds for years....marking them where and what year I saw them] ---As it was on the tree, it jumped down into the grass, grabbed a pecan that had fallen off, and flew away with it in its's a Golden Fronted Woodpecker....the male. It's found only IN TEXAS!! Pretty isn't he? Also, over the weekend, I've went through more photo albums and trying to get some scanned so I can put on a CD. Several to be exact...but the project was started a few days ago, mainly for my sister and trying to find and edit music to collaborate with the time frame of certain photos. And I took a few photos of our Saturday 'outing' that I need to get uploaded and post about here on my blog. I think I'll discontinue my album search for a couple of hours and work on a post ....for maybe Outdoor Wednesday meme. Ya, I'll do that instead, today.

- - -

Here in the South, there is still work to be done with the yard. Yes, we don't go into a dormant season as most do. The lawn remains green and tho it slows up in growth during the 'cold' months of December and January, it still needs tending to with the edger and mower. And the bushes around the fence line are in dire need of trimming and getting it ready for the Spring months that show early in the year. Bud and I rearranged some of the figurines around the area, was just 'too busy' with so many in one spot! I moved the fox family into the rose garden box. And he moved and rearranged all the oriental figurines and oriental lanterns. I took out the raccoon family and moved them to the iris that Dawn sent me a few months ago. And with them in there, I had to move the seahorses....which got placed in the little landscaped box with the palms and the huge pelican statue and birdbath. I think they're more 'fitting' in that area anyway.

The pyracantha bush berries are turning orange!! That makes for such a colorful corner in the Fall!! And the Mockingbirds love the berries. The roses, tho they always look so pitiful in the summer's heat, are once again thriving and getting new growth and flower buds! [Yes, our roses bloom year 'round here!] I need to thin out the hibiscus plants, that'll get done sometime this week when we begin trimming the other flowering bushes. But while cleaning out and moving all the figurines in the walled flower bed....I noticed my ever faithful Peruvian Lily blooming!!!! I kick myself for only buying ONE bulb when I saw them at a plant nursery when we moved here to Texas....I have YET to FIND any more! And how I love 'em. The blossoms are sooooo pretty. And the whiteness never fades or turns brown like so many other white flowers. So, I'll end my post with photos I took of the lily plant. These three were taken Friday, late afternoon. Before it started raining.....

POSTED: Monday, November 9th, 2009
4:10 A.M.


  1. Wow, a Peruvian lily - that's outstanding - I'll have to look for one of them. We're on different sides, the Steelers have been my favorite team since Terry Bradshaw. Have a great week. B : )

  2. Good Morning Sweet Annie!
    I so love to come here for Monday dose of medicine. Thank you for sharing today. I so loved hearing about your weekend.

    Well it sounds like you have Clint and Irene finished for Christmas shopping. You go girl. I am so thrilled when anyone can get any shopping done early. With our 3 kids and 7 grandkids I have to start in July to finish by December. I have some of it done, but plenty more to go. Then I have to hope I can remember where I have hidden everything. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    We have a little red headed woodpecker here in our neighborhood. He pecks out his territory every morning from one lightpole to another, three to be exact and in a triangle shape at that. I love watching him. He has also gone along the roof top behind us, stooping down and picking up bugs along the roof top I think. At times it can get annoying, he gets so loud. He has also become quite found of the satellite dish, and likes to bang on it too.

    Well sweetie, have a wonderful Monday morning. Off to work soon. I have to finish getting ready.
    Take care my sweet friend. Stop by soon. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. What a great shot of that woodpecker! It could be in a bird book. The lily is beautiful too. Nice to see your flowers since ours are long gone!

  4. I love your fox, and raccoon families, very cute.

  5. How lucky you and your surroundings! Could even take a pic of a woodpecker... All I could is take one of a blackbird... never so near, or so good
    Great post from a busy beautiful weekend! ;)

  6. Sweetie, how much do you charge to do the lovely headers and backgrounds? I have messed up shortybears place.

  7. I like your yard and that lily is amazing. We have woodpeckers but I hardly ever see them. most just hear them.

    Meet My Mates #3 - Quilly

  8. Anni,

    The Lily is awesome. I can see why you like it so much. Wish we had a shorter winter here. I so enjoy blooming flowers in the garden.

    I'm glad the governor of Lousiana is prepared for Ida. It takes a tragedy most times to get everyone to work together to get things done. I hope the hurricane weakens and is only a tropical storm. Get supplies in and stay safe.

    Sounds like there's lots of work to do in your garden at this time of year. We will be busy come spring, but right now we have a least until the snow falls and then its snowblowing and shoveling. I dread the thought. Today is another beautiful day. A bit windy, but quite warm.

    Wishing you and Bud a great day.

  9. Make sure you get a spare pyracantha bulb (for meeee!!) when you find some! Lovely!!

  10. Anonymous11/09/2009

    Your Monday Morsels are always entertaining. I just heard on CNN that Ida has been downgraded and just going to have a lot of rain and possible flooding. Not real good news but better than being a hurricane I would think. Cute that woodpecker is. Does he know how much wood a wood chuck chucks? LOL NASCAR is coming to a close in the next two weeks...sigh...Have a great week my friend :)

  11. The lily is lovely and I really enjoying reading what you've accomplish and what you still have to do. You are a lady who is never bored or boring. Have a great day, Anni

  12. You know that rambling posts are my favorite - I enjoyed hearing everything you've been up to. Can't wait to hear what you got for Irene.

    The iris is gorgeous! I am glad you got so much done in your yard - it sounds like one of those deals where one thing leads to another to another, and on and on.

    I don't know how the game is going - afraid to ask!

  13. That Peruvian Lily is gorgeous and you captured a very handsome woodpecker. I hope the storm misses them -- and you -- completely!